Fall School- Friday, Pie Day!

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     Friday, Pie Day !
*6 Fun Ideas for a FALL SCHOOL Day*

Fall Fever.

That’s a real thing you know.
Symptoms include:
-the urge to consume inordinate amounts of pumpkin flavored foods and beverages
Seriously have you been to the grocery store lately?
Pumpkin spice oreos ?!
Just no.
Pumpkin spice GUM ?!?
Yep.  It’s a thing, for real.  Not even kidding.

-the need to watch football
-the need to wear our cozy clothes
Sigh…it’s still hot here, but I’m ready for the first day it dips below 80* !
 —–>   FALL IN THE SOUTH  <——   This is ME.  Every single year.
-the need to step on every leaf just to see if it crunches
-binge watching the Hallmark Channel
-and for me, the urge to BAKE !

Anybody in your house suffering from fall fever this week ?

You aren’t alone!
Here are 6 super fun ideas to relieve those symptoms of fall fever.
Friday, pie day.    { Homeschooling benefit # 3,383,938! }
Light that Autumn Leaves candle, sip that pumpkin spice beverage, and try some of the ideas below!

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