~ A Christmas Carol~
(Mini Unit Study)
God Bless Us Everyone

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
If you’ve never tried a unit study before,
this busy time of year might be a good time to give it a try !
Simple learning ideas for stress free
and FUN holiday homeschooling !
So that there’s lots of time for baking cookies, going to plays, homemade presents, and hopefully,
even a bit of quiet time to soak in the awe of the advent !


  A Christmas Carol

*Reading Suggestions-

*Week 1:  ‘A Christmas Carol’

A Christmas Carol”  (Gutenburg Version)
“A Christmas Carol”  (Easy to Read Version…Larger Print)
This piece is divided into 5 staves, perfect for one week’s daily reading.

Listen to one of these audio versions
 iTunes Version
  YouTube Version  (Audio with Text)

Watch the 1971 animated version  Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
George C. Scott full version  A Christmas Carol
(There are many good animated and full versions to be found)

*Vocabulary & Other Activities
* A Christmas Carol Lesson
( Lots of printables…worksheets, fact sheets, recipes, and other activities)
* A Christmas Carol Vocabulary
* A Christmas Carol  Script–   Try gathering some friends and acting out this play version !
* Discussion Questions, Fun Activities, and more
* A Christmas Carol Crossword Puzzle
Reading Comprehension Questions from Easy Fun School

*Week 2:  Charles Dickens

* Biography of Charles Dickens  OR  Everything Dickens  (interactive)
Watch the brief BBC Biography, The Life of Charles Dickens on YouTube
or the full length A&E Biography  (very interesting, but probably best for older students)

* ” Christmas With Charles Dickens“, a short memoir by Dickens’ daughter, Mamie Dickens

* “A Christmas Tree” , a short story by Dickens
(Also, you can listen to a well done  audio version on the same page!
This might be helpful, as some of the victorian language is likely
unfamiliar and a bit difficult. )

* Collection of Short Stories by Dickens to enjoy reading online

* ‘The Ivy Green‘ a poem by Dickens

*  Samantha:  An American Girl Holiday
(Just for fun-  though this movie is not set in England, the time period and the themes
of the industrial revolution and child labor are the same)

* Other Activities- 

* A Humbug’s Grammar   (Simple grammar lessons based on A Christmas Carol)

Christmas Prayer
*Quiet Time

* Good Christian Men Rejoice
(This is meant as a unit study, but is easily made into a lovely family devotional )
* Christmas Carols & Hymns Unit  from DIY Homeschooler

* Weekly Advent Family Devotions
(Good for all ages, including the littles )

* Victorian Carols & Hymns to enjoy !

queen victoria

* History-  Victorian England and the Industrial Revolution

 *Week 1:  Victorian England

* Queen Victoria and the Victorians
* Life for a child in Victorian London
* BBC’s Victorian England   (Lots of reading and even a few games)
* Walk Through a Victorian House  (an interactive game about Victorian life)
The 1900 House    (interactive tour of Victorian house & family life)
* Victorian England for Children–   (Lots of links to free games & activities)
Victorian England   (Interactive games and activities)

*Week 2: The Industrial Revolution

* The Industrial Revolution Begins
* The Industrial Revolution and the Victorians
* Victoria England Child Factory Workers   (lots of links)
* ‘Oliver Twist & the Artful Dodger’
(while this isn’t the Dicken’s classic, it is a good representation
for younger children…HanaBarbera 1972)
– There are also many good  full length versions of the classic on YouTube

Victorian bicycle
* Science-
Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

*Week 1: 
* Inventions of the Victorians   (Interactive)
* Stephenson’s Rocket
* The Railways
(some more about George Stephenson)
The Blast Furnace
* The Spinning Mill

*Week 2:
* The Beam Engine
The Winding Gear
* The Paddle Steamship
*  Inventions !!!  Overview of the many, many inventions !

Victorian Christmas
* A Victorian Christmas

* The Victorians and Christmas as we know it

* Food, Games, Decorations, and homemade gifts

* An Old Fashioned Victorian Christmas
(Includes TONS of links…be sure to look on the left bar for Victorian Kids Christmas !! )

* Make your own Victorian Christmas Ornaments

* Plan a Party!
(Plan your own Victorian Christmas party…or luncheon, or dinner 🙂  )

* Notebooking/Lapbooking

*This unit is especially good to “notebook”.
   However you and your kiddos like to do it,
the sky is the limit for creativity !

* Ideas for pages:
– Cover
– Biography of Charles Dickens
– Writings of Charles Dickens
– Favorite Quotes by Charles Dickens
– ‘A Christmas Carol’
+ Characters
+ Favorite Scene from each Stave
+ Symbolism
+ Copy Work from favorite excerpts
– Victorian Era
– Industrial Revolution Inventions
– Victorian Christmas
– My Favorite Christmas Traditions

* Printables:
* Charles Dickens Notebooking Page from Homeschool Helper
Free printable coloring pages from A Christmas Carol
Author Notebooking Page from Notebooking Nook
Scientist Notebooking Page from Notebooking Fairy

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!” 

― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol

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