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Unique Gift Ideas for Kids

Ultimate List of Gift Ideas
for Creative Kids

In case you haven’t noticed I’m all about keeping the holidays simple and meaningful.
One thing that can cause a lot stress however, is finding really great gifts for kids.
Starting in October, every commercial on television, and every store bombards us ALL
with non-stop advertisements for the latest plastic toys that our children can’t live without.  They aren’t all junky…just so many of them !
It’s toy overload ! Makes the kiddos crazy and the mamas too!
My friend and I were just talking about this today. One of her favorite gifts
as a child was a box all packed with colored construction paper, markers, crayons, and other crafting things. All these years later, THAT is the gift she remembers.
Nothing fancy. And no batteries lol

So, I’m making my own Ultimate Gift Ideas List for Creative Kids.

**BONUS ! 
You can sit in your pjs, with a cup of coffee,
browse, and shop away.
No noisy advertisements. No lines.
Getting it done and keeping it simple !!

And…I promise this is NOT just another
Christmas gift guide with some randomly thrown together ideas!

These are real gift ideas for your creative and curious children!

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