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Middle Ages & the Renaissance Book List (Ancient World History- Part 5)


Ancient World History Book List –
Part 5 (Middle Ages & the Renaissance)

Welcome back!
If you’ve been following this series, thanks!
This is the last section in the Ancient World History Curriculum.
The Middle Ages & the Renaissance have SO many amazing people and places and events that it is really difficult to narrow it all down… but I’ve done my best, and here are my favorite books for the Middle Ages & the Renaissance Unit.

Free Homeschool History Curriculum
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–> Free Ancient World History Curriculum  and the supplemental book lists for the previous sections as well.
These books are NOT required for the studies… they’re just my favorite resources (most I’ve personally used).  You will find the few required books for the curriculum included on each unit’s curriculum page.

Section 1:  Ancient Civilizations & the Old Testament   &  Book List
                     and the   FREE Printable Ancient Civilizations History Cards
Section 2: Ancient Egypt  (includes Ancient China)    &  Book List
Section 3:  Ancient Greece   &   Book List
Section 4: Ancient Rome  &  Book List
Section 5: Middle Ages & the Renaissance    &  Book List

*If you are continuing on to Early American History, I’ve got you covered with that too !   The next part in the series is the
Free Early American History Curriculum !
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Book List for Middle Ages Curriculum Unit Free

Middle Ages & Renaissance Book List

*Literature :

*Beowulf  (for young readers)
*  The Door in the Wall
*King Arthur & His Knights of the Round Table
*The Middle Ages:  Choose Your Own Adventure 
*Life as a Knight: Choose Your Own Adventure
*The Black Arrow
*Ink on His Fingers
*The Knight at Dawn  and  Knights & Castles: NonFiction Companion
*Crispin: The Cross of Lead
*Courage & Conviction  and  Monks & Mystics
* The Apprentice         
*The Shakespeare Stealer
* The Second Mrs. Gioconda
* St. George and the Dragon
* Along Came Galileo
* Monday with a Mad Genius- The Magic Treehouse  and  DaVinci NonFiction Companion

*Resource/Informational Books:

*Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi , Sir Cumference & the First Round Table
or get the whole wonderful series of these math adventures !!  LOVE THESE !!
Sir Cumference Series  

*Sir Cumference Classroom Activity Book
*Who Was Leonardo ?
*Who Was Galileo ?
*Life in a Medieval Castle & Village  and Kings & Queens of England  (Dover Coloring Books)
*Usbourne History of Britain the Middle Ages
*DK Medieval Life

 *Activity Guides:

* Michaelangelo for Kids: His Life & Ideas ,  DaVinci for Kids , or Galileo for Kids
(21 Hands-On Activities)
*Melissa & Doug Build Your Own Castle 3D Puzzle

*Draw & Write Through History
*Days of Knights & Damsels

*The Story of Robin Hood
*Red Wall
* Disney’s The Sword & the Rose
*Joan of Arc (Hero Classics)   and   Activity Book
*The Sword in the Stone
*A Kid in King Arthur’s Court


Hope this list is helpful !
I’d love to know what YOU are using too !
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