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~ FREE Valentine’s Day
Mini Unit Study~

Day 1:  Valentine’s History & Traditions
Day 2:  Valentine’s Hearts
Day 3:  Valentine’s Cards
Day 4:  Sweet Treats
Day 5:  Flowers

Valentine’s Day is a fantastic holiday to try a unit study !
 It is full of history, inspiring stories of  real love and determination, along with some pretty SWEET science.  
Hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day Unit !

*For more fun Valentine’s ideas check out my
Pinterest Homeschool- Valentine’s Day board !

* I have included some of my favorite Valentine’s themed books for each section.  They are directly linked to Amazon.  As an Amazon affiliate, at NO extra charge to you, I make a small commission on each sale of products clicked on through my site.  If you choose to purchase any of these books, I’d sure love the support !  Thank you for helping to keep my units all free !  Much love. 

Valentine's cards


*Day 1:
Valentine’s History
and Traditions

*Valentine’s Reading-

– History of Valentine’s Day   (Short video…reading below from The History Channel)
– St. Valentine’s Day   (Short & sweet intro..this site has really cute links too!)
– Valentine’s History
– The Origin of Valentine’s Day
– St. Valentine Story and Coloring Page

-Extras- books you might enjoy for today’s theme:
(Many of these can be found in your local library too!)

The Story of St. Valentine

Plant a Kiss

*Valentine’s Language Arts Activities-

– 10 Grammar Printables 
– Valentine’s Vocabulary Lists   (This is a great list for lots of levels
from Enchanted Learning)
– Candy Hearts Grammar Activity
 The “AND” Game   (Valentine’s themed)
– Valentine’s Day themed worksheets  (Wordgrams, Puzzles, Writing Paper, etc
from DTLK)
– Valentine’s Creative Writing Prompts   HERE   and    HERE

*Extra Valentine’s Books for Kids-

Mad Libs in Love

*Valentine’s Bible Study-  What is Love ?

– What is Love ?
– 1 Corinthians 13:4-8       (Printable Work Pack from Only Passionate Curiosity)
– Valentine’s Day and Love
– Love Bible Study for Kids
–  Love Is… Coloring Pages
– Also, if you’d like to read my heart on this subject most recently, please read
my post about the importance of not just knowing about love, but doing it !

*Extra Valentine’s Books for Kids-

Love Is 
Love Does (for Kids)

The Berenstain Bears Love Their Neighbors
(I know this book is a little young, but the message is so fitting)

*Valentine’s Math Activities-

– Valentine Themed Math Printables   (for many levels)
– Valentine’s Math Game  (written for +/- , but you could easily adjust it for whatever skill
you’re working on )
– Estimation Activity
– Yummy Valentine’s Math   (MY kind of math!  From Yummy Math … I LOVE this site !!)

*Valentine’s Science Activities-

– TONS of Fun Valentine’s Science Experiments   (from Creekside Learning)
– 4 STEM Activities for Valentine’s Day  ( from STEM Activities for Kids )
 – 14 Days of Valentine’s STEM Activities

*Valentine’s History/Geography Activities-

 History:  Valentine’s Day   (short video YouTube-  3:32 mins)
– Valentine’s Customs Around the World  (might be fun to try some new traditions!)
– Valentine’s Geography Activity   (scroll to bottom)
– The Roman Empire for Kids     (a brief history)

Celebrate Valentine’s Day !  (Holidays Around the World series)
Four Stupid Cupids  (The Hamlet Chronicles)

*Valentine’s Art/Music Activities-

– 10 Valentine’s Day Art Projects   (From Deep Space Sparkle – one of my favorite art blogs!)
– Read about  American Pop Art  (or watch a short VIDEO intro) and artist Robert Indiana .
Try a few LOVE inspired activities  HERE  and  HERE .

valentine's hearts

* Day 2:  Valentine’s Hearts

*Valentine’s Reading-

– Emily Dickinson was an American poet who wrote about many things…but especially
Read about Emily Dickinson and then read one of her love poems  HERE  
– ‘The Giving Tree’   (ok, so this is a video…but it’s so good!
If you have the book you could read it instead  🙂   )
* This would make a great discussion starter in my opinion, particularly if you are using
the Bible study (or even if you’d just like to read through 1 Corinthians 13:4-8).
For Example:
– Did you see any examples of love in this story?
– How did the tree show love?
– How did the boy show love?

– A collection of some old reader type sweet short stories to read aloud (or not) :
‘Saint Valentine’s Day’
‘St. Valentine’ 
‘Four Letters’

*Extra Valentine’s Books for Kids-

The Giving Tree
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew  (Valentine’s Day Secret)

*Valentine’s Day Language Arts-

– Copy Work Activity
You might like to copy ‘It’s All I have to Bring Today‘ or another poem you like
Fun Valentine’s Quotes & other copy work PRINTABLES   (from In All You Do)
Valentine’s Cursive Copywork & Dictation PRINTABLES
(from Year Round Homeschooling)
 Heart Writing Paper

– Heart Maps  (creative writing idea or even art project)

– Parts of Speech Valentine’s Worksheets
Nouns & Verbs 
Adjectives & Adverbs

*Valentine’s Bible Study- Love is Patient

– Love is Patient Lesson
– Patience for All       (Be sure to scroll down for videos)
– Patience                    (Hands on activities)
– Lessons on Patience
– Patience Coloring Pages

*Valentine’s Math Activities-

– Math Fun with hearts
– Conversation Heart Fractions
– Heart Ratios Math Game
– Broken Heart Mend Math Game
– Hearts Graphing Game
– Candy Heart Math   (lots of ideas from Our Journey Westward)

*Valentine’s Science Activities-

– All About the Heart
– DIY Stethoscope
– A Trip Through the Cardiovascular System     ( From The Scientific Mom)
– Cardiovascular Unit Study
– Conversation Hearts Science   (LOTS of super fun science ideas !)
– STEM Activities with Conversation Hearts  ( from STEM Activities for Kids)
– Candy Heart Catapult

The Magic School Bus Has a Heart

Learning Resources Stethoscope
Human Body Detectives:  A Heart Pumping Adventure Through the Circulatory System

*Valentine’s History/Geography-

– The heart has been seen throughout history as something with a deep significance.
Here are some ways that ancient cultures saw the importance of the heart.
 Ancient Egypt and the Heart
 Ancient Greece and Rome

*Valentine’s Art/Music Activities-

– Crystal Heart Sun Catcher
– POP Art  Jim Dine Hearts Lesson
OR  Romero Britto Heart Art Lesson
– Watercolor and Glue Resist Heart Paintings

Heart Pillow Latchhook Set   (Remember these?  My middle daughter LOVED them!)
Heart Stained Glass Coloring Book   (from Dover)

Valentine's card heart

*Day 3:  Valentine’s Cards

*Valentine’s Reading-

– History of Valentine’s Day Cards and a little bit more in detail  HERE 
– A Prisoner’s Valentines
– The Gift of the Magi    (I know it’s usually a Christmas story…but what a great love story!)

– Read all about American poet Jack Prelutsky  and try some of the activities!
Be sure to read 2 of his funny poems about Valentine’s Day,  HERE  and  HERE  and   HERE
Try writing a Valentine for your pet…if you dare !

*Extra Valentine’s Books for Kids-

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

Cupid Doesn’t Flip Hamburgers  (The Bailey School Kids Mystery series)
Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine

*Valentine’s Language Arts Activities-

– Introduce Puns …..then click through these old fashioned Puny Valentines !
– Valentine’s Cinquain Poems  (Perfect for making some original Valentine’s Day cards!)
– Valentine’s Acrostic Poems
– Valentine’s Haiku Poems

– Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue Activity    (Printable ! )
– Review the parts of speech with  Valentine’s Mad Libs Printables 

 Printable Thank You Valentine’s Cards          (Great Idea for any age!)


Dear Valentine Letters     (MadLibs)

*Valentine’s Bible Study- Love is Kind

– Kindness Video
– Kindness Lesson             (scroll through for activities for all age groups)
– Kindness Bible Stories
– Kindness Tree 
– 30 Random Acts of Kindness to Do with Your Children   (from A Spotted Pony)
This is a really sweet list of experiences that this family had together <3
– Kindness Builders
– Kindness Coloring Pages

*Valentine’s Math Activities-

– LOTS of Valentine’s Themed Math Games & Printables   (from What the Teacher Wants
…this is a super cute blog!)
 6 Valentine’s Math Activities
– Montessori Valentine’s Math Ideas    (Mostly for the Littles in your house)
– Equivalent Fractions   (Valentine’s Day Math Printable-  TPT, but FREE! )
– Valentine’s Multiplication Bingo    (TPT,  FREE)

*Valentine’s Science Activities-

– Valentine’s Day CHEMISTRY Cards !   (Fun Ideas !!)
– STEM for your Sweethearts
– Valentine’s Day themed Science Experiments Galore !
– Valentine’s Day Chemistry Fun !

*Valentine’s History/Geography-

– History of the Valentine’s Card
– Valentine’s Cards through the 1900’s   (nice photos!)
– Collecting Valentines    (short video, about 3 mins, from History Channel )
– Make a Valentine’s Day Card that you might find in another country.
Choose a country.  Find it on a map.  Read if/how that country celebrates this holiday.
(Here’s how to say ‘I Love You‘ (and more) in lots of different languages !)

*Valentine’s Art/Music-

– How To Write a Love Song for Kids  
– Beautiful Heart Coloring Pages                   (These would make lovely cards too I think!)
– Fizzing Heart Art 

Make Your Own Valentines Craft Kit

valentine's chocolates

*Day 4: Sweet Treats

*Valentine’s Reading-

– Chocolate Unit Study & Lap Book
– Read ‘The Chocolate Touch‘  or   HERE  Online               (My kiddos LOVED this book !)
Listen Online 

*Books we love for this section-

The Candymakers   and   The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase

-Chocolate Fever
The Candy Smash

*Valentine’s Language Arts-

– Sweet Treats Parts of Speech                              (super cute blog… Rockin’ Resources)
– Valentine’s Idioms Lesson Printable
– 8 Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts
– Valentine’s Day Reading Comprehension Printable
– Valentine’s Writing Paper & Editing Printable

– Chocolate Ideas Galore !

*Valentine’s Bible Study – Love is Humble

– Humility Lessons
– Pride and Humility Bible Study for Kids
– Humility Learning Activities
– An Example in Humility 
– Humility Coloring Pages

*Valentine’s Math Activities-

– Valentine’s Themed Math Games    (various levels-  TPT Freebie)
– Heart Fractions Game              (Printable from En Casa …this site is in Spanish, but
self explanatory even  if you don’t speak Spanish  🙂    )
– Color Grid Mixed Math Valentine Printables                     (K-4)
– Online Chocolates Puzzle

*Valentine’s Science Activities-

– Explore Chocolate
– How Chocolate is Made
– LOTS of fun Valentine’s STEM Challenges           (including building a box of chocolates !)
– Heart Estimation Activity
– Sweethearts Experiments
– Sweet Treats-  Ice Cream in a Bag Experiment


Edible Chemistry:  Food Science Kit    (40 different experiments- SO MUCH FUN !!)

*Valentine’s History/Geography-

– History of Chocolate                (Hungry History Video)
– Why Do We Give Chocolates on Valentine’s Day ?
– History of Chocolate                (Printable)

Make Your Own Chocolate Kit

*Valentine’s Art/Music Activities-

– Watch one of these amazing videos of Chocolate Art
– Try making one of your own…
Chocolate Spoon Art 
Chocolates !

valentine's day flowers

*Day 5:  Flowers

*Valentine’s Reading-

– Read about the poet Robert Burns and read his poem, ‘A Red, Red Rose
 Printable Worksheet

– ‘We Should Not Mind So Small a Flower‘   by Emily Dickinson

– Fascinating Flowers
– Flower Facts for Kids

– Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt with Printables        (reading the clues…counts as reading,
right?   🙂    You could also customize this idea for different levels)

*Extra Valentine’s Reading Books-

25 Roses  (Sweet story about kindness)

I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose      (for the Littles, but funny for all!)

*Valentine’s Language Arts-

– Valentine’s Day Grammar Printables       (Antonyms, Synonyms, etc..)
– Valentine’s Following Directions Printable
– Friendship Cinquain Printable
– More Valentines Mad Libs   🙂

*Valentine’s Bible Study- Love is Content

– What is Contentment?    HERE 
Can we find what ways contentment is showing love in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 ?
– Contentment Bible Study for Kids
– Contentment Lesson
– Be Content  Craft 
– Contented Coloring Pages

*Valentine’s Math Activities-

– Multiplication Flower Wheels
– Valentine’s Flowers Fact Families
– Hearts Venn Diagram Printable
– Valentine’s Printable Dominoes for Math Learning
– Valentine’s Logic Puzzle
– Valentine’s Math Games                (TPT…look for the Freebie)
– Roll & Cover Multiplication Math Game

*Valentine’s Science Activities-

– Why do plants produce flowers?       (Interactive Mystery)
– Dissect a Flower                  (Love these ideas !)
– Make a Rainbow Rose  OR   HERE 
– Valentine’s STEM Challenges    (Including Flower Frenzy!)
– Color Changing Flowers
– Minute To Win It Game Ideas 

*Valentine’s History/Geography-

– Why do people give FLOWERS on Valentine’s Day?
– The Meaning of Flowers in the Victorian Era   and in Ancient Egypt  and in Ancient Greece
and   HERE 

*Valentine’s Art/Music-

– The Symbolism of Flowers in Art
– Flower Art & Science      (These would make lovely window decorations )
– Valentine’s Lollipop Flowers 
– Hyper Color Flowers

– Here are some beautiful pieces of music to listen to while you work !
Waltz of the Flowers
Spring Song


Little Flowers Stained Glass Coloring Book

Learn to Draw Flowers   (From Dover)
Favorite Roses Coloring Book
Old Time Roses Sticker Book

**Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone !**

Valentine's Day ActivitiesLove is all you need






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