Fourth of July Bible Study for kids- Freedom!

fourth of july bible study

fourth of july bible study
Fourth of July Bible Study-   Freedom !!
“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!”

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer !

This Bible study on freedom is part of the Felicity and Colonial America unit study I posted awhile back.   It is in three parts, and but it will work fine without needing any references at all to the American Girl unit (the boys will appreciate that  🙂  ).
You may want to do just one part or all three.

There are lots of ideas for Scripture reading, discussion questions, songs, activities, object lessons, and coloring pages.   Enjoy!!

Part 1-  What is Freedom?
Part 2- Slavery
Part 3- I Am Free !!
*You might also like to add a short-ish version of Pilgrim’s Progress (maybe even a children’s version) to your reading (or viewing…there are lots of great movie options too)  as it goes along very well with the theme of freedom.
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Make the world a more beautiful place !

Artist- Gary Gresko
Gary  Gresko


You Make the World a Better Place.

Just a thought today…

Perhaps one of the greatest things about homeschooling is the benefit of spending great amounts of time with our children.
Some days this may seem a tad bit trying….but it really is a good thing.   😉

Yesterday, I came across a box of my old journals.  They were full of stories, and prayers, and mostly the daily stuff of life during the days when my children were all very small.  As I leafed through the pages, reading bits from here and there, one thought  stuck in my heart.

My children hadn’t really changed much…

They had just grown into more mature models of the little people they were.   Their personalities, giftings, sensitivities, and passions had only become more defined.

There is no doubt that every single human being is purposefully created to be an integral part of the world he is born into.   What an awesome opportunity we have as parents to help recognize, foster,  guide, and encourage these unique gifts in our children!

Is your child an artist, musician, teacher, writer, counselor, builder, comforter, motivator, chef, or athlete?
No worries if it’s something you have no clue about!
My oldest is a performer (the kid with the goofy faces that had to be in every single photo),  my middle child a singer and songwriter (who sang herself to sleep at night), and my youngest loves the theatre (the baby who drug out all my shoes on a daily basis)…and as a disclaimer, I am NOT talented in any of those areas for sure!   But these passions grew in my children all by themselves.   While I didn’t have the skills to teach them much, I was able to recognize these things in them, and encourage and cheer them along.

How exciting to have the time to watch and participate in helping our children follow their dreams!

And I noticed something else.  

As I have encouraged my children to use the talents and gifts they’ve been given to serve others, I have been seriously challenged myself to do the very same.  Seems to work that way.

So, though the hours can be long & hard sometimes, be encouraged mamas (and dads too)!!   We have the amazing opportunity to watch our beautiful little people grow and watch them make the world a more beautiful place!

“God’s gifts of grace come in many forms.
Each of you has received a gift in order to serve others.
You should use it faithfully.
If you speak, you should do it like one speaking God’s very words.
If you serve, you should do it with the strength God provides.” 
1 Peter 4: 10-11