Ancient Civilizations/OT Printable History Cards



Made specifically to go along with Part 1 in the series of Fields of Daisies’ FREE Ancient History Curriculum.
Use these cards to discover all of the exciting People, Places, and Events of Ancient Civilizations and the Old Testament!  (More details in the Description below)


History should never be dull !  So have FUN!
Use these Printable Ancient History Cards to add to the learning fun !

The event cards are made for the larger size (4×6) index cards, and the people and places cards will nicely fit on the smaller (3×5) index cards.  There are two sets of the event cards included.  The first set is black and white for coloring, or for younger children.  The second set has the same events, and is done in light hues for quick printing.  I have also included some extra blank “cards” for anything else you might like to add in.

You will also find lots of FUN suggestions to use these cards for games, races, review days, notebooking, and more !

*If you are planning to use the entire series of Free Ancient World History Curriculum, and want to purchase the cards, you can get them in a discounted bundle –> Printable Ancient History Cards BUNDLE.

ancient history for kids

*Other sections of the Ancient World History Curriculum Series:

Ancient Civilizations & The Old Testament
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
The Middle Ages


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