Homeschool World History Plan (Teach all ages at once !)

Free Homeschool History Curriculum

FREE Homeschool World History Plan:

A Chronological Study & Explanation

Are you planning to study World History this year ?
If the answer is YES, I’ve got you covered!

Can your Teens use this series?  YES!
Can your Littles use this series?  YES!
It’s written right in the middle, so that by making a few small adjustments,
your whole family can learn together !!
I go into more detail on how to do this below.

And, did I mention that the entire series is FREE ?
Not another expensive curriculum that you’ll be stuck with for a year.
If it doesn’t suit your family, you haven’t lost anything  🙂

Why a Chronological History Study ?

This Free History Series starts with Ancient Civilizations and spans all the way through the Middle Ages  (recently I’ve also added Early American History through the Millennium as well!).
When I wrote this outline years ago to use with my own children, my goal was to lay a solid foundation of the basics of each period we studied.  Think about each time period as a building block for the next.  We moved along gently, at our own pace, and based how much we dug into a topic on the interest we had.  We started with the first humans in the book of Genesis and went through the history of “The Middle Ages”.  It was amazing as we studied through these major points to see how all the stories from the Bible that often seem disjointed, fit together with the history most of us learned in school !
Teaching history chronologically also has the added benefit of being able to use whatever your curriculum is for years !!
The goal is to go through this entire series outline at least 3 times over the years (by the end of high school),  just with more attention to detail and in greater depth with each rotation…. this is also the way you’ll be able to use this for ALL ages at once !
Just tailor the read alouds, assigned reading, and objectives a bit and VOILA !

Being able to teach ALL your kids at once is definitely a bonus !

Using a chronological approach also makes it quite easy to plan your other subjects for the year as well  (think similar to a giant Unit Study) .  If your family enjoys that kind of learning, just use this history series as a spine…incorporate corresponding  literature, science, art, geography, etc  and you’re DONE.
It actually makes planning out all the other subject areas a piece of cake !

Here are just a few suggestions for taking these series and turning them into a complete curriculum below.

Start with Section 1: The History of Ancient Civilizations and the OT Peoples
You will find the FREE daily plans there.

-some great literature (both  historical fiction & non-fiction) with the
Great Book Lists.
Ancient Civilizations/OT Book List
Ancient Egypt Book List
Ancient Greece Book List
Ancient Rome Book List
Middle Ages Book List
Early American History Book List
Modern American History Book List

-some art/artist studies from suggested resources
-geography is included in each lesson
-I have included some great Science resources to go along with each
ancient section covered !
-some more fun hands-on projects from my all FREE ideas on
 Ancient History Pinterest Boards
-some Math

Email me !
If you’d like to chat more about how this worked for my family of one boy and 2 girls (about 5 years between the oldest and the youngest), PLEASE email me!  I love to talk about this kind of thing and would be happy to help you sort it out!
[email protected]


I’m working on Printables for all the units !
The Printable Ancient Civilzations/OT History Cards are FREE right now ! 
Click the image below !

Printables for Ancient History

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Do you have to start at “the beginning”? 
Of course not !  You can choose any one of the series and begin right there !  Personally, I loved seeing how all the people and places and events fit together when studied chronologically, but excitement about learning should definitely guide your choice !

How We Used This History Curriculum-

Last little bit….
As we studied through each age of history, we each kept a 3-ring binder-  our ‘all in one place’  time line.
We filled it with notes, coloring pages, drawings, print outs, etc… each page with a date on the bottom (or at least stuck in the appropriate “period” of history).  😀   In planning out our year, I also included biographies of important leaders, great artists, musicians, authors, scientists, etc. as applicable, and added them into the binder as well.

*Scroll all the way to the bottom for some pictures from one of my children’s binder.

Under each heading, I included the objectives for each “section”.
You can find these listed in the plans for each series.
Everyone will have different expectations for their kiddos, but I hope it is helpful at least to get the creativity flowing  !

Ancient Civilizations and Old Testament History
Ancient Egypt History Curriculum
Ancient Greece History Curriculum
Ancient Rome History Curriculum
Middle Ages History Curriculum

Early American History Curriculum
Modern American History Curriculum

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Samantha Turn of the Century Unit Study

american girl free unit study


1900’s Turn of the Century~
Unit Study

Welcome to the wonder- filled world of Samantha Parkington,
and the 6th Unit Study in the American Girl History series

In this Unit, we will learn what daily life was like at the Turn of the Century-  Imagine…  learning the etiquette of high tea, ballroom dancing, or strolling through Central Park…or working grueling hours in a shirtwaist factory and living in a tenement.  We will delve into the Industrial Revolution and we will walk down the avenues of the World’s Fair  re-discovering the amazing inventions that were changing the world!  We will imagine life through the eyes of children seeing the shores of America for the very first time, and settling in a new country.  We will get to know the President, known for his connection to the “teddy bear”- can you guess who it is?  And we will also get to know some of his friends who called our attention to America’s great natural beauty.
What an EXCITING time to have lived !
What an exciting time to re-live !

Hope you enjoy this unit !

**Note:  This post contains Amazon affiliate links (directly to Amazon).  At NO extra cost to you, I will earn a small commission from any sales clicked on through the links on this page.  Thank you for helping me keep my units FREE !
I am in no way affiliated with or compensated by the American Girl Company.


*Other FREE American Girl History Units from Fields of Daisies-
*Colonial America – AG Felicity
*Southwest Frontier America – AG Josefina
*Pioneer America – AG Kirsten
*Civil War America – AG Addy
*1900 Turn of the Century America – AG Samantha


* 1900’s Turn of the Century Unit Study
Core Reading Outline:

Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904


*Week 1: “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-
Samantha’s World

1.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-  Meet Samantha                         (p.  1 )
2.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   A Growing Country                  (p.  2-5 )
3.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   Factories & Invention             (p. 6-7; 26-27; 46-49)
4.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   Immigration                               (p.  42-45; 50-51 )
5.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   City Life, Country Life             (p.  10-13; 8-9)

*Week 2: “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-
A Day with Samantha

1.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-  A Girl’s Life                                          (p. 36-37 )
2.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-  Ettiquette & Society                        (p.  32-35 )
3.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-  Fun & Entertainment                      (p. 14-17; 28-29)
4.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-  Fashion                                                 (p. 18-19;  30-31 )
5.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   Health & Beauty                               (p.  20-23 )

*Week 3: “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904”-
The Turn of a Century

1.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   The President                                  (p.  24-25 )
2.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   The Reformers                               (p.  52-53 )
3.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   Changes for Women                   (p.  38-39; 56-57 )
4.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   Philanthropy                                  (p.  40-41  )
5.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   The Naturalists                              (p.   p. 54-55 )

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5 Beautiful Children’s Books for a Simple Advent

Children's Books for Advent

5 Beautiful Children’s Books
for a Simple Advent

“Who can add to Christmas?
The perfect motive is that God so loved the world.
The perfect gift is that He gave His only Son.
The only requirement is to believe in Him.
The reward of faith is that you shall have everlasting life.”

-Corrie Ten Boom


I want to keep it that way this month.
Don’t laugh.  It’s worth a try.
If we get still for a few moments, there’s something about Christmas that draws
us to Peace .  Open pastures and still waters, where we can rest and listen to the Shepherd’s song.

And that’s kind of what advent is all about.
The word itself  means  “coming”.
So as we set aside some quiet time to imagine and wonder and hope
in the coming of Christ, we are celebrating the advent.

While there are many wonderful family advent celebrations packed full of activities and fun,  I just wanted this one to be more like a natural part of your family’s life.  A gentle reminder during these holy days of a Gift so great that the angels came down to man to sing about it.

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An American Girl Christmas – Holiday Homeschool

kids, homeschooling holidays, Christmas (gnomes)

An American Girl Christmas
*Homeschooling Through the Holidays*

Are you stressing over how to homeschool through the holidays? Christmas School is the perfect answer !


The holidays are coming ! The holidays are coming !
Cooking, cleaning, preparing for company, shopping, parties, children’s plays,
church events, cooking some more, oh, yeah….and homeschooling !
Phew! I’m tired just from typing all of that !

How DO you homeschool through the holidays ?

Do you dream every year about decorating cookies with your kids, curling up by a fire and reading Christmas stories, making handmade gifts and cards, and spending time as a family focusing on the real heart of the holiday ?
Do you find it impossible to balance the long list of  “to-do’s” with all the
“want to do’s” ?
Something always falls short … school doesn’t happen, the fun stuff doesn’t happen, or the sleep doesn’t happen.   Sure you can clean the house at 1am when company is arriving in the morning…. zzzzzz.   Yep me too.  I’ve tried juggling all those plates.  Just not my forte.
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