Ancient Egypt Printable Bundle


Ancient Egypt History- Printable BUNDLE !

Everything you need to learn all about the amazing ancient Egyptians!!
Just PRINT & GO !
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What’s included?
+Ancient Egypt History Curriculum PDF Version
+Ancient Egypt Printable History Cards
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt PDF Version


+Ancient Egypt History Curriculum-Printable PDF Version
28 page printable PDF companion for the Free Ancient Egypt History Curriculum .
Includes the entire curriculum in printable PDF format (with live links), AND extra printable planners, field trip ideas, week at a glance, and more!

+Ancient Egypt Printable History Cards
History should never be dull !  Use these Ancient Egypt Printable History Cards to add to the learning fun !
Made specifically to go along with Fields of Daisies  FREE Ancient Egypt History Curriculum,  use these cards to discover all of the exciting People, Places, and Events of Egypt!  The 10 event cards are made for the larger size (4×6) index cards, and the people and places cards will nicely fit on the smaller (3×5) index cards.  There are two sets of the event cards included.  The first set is black and white for coloring, or for younger children.  The second set has the same events, and is done in light hues for quick printing.  I have also included some extra blank “cards” for anything else you might like to add in.  You will also find lots of FUN suggestions to use these cards for games, races, review days, notebooking, and more !

+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt Printable PDF Version
Start each lesson  of your Ancient Egypt History Unit with one of these amazing facts and get EXCITED about learning this year! If your child (or you) dreads another boring history study, I dare you to read these surprising and unbelievable true stories of Ancient Egypt!  And some bonus facts to go along with the week spent on Ancient China too. This quick printable PDF guide was made to use with theFREE Ancient Egypt History Curriculum.

While I make every effort to keep the live links updated and current, it is probable that you will find some broken links in the PDF Versions, as websites are constantly changing.  If you need other suggestions for a link that isn’t working, please feel free to email me and I’ll find you an alternative.



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