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‘A Christmas Carol’- Mini Unit Study

If you’ve never tried a unit study before,
this busy time of year might be a good time to give it a try !
Here are some simple ideas for stress free and FUN holiday homeschooling !
More time for baking cookies, going to plays, homemade presents, and hopefully,
even a bit of quiet time to soak in the awe of the advent !
Add in some math and you’re good to go !

  Charles Dickens Unit Study

*Reading Suggestions-

*Note: There are lots of ways to complete the reading for this unit. You can read these selections online (all free), check out books from the library, print off most of the short stories below, or purchase them from the links at the bottom of this page. ENJOY !

*Week 1:  ‘A Christmas Carol’

A Christmas Carol”  (Gutenburg Version)
“A Christmas Carol”  (Easy to Read Version…Larger Print)
This piece is divided into 5 staves, perfect for one week’s daily reading.

Listen to one of these audio versions
 iTunes Version
  YouTube Version  (Audio with Text)

Watch the 1971 animated version  Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
George C. Scott full version  A Christmas Carol
(There are many good animated and full versions to be found)

*Vocabulary & Other Grammar Activities
* A Humbug’s Grammar   (Simple grammar lessons based on A Christmas Carol)
– plenty of grammar work for this entire unit !
* A Christmas Carol Vocabulary
* A Christmas Carol  Script–   Try gathering some friends and acting out this play version !
* Discussion Questions, Fun Activities, and more
*A Christmas Carol Unit   (from DIY Homeschooler- includes nice notebooking pages!)
* A Christmas Carol Lesson
Reading Comprehension Questions from Easy Fun School
*Ideas for ‘A Christmas Carol’Projects
* A Christmas Carol Crossword Puzzle

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