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free world history curriculum (Part 1)

Free World History Curriculum

Part 1:  Ancient Civilizations/Old Testament

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For an introduction to this curriculum and how you can adapt it to your needs, start by clicking on the link below for the first post in this series-
 “Free Chronological World History Plan” .

ancient greek ruins ancient pyramid knight in armor ancient roman ruins history curriculum for kids
Just to make finding everything easy from any of these pages, I am including below, each unit I’ve posted and the supplemental book lists for the previous & subsequent sections as well.  These books are NOT required for the studies… they’re just my favorite resources (most I’ve personally used).  You will find the few required books for the curriculum included on each unit’s curriculum page.

Section 1:  Ancient Civilizations & the Old Testament
+Ancient Civilizations/OT History Curriculum-  Printable PDF
Books and Resources List
+FREE Ancient Civilizations Printable History Cards
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Civilizations- History Starters

Section 2: Ancient Egypt  (includes Ancient China)
+ Ancient Egypt History Curriculum- Printable PDF 
Books and Resources List
+ 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt- History Starters
Printable Ancient Egypt History Cards

Section 3:  Ancient Greece
+ Ancient Greece History Curriculum- Printable PDF
Books and Resources List
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Greece- History Starters
+ Printable Ancient Greece History Cards

Section 4:  Ancient Rome
+ Ancient Rome History Curriculum- Printable PDF
Books and Resources List
+Printable Ancient Rome History Cards

Section 5: Middle Ages & the Renaissance
+ Middle Ages History Curriculum-  Printable PDF
Books and Resources List
+ Printable Middle Ages History Cards

*If you are continuing on to American History after the Ancients,
I’ve got you covered too!
You can find the next part in this series here –>
Free Early American History CurriculumFree Modern American History

columbus discovers america native americans and the revolutionary war free early american history curriculum         american flags at arlington martin luther king space race and red poppies American History curriculum cover

Be sure to follow my  Ancient History Pinterest Boards too !
I will be adding the best of the best FREE ideas to them frequently.
* Ancient Civilizations Board
* Ancient Egypt Board
* Ancient Greece Board
* Ancient Rome Board
*Middle Ages & the Renaissance Board

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World History Plan (Teach all ages at once !)

–>  This post contains affiliate links.  There will NOT be any additional charge to you if you click to Amazon through these links, but I will make a small commission if you do!  So thanks ahead for supporting my work !  🙂

*Ancient Civilizations / Old Testament Timeline

1. Creation                              
2. Adam & Eve
(4,100 BC approx)

3.  Cain & Abel
(4,000 BC)

4.  The Wicked
(2,400 BC)

5. Noah & The Flood
(2,350 BC)

Mesopotamia & the Beginning of Civilizations

6.The Chaldeans &Abraham
(2,170 BC)

7. The Canaanites / Isaac & Rebekah
(2,026 BC)

8.Jacob & Esau
(2,000 BC)

9. Jacob Returns/The Israelites
(1,920 BC)

10. Joseph
(1,915 BC)

+ Be able to sequence the 10 events above
I wrote each “event” on an index card.
As we worked through each section, we included the cards from the section before in the sequencing activity.  We played BINGO with them, had races to see who could get them in the right order the fastest and their favorite, candy quiz days !  Remember, if you don’t want to make them yourself, you can print the ones I made for this study… they’re FREE —>  HERE.
You may really want to consider covering the cards with clear contact paper, or if you are planning to use this curriculum through it’s cycles, you may want to laminate them!

*I seriously LOVE this laminator!!  I’ve been laminating everything in sight lol
It is also super easy to find the paper for it most anywhere.  Even my grocery store has it !

*The FREE Printable History Cards are DONE !!  

Click below (or from the Book Store tab in the menu) and print !
All done for you!  Print and use them !

Printables for Ancient History

+ Be able to tell 3 facts you can remember from each index card.
+ Be able to explain what BC and AD and/or  [BCE/CE]are and the reasoning behind them.
+ Be able to identify the part of the world in which each event took place.
+ Locate these regions on a map.
+ Be able to describe what the government was like and name some of the well known leaders of this period
+Be able to describe what a day in the life of a child living at this time would be like
+ Add at least one page per event to your binder.

*Overview of Lessons for this section:

*Week 1–  The Beginning of Civilization
*Week 2–  The Sumerians and the Babylonians
*Week 3– The Chaldeans and Abraham
*Week 4– The Joy of Reading Week
*Week 5– Explore It More !  Week
(explanation at beginning of plans for this week)
*Week 6-  Notebook It ! Week/ Show What You Know Week
(explanation at beginning of plans for this week)

*People & Places:
+Adam                             +Seth                +Babel
+Mesopotamia            +Palestine      +Chaldeans
+Nod                                 +Nimrod          +Esau
+Ararat                             +Jacob             +Methuselah
+Armenia                        +Bethel            +Noah
+Shem                              +Uruk                +Gilgamesh
+Babylonia                     +Sumeria         +Abraham

*Vocabulary  (taken from suggested reading/adjust as needed):

+genesis           +civilization          +reluctant            +condemn       +abomination
+fugitive           +fortified               +patriarch            +diety                 +sojourn
+birthright       +rivalry                   +disperse             +nomad              +fraud
+atone              +behemoth           +peril                      +leviathan         +remnant
+rite                   +lotus                       +tributary            +forfeit

*Optional Corresponding  Bible Reading

*If you’d like to use the Bible as a text for this study each day here are the corresponding chapters.   I listed them with the number of the section (1-10) .  There is also a link to a   Chronological Illustrated Bible below too that is helpful !

1. Creation                               Genesis 1-2:3
2. Adam & Eve                       Genesis 1:26-4:26
3.  Cain & Abel                        ”            “
4.  The Wicked                        ”        “
5.  Noah & The Flood         Genesis 6-9/ Genesis 11:1-9
6. Abraham                             Genesis 12-13;  15-18
7. Isaac & Rebekah            Genesis 21-22:18,24
8. Jacob & Esau                    Genesis 25: 19-34
9. Jacob Returns                  Genesis 30:25-35:29
10. Joseph                                Genesis 37, 39-41

**NOTE:  Below is an outline of reading/activities for a three day schedule.  You could easily change this to 5 days by adding in some great hands on activities, if that fits your needs better.  Imagine doing Art Projects on the other two “off” days that are related to the era…or cooking meals that would have been eaten by people of this time !  The possibilities are endless and so much FUN !!!  I have included lots of activity books in the book list below !

****NEW NOTE ! ****
I just came across a really cool YouTube channel that has TONS of fun teaching videos that would fit perfectly with this study.  It is made for Jewish families to teach their children all about their holidays and traditions.
Here’s the link –>   BimBam  (YouTube)

We also read many GREAT historical fiction books for “Language Arts” during this study…they were harder to find for this particular section, but there are lots for the following ancient history sections.
Click on the image below for the Ancient Civilizations/OT Booklist

stack of books and kid reading history book list

Teaching All Ages At Once-

After parental review, the  lessons I have written below are meant to be
self-directed for middle school ages and up .  But, if you are using this for multiple ages like I did, I simply read the Story of the World out loud, our Bible study, and some of the other historical fiction.  I have included a few “extra” books at the bottom of this page for younger readers and they can always be included in the hands on activities.
The Old Testament Days Activity Book is my favorite for ideas that can be leveled up or made a bit more simple, but enjoyed by all!!   My “little” often colored pages to put in her own timeline binder while I read!  I was often amazed at how much she absorbed just by listening !!  You can find lots  of  FREE  printable coloring and activity pages from Calvary Curriculum that go along perfectly with the daily plans below.  They have lessons, printable coloring and activity pages, etc for preschool through about 6th grade !  Who doesn’t like to color while listening to a great book after all ?!?  They are great to add in to the timeline binders for the big kids as well 🙂

And if you STILL have a kid who isn’t convinced that history is interesting… Try these 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Civilizations !   Quick list of facts that will make you want to know more!  I wrote it specifically to go with this study and it is written on topic for each week 🙂
ancient civilizations art and ruins


*WEEK 1 :  The Beginning of Civilization

*Day 1-

+Reading- “Great Civilizations” p. 6-7


-What is a Civilization ?  (about 4 mins)
The Story of the First People
(Good graphic novel type video- about 25 mins)

My Culture Quest  (interactive game)
Archeology: Clues From the Past !  (interactives)
Tools of the Trade-  Interactive Archeology Game
Dirt Detective   (great for Littles !)

+ Add
this section’s vocabulary words to history notebook (in vocabulary section)

*Day 2-

-“The Story of the World-Vol 1”  p. 19-39

Creation- The First People  (animated-about 4 minutes)
The Fertile Crescent & the Rise of Civilization
(about 3 mins)

Mysteries of Catalhoyuk
Met Kids- Explore History ! (8,000-2,000BC)

a simple outline (your choice of style) of today’s reading

*Day 3-

+Reading- “Genesis- Finding Our Roots”

“Archeology Adventure in the Holy Land” (about 14 mins)
Ancient Mesopotamia 101   (from National Geo- about 4 minutes)


-Play one of these Archeology Games online !
Iron Age Interactive Game

+ Choose
1 of the “Topics for Further Study” on pg. 11-19 (highlighted in blue)
Answer your question  fully in your history notebook (Q&A section).


*WEEK 2:  The Sumerians and the Babylonians

*Day 1-

+Reading-  “Great Civilizations”   p. 8-11
Ancient Sumeria
Who Were the Sumerians ?

4 Empires of Mesopotamia (about 4 minutes)
Mesopotamia- From Nomads to Farmers…Nisaba’s Journal
Sumerians in 7 Minutes

The Bronze Age- DK Find Out!
DK Find Out!  The Iron Age
Mesopotamia!   (Interactive exploration)
DK Explore Mesopotamia

a “People” page for your binder today.  Be creative.
Use the list and be sure to include each name in some way on your page.

a “Places” page for your binder using the same directions as above.

*Day 2-


-“The Story of the World- Vol. 1”  p. 39-52
Who Was Hammurabi and What Was His Code ?
-Read more about Ancient Babylonia
What are the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
Ever Wonder Who Invented the Wheel?

Babylon: A History of the City    (about 14 minutes)
The Tower of Babel   (Smithsonian Channel- about 4 minutes)
OT- The Tower of Babel    (animated account – about 22 minutes)
Take a Tour of Modern Day “Babylon”    (about 8 minutes)

The Ziggurats of Ur   (Interactive)
Write Like a Babylonian
DK FindOut!  Who Invented the Wheel ?

+  Make
a simple/bullet outline (you choose the style) of today’s reading

*Day 3-

-“Genesis:  Finding Our Roots”
Ancient Assyria
-The Stories & Myths of Ancient Sumer & Ancient Babylonia

The History of Babylon & It’s Empire  (about 11 minutes)
Echos from Ugarit- The Oldest Melody in History  (SO cool !)
The Discovery of the Library at Nineveh   (about 5 minutes)

Virtual Tour of Art of Ancient Middle East   (be sure to scroll down to listen to the actual audio tour as you click through the pieces!)

+  Choose
1 of the “Topics for Further Study” on pg. 83-87  (highlighted in blue)
Answer your question  fully in your history notebook (Q&A section).

*WEEK 3:  The Chaldeans and Abraham

*Day 1-

-“Usborne:  World History”  p. 12-13 and p. 30-31
Who Were the Chaldeans ?
–>Biblical references to the Chaldeans
Abraham and Ur of the Chaldees
Abraham’s Journeys
(If you’d like to see which cities he journeyed through)

God Calls Abram   (about 5 minutes… animated)
Abraham’s City of Ur (about 13 minutes)
Ur of the Chaldeans- Home of Abraham (about 2 minutes)

Explore the Ancient City of Ur
Interactive Explore The Indus Valley Civilization 
Abram’s Journey (Maps & more!)
Trace Abraham’s Journey   (Printable map activity)

*Day 2-


-“The Story of the World”  p. 53-67  (top)
The Royal Tombs of Ur
What Is the Epic of Gilgamesh ?

Great Ziggurats of Ur   (about 10 minutes…narration is longish, but there are some great visuals)
The Epic of Gilgamesh 
(animated- about 5 minutes… great for younger students)
Crash Course Gilgamesh   (Suggested for High School level- with back story.  NOTE!! This story/version has some very sensitive themes… please preview !)

Play the Royal Game of Ur Online
Explore the Royal Tombs of Ur

+  Make a simple outline (you choose the style) of today’s reading

*Day 3-

-“Genesis:  Finding Our Roots”
Who Were the Indus People ?
The Bible and Mesopotamia:  Putting It All Together

The Indus Valley Civilization  (PBS- about 3 minutes)

-Play an online Matching Game all about Abraham
The Indus Valley – Interactive    (Scroll down for interactives- there are many)
Explore Artifacts from archaeological digs in the Indus Valley- Harappa

+  Choose 1 more of the “Topics for Further Study” on pg. 83-87
(highlighted in blue) .  Answer your question  fully in your
history notebook (Q&A section).

*WEEK 4:  Canaan & Israel

*Day 1-  The Canaanites, Isaac &  Rebekah

Who Were the Canaanites ?
Canaan    (Best for older students, but packed with good info!)
Who Were the Hebrews?
The Hebrew People    (pdf chapter from a textbook)

Isaac, Jacob, and  Esau   (about 10 minutes)
The Story of Isaac & Rebekah, Jacob and Esau 
(Very detailed animated telling-  about 22 minutes)

Abraham in the Land of Canaan   (Interactive Map of his journeys)
-Interactive Map of Abraham’s Journey to Canaan
Explore Peniel   (from )

*Day 2- Jacob & Esau


Jacob & Esau  
Who Was Jacob ?
Jacob Wrestles With God
The Origins of the Hebrews
All About Israel

God’s Story- Jacob & Esau  (about 4 minutes- great for younger kids too!)
Jacob Wrestles- God’s Story  (about 4 minutes)
The Sons of Jacob (about 25 minutes)

Map Jacob’s Journey
Unscramble Jacob’s Kids Names
Explore Canaan
Online Canaan and Ancient Israel Museum Collection

*Day 3-  Joseph
**Note- This is just a brief introduction to Joseph.  We will be reading about him again during the Ancient Egypt Section !

Who Was Joseph ?
Joseph Sold By His Brothers

The Story of Joseph    (about 5 minutes)
Joseph and His Brothers   (about 28 minutes)

The Story of Joseph
(Information and TONS of ideas from  Future Flying Saucers–  if you haven’t scoured this site, I HIGHLY recommend it!)
Timeline of Joseph’s Life


*Week 5: Choose Your Own Book Week !

*Here are a few ideas-


*Note:  You may like to require more than one book or more written work this week.  It would also be a great week to start on the pages for notebooks (see Week 6).   Remember, I was on a mission at this point to reignite the JOY of reading in my kids.  Sometimes when we aren’t allowed time to just read and ENJOY a book without any “strings attached” , reading loses it’s enjoyment.

*Week 6:  Explore It More!  Hands-On !

*Hands-On Learning !  Try It !  (All free online ideas)
You could also work on several projects to display at the end of this week…something like a Ancient Civilizations Museum Exhibit.
My kids loved anything food related.  We often invited friends or family over for a themed feast when finishing a study.  The book below was our FAVORITE!  We learned so much by tasting our way through history.  If you’re doing a separate Bible study with your family, this cookbook and Journey Through the Bible  would be perfect to use with this study !


+ Cuneiform Activity  (and LOTS of other hands on activities)
from Kids Discover
+ Make & Play the Royal Game of Ur
+ Try one of the activities Ancient Babylonian Art Lesson for Kids ! from Dymphna’s Song.
+ Make a Hanging Garden from Babylon fun idea from Joyfully Weary
+ Try some of these foods and recipes
Jacob’s Stew Historic Recipe from Tori Avey
Mesopotamian Bread  from Just a Pinch
Ancient Mesopotamian Recipes
Bible Foods Picnic
-Try creating your own version of a working wheel… Here’s one Wheel Idea !

*WEEK 7:  Notebook it !

*Day 1-
  +Make a cover page for this section to add to your binder.  Be sure to put a line across the bottom of the page and note our “beginning date”.

+Make a history page for each of the 10 sections .
This can be print outs, coloring sheets, or hand written pages.  BE CREATIVE!
(Again, be sure to add the timeline date line at the bottom of each page)

1. Creation                              

2. Adam & Eve                           (4,100 BC approx)
3.  Cain & Abel                           (4,000 BC)
4.  The Wicked                           (2,400 BC)
5.  The Flood  & Noah             (2,350 BC)

Mesopotamia & the Beginning of Civilizations

6. The Chaldeans & Abram                      (2,170 BC)

7. The Canaanites, Isaac & Rebekah (2,026 BC)
8. The Israelites, Jacob & Esau              (2,000 BC)
9. Jacob Returns                                             (1,920 BC)
10. Joseph                                                           (1,915 BC)

* Day 2-
+Add information for each of the 10 pages you made on Day 1.
You may write things you can remember…quotes…draw pictures, etc.
Add in any of the activities you tried on the proper page :
Cuneiform (pictures), Recipes, etc.
You also could use/expand on your outlines from the reading
(cut & paste pictures, bubble notes, or bullet points…)

*Day 3-
+ Review the 10 index cards.  Candy Quiz on these today !

+Write a short paper from your reading outlines.
This will be the final assignment for this study.
Include it behind the cover page in your binder.

*Be sure to check out the Book List ,  FREE Printable History Cards,
and 21 Fascinating Facts- History Starters for this study !

stack of books and kid reading history book list      Printables for Ancient History      ancient civilizations art and ruins


Free World History Curriculum Part 2: Ancient Egypt*

ancient egypt free homeschooling history curriculum     Ancient Egypt Printable History Cards

–>  Below are affiliate links.  There will NOT be any additional charge to you if you click to Amazon through these links, but I will make a small commission if you do !  So thanks ahead for supporting my work !  🙂


*4 Core Books-

*Other Recommended Ancient World History Resources (Just for Fun!)

Be sure to follow my Ancient History Pinterest Boards too !  

I will be adding to them frequently.
* Ancient Civilizations Board
* Ancient Egypt Board
* Ancient Greece Board
* Ancient Rome Board
* Middle Ages Board
Lots of free ideas and activities to add to these units.

And be sure to check out my full list of ABSOLUTE FAVORITE living books and resources for making ancient world history come ALIVE !!

Middle Ages & the Renaissance Book List
Ancient Rome Book List
Ancient Greece Book List

Ancient Egypt Book List 
Ancient Civilizations & the Old Testament Book List


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