10 Great Ideas for Summer School

10 Great Ideas for Summer Learning Fun

10 Great Ideas for Summer Learning Fun


Summer school ?
Already ?   Nooooooo !
But really …Summer School can be FUN !!

Plan now and let the living be EASY !

I’m already dreaming of lazy mornings, grilling hamburgers, and enjoying big slices of juicy watermelon !

No matter if you school year round  or not, after several weeks of vacation from the daily routine, it’s good to have a little plan for the week.
See how little the plan is ?!

COME BACK !!   Don’t run away!  
I promise these FUN ideas won’t take much (if any) real planning, and will only add to the easy, carefree days that we all look forward to.

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Summer School Fun

American Girl Units for Summer

American Girl Units for SummerCan Summer School Be FUN ?!?!?

YES !!!

Try these  free  American Girl Units.
Complete daily lessons with crafts, recipes, games, activities, printables, and more!    Take a LOOK !!

* Kaya’s World:  Native America  1764
* Felicity’s World:  Colonial America  1774
* Josefina’s World:  Southwestern Frontier America  1824
* Kirsten’s World:  Pioneer America 1854
* Addy’s World:  Civil War America  1864

*I also have saved the best of the best FREE ideas to go along with these units as well.   You can find them on my Pinterest HERE

American Girl Unit Studies