Artistic Ways to Say ‘I Love You’



“I feel that there is nothing
more truly artistic
than to love people”
~Vincent Van Gogh

Some days it just takes some extra creativity doesn’t it ?  🙂
Need some “artistic”  ideas for a tough day?

10 Ways to Say  ‘I Love You!’
(The wipe-off note board is such a great idea!)
Creative Ways to Say ‘I Love You’
(This is geared toward adults, thus the alcohol suggestions.  There are some really cute ideas that would work for any age though!)
25 Ways to Make Your Child’s Birthday Special
(Why wait?  Pick a day & make it special ! )

And to all you mamas out there, I’d make you a cup of steaming tea & a warm scone and sit and chat about what’s happening in YOUR life for awhile if I could.
I would tell you that as one of you, I so appreciate all the little things you do each day to make your family happy & healthy and your home a sanctuary of peace!
Praying that someone encourages your soul today as you feed the people in your life!

Happy Wednesday !

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