Homeschool World History Plan (Teach all ages at once !)

Free Homeschool History Curriculum

FREE Homeschool World History Plan:

A Chronological Study & Explanation

Are you planning to study World History this year ?
If the answer is YES, I’ve got you covered!

Can your Teens use this series?  YES!
Can your Littles use this series?  YES!
It’s written right in the middle, so that by making a few small adjustments,
your whole family can learn together !!
I go into more detail on how to do this below.

And, did I mention that the entire series is FREE ?
Not another expensive curriculum that you’ll be stuck with for a year.
If it doesn’t suit your family, you haven’t lost anything  🙂

Why a Chronological History Study ?

This Free History Series starts with Ancient Civilizations and spans all the way through the Middle Ages  (recently I’ve also added Early American History through the Millennium as well!).
When I wrote this outline years ago to use with my own children, my goal was to lay a solid foundation of the basics of each period we studied.  Think about each time period as a building block for the next.  We moved along gently, at our own pace, and based how much we dug into a topic on the interest we had.  We started with the first humans in the book of Genesis and went through the history of “The Middle Ages”.  It was amazing as we studied through these major points to see how all the stories from the Bible that often seem disjointed, fit together with the history most of us learned in school !
Teaching history chronologically also has the added benefit of being able to use whatever your curriculum is for years !!
The goal is to go through this entire series outline at least 3 times over the years (by the end of high school),  just with more attention to detail and in greater depth with each rotation…. this is also the way you’ll be able to use this for ALL ages at once !
Just tailor the read alouds, assigned reading, and objectives a bit and VOILA !

Being able to teach ALL your kids at once is definitely a bonus !

Using a chronological approach also makes it quite easy to plan your other subjects for the year as well  (think similar to a giant Unit Study) .  If your family enjoys that kind of learning, just use this history series as a spine…incorporate corresponding  literature, science, art, geography, etc  and you’re DONE.
It actually makes planning out all the other subject areas a piece of cake !

Here are just a few suggestions for taking these series and turning them into a complete curriculum below.

Start with Section 1: The History of Ancient Civilizations and the OT Peoples
You will find the FREE daily plans there.

-some great literature (both  historical fiction & non-fiction) with the
Great Book Lists.
Ancient Civilizations/OT Book List
Ancient Egypt Book List
Ancient Greece Book List
Ancient Rome Book List
Middle Ages Book List
Early American History Book List
Modern American History Book List

-some art/artist studies from suggested resources
-geography is included in each lesson
-I have included some great Science resources to go along with each
ancient section covered !
-some more fun hands-on projects from my all FREE ideas on
 Ancient History Pinterest Boards
-some Math

Email me !
If you’d like to chat more about how this worked for my family of one boy and 2 girls (about 5 years between the oldest and the youngest), PLEASE email me!  I love to talk about this kind of thing and would be happy to help you sort it out!
[email protected]


I’m working on Printables for all the units !
The Printable Ancient Civilzations/OT History Cards are FREE right now ! 
Click the image below !

Printables for Ancient History

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Do you have to start at “the beginning”? 
Of course not !  You can choose any one of the series and begin right there !  Personally, I loved seeing how all the people and places and events fit together when studied chronologically, but excitement about learning should definitely guide your choice !

How We Used This History Curriculum-

Last little bit….
As we studied through each age of history, we each kept a 3-ring binder-  our ‘all in one place’  time line.
We filled it with notes, coloring pages, drawings, print outs, etc… each page with a date on the bottom (or at least stuck in the appropriate “period” of history).  😀   In planning out our year, I also included biographies of important leaders, great artists, musicians, authors, scientists, etc. as applicable, and added them into the binder as well.

*Scroll all the way to the bottom for some pictures from one of my children’s binder.

Under each heading, I included the objectives for each “section”.
You can find these listed in the plans for each series.
Everyone will have different expectations for their kiddos, but I hope it is helpful at least to get the creativity flowing  !

Ancient Civilizations and Old Testament History
Ancient Egypt History Curriculum
Ancient Greece History Curriculum
Ancient Rome History Curriculum
Middle Ages History Curriculum

Early American History Curriculum
Modern American History Curriculum

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Valentine’s Day Unit Study Book List

valentine's day books for kids

Valentine’s Day Books and Resources List

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon!
And LOVE is definitely something to celebrate!

FREE Valentine’s Day Unit Study

I’ve updated and republished a super fun  FREE Valentine’s Day Unit Study this week, and wanted to add this list of great books, movies, hands-on activity guides, and other resources to go along with the unit.  This holiday is the perfect time to try a mini Unit Study (just one week) if you haven’t tried one before!  Valentine’s Day is packed full of history, stories of great courage and true love, literature, geography, and even MATH & SCIENCE!!

valentine's day heart

Valentine’s Unit Study Books and Resources List

Whether you’re working through the Free Unit, or you’re just looking for some ideas for Valentine’s Day activities,  there are lots of fantastic book and resource suggestions…  check out one of the kids Valentine’s cookbooks and try cooking a special meal with your kids, watch a few of the suggested family friendly Valentine’s movies together, and add some of the books from this Book List, and you’re all set! 

If your kiddos love worksheets, themed writing pages, trivia pages, etc… you can also find the Valentine’s Day Unit Study Printable Companion by clicking  HERE or clicking the Book Store tab at the top of this page.

Valentine's Day Printables
So, whether you’re checking this list for book ideas before you go to the library, or you’re building your own home library, note that the links below will take you to Amazon.  If you make a purchase through one of my links (please do! <3 ), I will receive a small commission at NO extra charge to you!  Thanks my friends!

*Valentine’s Day Book List – Fiction


+The Chocolate Touch
+The Valentine Bears
+Plant a Kiss
+Grace Notes
+Love Is
+The Candymakers  and   The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase
+The Berenstain Bears Love Their Neighbors
+The Giving Tree
+Poetry for Young People:  Emily Dickinson
+Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew:  Valentine’s Day Secret
+The Invisible String
+The Gift of the Magi
+Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch
+Cupid Doesn’t Flip Hamburgers
+Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine
+Chocolate Fever
+The Candy Smash
+25 Roses
+There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose
+The Incredible Journey
+No Grown Ups Allowed
+The Valentine Baby Mystery
+A to Z Mysteries Secret Admirer
+Summer Promise
+The Hundred Dresses
+Where the Red Fern Grows
+Charlotte’s Web
+The Velveteen Rabbit
+How to Drive Your Family Crazy On Valentine’s Day
+Valentine Princess

*Valentine’s Day Book List- Non-Fiction

+The Story of St. Valentine
+Saint Valentine
+Love Does
+National Geographic Kids- Celebrate Valentine’s Day
+Magic School Bus Has a Heart
+Human Body Detectives:  A Heart Pumping Adventure
+America’s Favorite Holidays
+Men of the Holidays
+Kisses From Katie  and  Daring to Hope
(seriously one of my favorite books ever!)
+It’s Valentine’s Day
+The Story of Valentine’s Day
+More Love:  Elizabeth Prentiss
+Corrie Ten Boom:  Keeper of the Angels Den
+Amy Carmichael: Rescuer of Gems

*Valentine’s Day Book List-  Kits/Activity Guides

+Mad Libs In Love
and Dear Valentine Mad Libs
+Scientific Explorer Disgusting Anatomy Heart
+Make Your Own Chocolate Kit
+Edible Candy (Chemistry)-  Food Science Kit
+American Girl Parties Cookbook  (includes a Valentine’s menu!)
+The Don’t Laugh Valentine’s Challenge Book
+A Valentine’s Day Drawing Treat

*Valentine’s Day Family Movies


+The Incredible Journey
+Cheaper By the Dozen
+All Saints
Homeward Bound
We Bought a Zoo
Mother Teresa
End of the Spear
Be My Valentine Charlie Brown
The Blind Side
Beauty and the Beast
Because of Winn Dixie
Where the Red Fern Grows
The Princess Bride
Amazing Love
Facing the Giants
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness

*Valentine’s Day Craft Kits

+String Art Heart Light
+Giving Hearts
+American Girl Samantha- Valentine’s Crafts
+Rock Painting Kit
+Heart Pillow Latch Hook Kit
+Magnet Hearts Craft Kit
+Acrylic Hearts Sun Catchers
+Wooden Heart Boxes

Thanksgiving History- History and the Holidays

History and the Holidays-
Thanksgiving Through History

Do you know when and where our celebration of Thanksgiving began?

Did you guess that the first Thanksgiving happened in 1621?  Did a picture of a group of Wampanoag Indians gathered together with some of the Pilgrim settlers from Plymouth for a feast giving thanks for the fall harvest pop into your head?  If it did, you aren’t wrong…
But was that really the FIRST Thanksgiving?

I absolutely LOVE when a subject I’m teaching reaches into lots of other areas of learning.  Maybe that is why I enjoy history so much.  When I write curriculum to share, I always try to include the art and music, food and fashion, science and invention, people and places, and even the mathematics and industry of the time.  History really does encompass every part of life!  Including the HOLIDAYS!

Last year I wrote a short post called Homeschooling Through the Holidays.  Click over to read it now, or save it for later.  It is especially aimed at those of you who are using the American Girl History Units, but it gives you an idea at how FREEING it is to ENJOY the holidays as a family, and still feel like you are continuing on with “school”.   I also included some pointers there for keeping it simple and stress free!

This year, I wanted to share the History of Thanksgiving.

It is designed to go along with Fields of Daisies’ free history units, but you definitely could use this all by itself as a miniThanksgiving Unit too.  If you are using one of the FREE History Curriculum Units or the American Girl Units , just scroll down to the section of history you are studying right now, and enjoy some or all of the ideas.

I hope you will enjoy using this guide as you homeschool through the holidays!

My prayer is that it will allow your family to spend time doing the activities that bring life and joy into your home, all while feeling relaxed and confident that everyone is still learning!

*NOTE to my fellow Christian Families: You may be wondering if studying these mostly pagan celebrations of ancient cultures is profitable for your family.  I think it is a very valid question.  It is my belief that by learning about the history of a people, we may grow exponentially in understanding, compassion, and love.  Our GREAT JOY in celebrating Thanksgiving is part of that.  It’s a great opportunity to teach our kids that through Jesus, we have been set FREE, and no longer live in fear of angering some obscure god with an inadequate offering, and therefore facing a very unknown future!  And as an added plus personally, I found this study to be FANTASTIC in adding another layer of understanding to many stories in the Bible!  WOW!

Before we get started, you may like to print out this
History of Thanksgiving Printables Notebook to use.  Add in any of your own work, collect it in a binder, and VOILA!  This will make a fun keepsake years from now.  I still display my children’s every year when I decorate my house for the holiday.

thanksgiving history cornucopia printables

*Note: This post contains some links to products on Amazon that I think would be fun extras for this unit.  If you choose to buy any of them by clicking through my links, I will get a small commission.  This helps me keep all my units free!  Thank you so much for your support!  🙂

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21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt

egyptian mummy, pyramid, cartouche, camel

Are you ready to be AMAZED ?!?
21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt !

If you’ve been following along with our FREE History Curriculum series, I think you’ll love this post which is the second of the 21 Fascinating Facts series!
If you need a little boost to get everyone excited about history this year, try these Ancient Egypt fascinating facts teasers!  And some bonus facts to go along with the week spent on Ancient China too.
This quick guide was specifically made to use along with each day’s lesson in the FREE Ancient Egypt History Curriculum  (or if you aren’t studying Ancient Egypt this year,  just to read for FUN!).

Little bits of information seem to be the things we remember.  Maybe it’s because they spark our interest and make us hungry for more.  That is why I wanted to write this series of posts.  Start each lesson with one of these amazing facts and get EXCITED about learning this year!

You can find the other posts in this series, 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Civilizations   and  21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Greece,  by clicking on these links or on the images below.

ancient civilizations art and ruins    Facts about Ancient Greece

Nile Hippo
Week 1: Phenomenal Facts About Pyramids & Pharaohs 

Day 1- The Last Miles of the Nile
If you are searching for Egypt on a map, the Nile River makes it easy to find!  And as we study through the beginnings of culture in Ancient Egypt, we will see just how important this body of water is to every part of Egyptian life. The Egyptian calendar was even made around the annual flooding of its banks. But did you know that NO ONE had traveled down the entire Nile from where it begins in Ethiopia to where it flows out into the Mediterranean Sea until 2004 ?!?
What an incredible adventure awaited the 2 men who decided to explore the Great Nile! 

Want to know more?

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