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Free world history curriculum – Part 2 Ancient Egypt

Free World History Curriculum- Part 2:  Ancient Egypt

Welcome back to the latest post on Free Ancient World History !

This section will cover many of the Pharaohs, the geography of ancient Egypt, the Great Pyramids, Moses, more about Joseph in Egypt, the Midianites, and of course, MUMMIES !  I briefly covered some history of Ancient China as well-  stay tuned for an entire post on this soon!
For an introduction to this curriculum and how you can adapt it to all your needs, start below with my first post in this series-
 “Free Chronological World History Plan” .

Free Homeschool History Curriculum

If you’re working your way through this curriculum, Part 1 in this series is-
Free Ancient World History Curriculum Part 1:
Ancient Civilizations and the Old Testament

FREE Ancient World History Curriculum


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Just to make finding everything easy from any of these pages, I am including below, each unit I’ve posted (in chronological order), and the supplemental book lists for the previous & subsequent sections as well.  These books are NOT required for the studies… they’re just my favorite resources (most I’ve personally used).  You will find the few required books for the curriculum included on each unit’s curriculum page.

*Section 1:  Ancient Civilizations & the Old Testament
+FREE History of Ancient Civilizations/Old Testament Curriculum Lesson Plans
+FREE Ancient Civilizations / Old Testament Printable History Cards
+Ancient Civilizations/OT Printable PDF Version
+FREE 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Civilizations
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Civilizations Printable PDF 
+Ancient Civilizations/OT Great Books Reading List
+Ancient Civilizations/OT History BUNDLE

*Section 2: Ancient Egypt  (includes Ancient China)
+FREE History of Ancient Egypt/China Curriculum Lesson Plans
+Ancient Egypt/China Curriculum Printable PDF Version
+Ancient Egypt Printable History Cards
+FREE 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt Printable PDF Version
+Ancient Egypt/China Great Books List !
+Ancient Egypt History Bundle

*Section 3:  Ancient Greece
+FREE History of Ancient Greece Curriculum Lesson Plans
+ Ancient Greece History Curriculum- Printable PDF
+ Printable Ancient Greece History Cards

Ancient Greece Books and Resources List
+FREE 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Greece- History Starters
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Greece-  PDF Version
*Ancient Greece History BUNDLE

*Section 4:  Ancient Rome
+FREE History of Ancient Rome Curriculum Lesson Plans
+ Ancient Rome History Curriculum- Printable PDF
Ancient Rome Books and Resources List
+Printable Ancient Rome History Cards
+FREE 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Rome-  History Starters

+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Rome-  PDF Version
*Ancient Rome History BUNDLE

*Section 5: Middle Ages & the Renaissance
+ FREE History of the Middle Ages Lessons Plans
+ Middle Ages History Curriculum-  Printable PDF

Books and Resources List
+ Printable Middle Ages History Cards
+ FREE 21 30 Fascinating Facts About the Middle Ages
+21 30 Fascinating Facts About the Middle Ages Printable PDF 
+Middle Ages History BUNDLE


*NEW 2020 !

ancient history fields of daisies  Homeschool Ancient History Printables ancient history for kids

+Ancient History Curriculum Series PDF Version-  BUNDLE
+Ancient History Curriculum Series Printable History Cards-  BUNDLE
+COMPLETE Ancient History BUNDLE

*If you are continuing on to American History after the Ancients, I’ve got that covered too!
You can find the next part in this series here –>
Free Early American History CurriculumFree Modern American History

columbus discovers america native americans and the revolutionary war free early american history curriculum     american flags at arlington martin luther king space race and red poppies American History curriculum cover

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*Ancient Egypt History Curriculum

1. Khufu- The Great Pyramid         (2500 BC)
2. Joseph                                            (1900 BC)
3. Joseph & Potiphar                       (1878 BC)
4. Shang Dynasty/China                 (1860 BC)
5. Queen Hatshepsut                       (1505 BC)
6. Moses                                             (1505 BC)
7. The Exodus
8. Pharaoh Akhenaten & Nefertiti     (1366 BC)

*Note:   You can find a really good article on the difficulties with dating Ancient Egypt and the Biblical events of that time —>   HERE 

*Overview of Lessons for this section:

*Week 1   Pyramids & Pharaohs
*Week 2-  Joseph in Egypt
*Week 3-  Mummies & Egyptian Life
*Week 4–  Shang Dynasty/China
*Week 5-  Moses & The Exodus
*Week 6-  Read It !
*Week7-   Explore It !  Week
(explanation at beginning of plans for this week)
*Week 8-  Notebook It ! Week/ Show What You Know Week
(explanation at beginning of plans for this week)

–> If you missed it above, click   HERE  for the Printable PDF version of this curriculum-

ancient egyptian images


+ Be able to sequence ancient Egypt cards (and OT cards)
–>You can make your own cards, or print out THESE .
I made them to go with this curriculum specifically, but also have included
blank cards so that you can add in any extra events, people, or places
you’d like !
Ancient Egypt Printable History Cards
If you missed the Ancient Civilizations / Old Testament History Cards,
you can find them   HERE   (and they’re FREE !!)

+ Be able to tell at least 3 facts about each card
+ Be able to describe the geography of Egypt including terms we’ve studied
(delta, desert, etc )
+ Be able to locate Egypt on a map.
+ Be able to find the Nile River, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea
+ Be able to define:
– pyramids             – pharaoh             – mummy
– Sphinx                  -hieroglyphics     -shaduf
-rosetta stone        – plagues               -dynasty
-exodus                    -monotheism      -polytheism
**This list is best when your child makes it himself/herself !
Add words to this list as you read.  You will also find more in the vocabulary suggestions below !

+Be able to describe what the government was like and name some of the well known leaders of this age.
+Be able to describe what a day in the life of a child living in ancient Egypt would be like
+Be able to retell the stories of Joseph and Moses and why they were important to the history of Egypt
+Be able to recognize art from this period
+Add at least one page per event to your binder
(be sure you are including important people and the arts!)

**WHAT is a history binder/notebook?**
You will see mentions in this series to add pages to your “history binder”.  So what do I mean?
Here is how we made ours…
As we studied through each section of history, we each kept our own 3-ring binder-  an ‘all in one place’  type of timeline.  We filled the binders with fun facts, history related coloring pages, drawings, print outs, etc… each page with a date on the bottom (or at least stuck in the appropriate “period” of history).  We even added brochures from the art museum and other field trips that tied into our ancient studies!  In planning out our year, I also included biographies of important people, great artists, musicians, authors, scientists, etc. as applicable, and added them into the binder as well.  The suggestions you will find under “People”, “Places”, “Events”, and “Vocabulary” all would make great page headings to include in these binders.  As you flip through your binders to add pages, it is an automatic visual review of how these things fit together in a chronological history of our world.  The Printable History Cards also make a great addition!
Scroll down to WEEK 7 in this section to read some more ideas of what to add to your binders!

Do you have to use a history binder?
No.  You could make a huge timeline on the wall, or you could simply keep a notebook with tabs for vocabulary, important people and places, etc… This curriculum is meant to simply give you an outline to work from.  Add or take away whatever you want to make this a perfect fit for YOUR family!

*How often should we “do” history?
Below is an outline of reading/activities for a three day schedule.
REMEMBER- I have included “Read”, “Watch”, and “Explore” suggestions for different ages.  You aren’t required to do ALL of the suggestions.  You could easily change this to a 5 day schedule by using the lessons as a spine and building it into a unit study (you can read HOW TO do this in the first post in this series- “Ancient World History- Teach All Ages at Once“)… you could also stretch this to a 5 day schedule by adding in some great hands on activities, more read alouds, and choosing to complete all of the suggested learning avenues.
Imagine doing Art/Discovery Projects on the other two “off” days that are related to the era…making mummies, going on an archeological dig in your backyard, or cooking meals that would have been eaten by people of this time!  The possibilities are endless and so much FUN !!!

I will include the names and links to the books, movies, etc… used in these lessons at the bottom of this page (also you can find them in the Ancient Egyptian History Books/Resources List !  We read many GREAT historical fiction books for “Language Arts” during this study.  This is a great way to have lots of time to ENJOY reading and cover two “subject areas” at once.  It also makes these lessons super easy to use for ALL YOUR CHILDREN!

I used 2 main history books
as the spine for the entire Free Ancient World History Curriculum series-
A Child’s History of the World” by Virgil Hillyer (you’ll see it in the lessons as -> CHOW), and The Story of the World” series by Susan Wise Bauer (abbreviated in the lessons- SOTW).   HOWEVER, these (and all the other books I listed) are just a suggestion.  You can use one of them, all of them, another text you already have, or none of them at all!  Each daily lesson has TONS of online reading links, hands-on project suggestions, and  other options to fully explore the given topic

children's books ancient Egypt history

Teaching All Ages At Once-

The  lessons I have written in this series are after parental review, meant to be self directed for middle school ages .  But if you are using this for multiple ages like I did, I simply read the Story of the World out loud, as well as our Bible study, and some of the other historical fiction at times.  I have included a few “extra” books at the bottom of this page for younger readers and they can always be included in the hands on activities. The Old Testament Days Activity Book is my favorite for ideas that can be leveled up or made a bit more simple, but enjoyed by all!!

My “little” often colored pages to put in her own timeline binder while I read!  I was always amazed at how much she absorbed just by listening !!  You can find lots  of FREE  printable coloring and activity pages from Calvary Curriculum that go along perfectly with the daily plans below.  They have lessons, printable coloring and activity pages, etc for preschool through about 6th grade !  Who doesn’t like to color while listening to a great book after all ?!?  They are great to add in to the timeline binders for the big kids as well 🙂

And everyone loves TRIVIA!  If you think your family would enjoy starting each of the lessons below, check out this post (it’s all FREE by the way)-  21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt

egyptian mummy, pyramid, cartouche, camel ancient egypt history facts.


*Vocabulary Notebook- add to this list as you go!
(See the explanation in the notes above)
+tyranny           +delegation          +expulsion          +baffled
+conspire         +regent                  +cultivate            +fertile
+exodus            +dynasty               +akhet                   +barter
+mastaba         +scribe                   +shemu                +vizier
+papyrus          +flax                         +relief                   +oasis
+ka                      +shaduf                  +dynasty

*People & Places Notebook- add to this list as you go !
+Menes                        +Khufu (Cheops)     +Amenhotep
+Abram/Sarai            +Khafre                       +Thutmose II
+Nefertiti                     +Joseph                       +Jacob
+Shang Tang              +Hatshepsut             +Akhenaten
+Tutankhamen         +Moses                        +Thutmose III
+Mizraim                      +Amon Ra                  +Israel
+Ramses II                  +Adon                          +Hittities
+Moses                         +The Two Lands     +Cushites
+Assyrians                   +Midianites               +Hyksos
+Zoser                            +Thebes                     +Giza
+Goshen                        +Memphis                 +Hermopolis
+Canaan                        +Luxor                         +Alexandria
+Valley of the Kings

*NOTE:  If you’d like to use the Bible as a text for this study each day here are some corresponding chapters.   I listed them with the number of the section (1-7) .  There is also a link to a   Chronological Illustrated Bible below that is helpful !

1. Khufu- The Great Pyramid
2. Joseph
 (Genesis 37 )

3. Joseph & Potiphar
(Genesis 39-41)

4. Queen Hatshepsut
   (Exodus 24:12-40)

5. Moses
 (Exodus 2-4; 7-12)

6. The Exodus
 (Exodus 13-15)

7. Pharaoh Akhenaten & Nefertiti
(Numbers 13-14; Joshua 3-4 and 6)

*WEEK 1 :  Pyramids & Pharaohs

*Day 1- The Land of Egypt

“Great Civilizations”  p. 24-27
-“A Child’s History of the World
Chapter 6-  The Puzzle Writers in Egypt

The Ancient Egyptian Civilization
The Great Nile River
The Cities of Ancient Egypt
The Three Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt
Maps of Ancient Egypt  (these are good to have handy while you read!)
Ancient Egyptian Government
What Is the Rosetta Stone ?
Mystery of the Rosetta Stone 

Ancient Egypt 101    (about 7 minutes)
A Kid Explains Ancient Egypt   (great intro for younger students!)
 The History of Ancient Egypt
Egypt- A Journey Down the Nile
(about 20 minutes- good to understand both ancient and modern Egypt)
The Secret of Khufu and the Great Pyramids
Discovery Education: Journals Through Ancient Egypt  (younger)
Walk Like An Egyptian Song 
(Learn about ancient Egypt with this fun remake!)
How the Rosetta Stone Unlocked Hieroglyphics  (about 2 minutes)

Explore Ancient Egypt    (Interactive)
Interactive Timeline of Ancient Egypt
DK FindOut!  Ancient Egypt   (good for younger students)
Play Ancient Egypt Nile File
Ancient Egypt Interactive Game 
Take a Virtual Field Trip to Ancient Egypt
Magic School Bus- Ancient Egypt Interactive 

*Day 2-
Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

-“The Story of the World- Vol 1.
Chapter 4- The Old Kingdom of Egypt
-“A Child’s History of the World
Chapter 7-  The Tomb Builders

Egyptian Pyramids
The Tombs of Ancient Egypt
-The Great Pyramid at Giza
Who Was Howard Carter ?
What is the Valley of the Kings?
-Mapping the Sphinx(includes interactive map)

The Pyramids of Egypt     (about 6 minutes)
Who Built the Pyramids ?
How Were the Pyramids Built ?
The Great Pyramid of Giza   (about 2 minutes)

Ancient Giza Pyramids   (Explore online!)
The Three Pyramids Game !
The Great Pyramid Builder Challenge   (interactive game)
360* Virtual Tour of Ancient Egypt Collection
DK FindOut!  The Great Sphinx   (good for younger kids)
Egyptian Tomb Adventure

+ Add this section’s vocabulary words to history notebook (in vocabulary section)

*Day 3- Pharaohs and Kings of Ancient Egypt

“The Story of the World- Vol 1”
Chapter 4- The Old Kingdom of Egypt

Who Were the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt ?
The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs
 Crowns of the Pharaohs
Who Was Tutankhamun ?
King Tut
Amenhotep III
Ramses II
KING Hatshepsut ? 
Thutmose III

5 Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs (about 9 minutes)
King Tut and His Treasurers   (about 5 minutes)
The Life of Queen Hatshepsut   (about 17 minutes)

Tutankhamun’s Gallery   (Interactive Museum)
DK FindOut!  Cleopatra 
Explore More!  Pharaohs, Kings, & Queens of Ancient Egypt
Find the Pharaoh’s Fragments    (Interactive Game)

+Finish Vocabulary

*WEEK 2: Abram, Joseph, and the Jewish People 

If you used the Ancient Civilizations/Old Testament Curriculum, you will notice that the lessons this week will overlap/review a bit of the same information, with a greater emphasis/connection on Egypt.  The reading, videos, etc… are NOT the same as those found in Part 1 of this series.

*Day 1- Abram

-“A Child’s History of the World
Chapter 9-  The Jews Search For a Home
(You may skip this if you read it in the Ancient Civilizations Curriculum, or you may want to skim for review)
“The Story of the World- Vol 1”
Chapter 12- The Middle Kingdom of Egypt

Abraham and Sarah Go to Egypt
The Land of Egypt and the Bible  (good for younger students)
Pharaohs of the Bible  (best for older students)
Ancient Egypt and the Bible
Who Was Sarah ?

Abram and the Pharaoh   (animated- about 8 minutes)
The Story of Abraham    (about 25 minutes)

Map of Ancient Egypt in Abraham’s Lifetime
Abram and Sarai Visit Egypt

a “People” page for your binder today.  Be creative.
Use the list and be sure to include each name in some way on your page.

*Day 2- Joseph in Egypt

-“The Ancient Egyptians”  p. 4-13
-“Usbourne:  World History”  p. 14-15

Who Was Joseph ?
Joseph & His Brothers
Joseph In Egypt  &  Joseph Becomes Governor
Joseph’s Brothers Come to Egypt & Jacob and Family Go to Egypt
What is a Vizier ?
Egyptian Pharaoh Facts and Joseph
Joseph and the Egyptian Pharaohs
From Prison to the Palace-  Joseph’s Story
Joseph in Egypt   (for younger students)
Archaeology- Joseph in Egypt


Joseph in Egypt
(Interesting brief video about the evidence for the Biblical Joseph)
Joseph & His Brothers    (Animated- about 30 minutes)
Animated Stories From the Bible- Joseph in Egypt  (about 28 minutes)
Joseph and the Pharaoh   (about 28 minutes)
-This would be a fun day to watch these classics!  Can you spot any factual errors?  Great activity to help everyone stay thinking while watching these movies!   *I’ve listed the movies with links to watch instantly on Amazon Prime (very inexpensive), but you might also find them at your local library.
Joseph: King of Dreams and The Prince of Egypt


-Test your knowledge of Joseph and Ancient Egypt- Online quiz
-Try one of these Learning Games
Interactive Bible Timeline    (This is SO good !!)

*Day 3-
The Jewish People

– “The Ancient Egyptians”  p. 14-16
-“Usbourne:  World History”  p. 33-35;  38-39
“The Story of the World- Vol 1”
Chapter 13- The New Kingdom of Egypt
Joseph and the People, Israel
Abraham and the Jewish People
The History of the Jewish People
Abram, Israel, and Jesus
Israel’s Enslavement

Mesopotamia to Egypt:  The Jewish People
(You have to make a free account to watch past the 5 minute mark, but even the beginning is quite detailed!)
Jacob and the 12 Tribes of Israel  (3 minutes)
The House of Israel   (If you are interested in a good visual, Biblical account, this is great for older students !)

+Make a “Places” page for your binder.
Be creative.  Use the list and be sure to include each place in some way on your page.

*Week 3- Mummies & Life in Ancient Egypt


*Day 1-  Daily Life of the Ancient Egyptians


-“The Story of the World- Vol. 1”  p. 81-97
-“The Ancient Egyptians”-  p.  28-47
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
What Was Life Like for the  Ancient Egyptians ?
Day to Day Life of the Ancient Egyptians
(best for older students-quite in depth- about 51 minutes)
Children in Ancient Egypt
Games and Fun in Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Food
Science & Inventions 
Egyptian Games

+ Watch-
Daily Life of Ancient Egypt       (about 5 minutes)
14 Strange Ways of Egyptian Life   (about 10 minutes)
Daily Life & Death in the Valley of the Kings
(Part 1- about 1 hour… best for older students)
Foods of Ancient Egypt  (about 3 minutes)

Play the Temple Stores Game
Dress Like An Egyptian
Land of the Egyptians
A Day in the Life of an Egyptian Priest
Hathor’s Hidden Treasures Game


*Day 2- Mummies & the Afterlife

-“The Ancient Egyptians”  p. 20-25
-“Usbourne:  World History”     p. 20-21;  18-19
You Wouldn’t Want to Be An Egyptian Mummy           (WebBook- so fun !!)
What Did the Ancient Egyptians Believe ?
What Egyptians Believed about the Afterlife
Mummies and the Afterlife
The gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt
What is a Canopic Jar ?
How a Mummy is Made
What is a Catouche ?

+ Watch-
How Were Mummies Made ?
Mummies at the Met   (about 2 minutes)
-How to Make a Mummy  (from NatGeo Kids)
Mummification Process
(From the Getty Museum- using images of one of their exhibits !  About 3 minutes)

+ Explore-
Virtual Museum Tour of Egyptian Mummy Masks Exhibit
Mummy Maker Interactive Game
Interactive Mummy Maker
Explore the Secrets of 8 Mummies
Play Escape From the Mummy’s Tomb
Smithsonian Kids Explore- Ancient Egypt
Solve the 9 Clues to Reveal the Mummy

*Day 3-
Government & the Kingdoms of Egypt


“The Ancient Egyptians”    p. 26-27; 48-59
Law & Order in Ancient Egypt
The Old Kingdom
The Middle Kingdom
The New Kingdom    and   Persian Rule
What Happened to the Ancient Egyptians ?
Egyptian Army & Soldiers

Government & Rule   (about 5 minutes)
The Old Kingdom   (about 19 minutes- Hip Hughes…best for older students)
The Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt  (about 10 minutes…power point video)
The Old Kingdom … the Middle Kingdom… The New Kingdom
(These are all from To watch them in full you are required to make a free student account!)

Interactive History of Ancient Egypt
Time Periods of Egypt Interactive
Audio Tour of Egypt
Play Ancient Egypt Jeopardy

*Week 4-  Ancient China/Shang Dynasty

*Note: If you are wondering what in the world a week on Ancient China is doing in the middle of an Ancient Egypt curriculum, you probably aren’t alone !   The span of time this civilization encompasses, and all of it’s contributions to our world is amazing!  It is also quite remarkable how many similarities in culture these two ancients share.   I plan on adding Ancient China as it’s own section at some point, but didn’t want to omit it for those working through this series now.    

*Day 1- Ancient China

-“The Story of the World- Vol. 1
Chapter 10-  The Far East;  Ancient China

Introduction to Ancient China
Ancient China’s Geography 
What Was the Silk Road ?
Surprising Similarities Between Ancient Egypt & China
The True Story of Mulan
Inventions and Technology of the Ancient Chinese
and  More Inventions of the Chinese  🙂

+ Watch-
– “Journals Through Ancient History-  Ancient China” (animated)
Ancient Chinese History   (about 4 minutes)
History of the Great Wall (about 3 minutes)
Inventions & Discoveries of Ancient China
(You will notice there are many items that overlap- like the toothbrush, paper & written language!   What do you think?   About 12 minutes)
Ancient China –  History Explained  (Hip Hughes)

DK FindOut!  Ancient China
Interactive Timeline of Ancient China
Where In China Is …?  Interactive Game
Along the Silk Road  Interactive   (for younger students)
Silk Road Fables   (for younger students)
The Great Wall – DK FindOut!

*Day 2-
Daily Life in Ancient China

-“Usbourne:  World History”     p. 74-79
Daily Life for a Child in Ancient China
What Did the People of Ancient China Believe ?
Where Did People Live ?
What Did People Wear ?
Ancient Occupations   and  Education
The Importance of Tea
The Chopstick
**You may also like to include a section on the major religions of Ancient China as well.   It was just too much to add into this section.

Life in Ancient China  -Before Toilet Paper! Gasp!  (about 9 minutes)
Daily Life For the Ancient Chinese  (about 5 minutes)

Where is China?  Interactive Game
Play Chinese Checkers Online
-Try playing the Chinese game Mahjong
Explore Workshops of Ancient China 
Take a Virtual Tour of Ancient Chinese Art 

*Day 3-
The Shang Dynasty

What is a Dynasty ?
Ancient China’s “First” Dynasty   
The Shang Dynasty (good for all ages to learn from…animated from BBC)
What Was it Like to Live In the Shang Dynasty ?
What Jobs Did People Have During the Shang Dynasty?
What Are Oracle Bones ?
10 Facts About the Shang Dynasty 

Ancient China/Shang Dynasty Song  (about 4 minutes)
How the Shang Invented Writing  (about 4 minutes)
Shang Dynasty Through Artifacts     (about 4 minutes)

Can You Read Shang ?
Explore China By Dynasty
Know Your Dynasties
Interactive Shang Dynasty Quiz
Who Was Fu Hao ?
Interactive Timeline of Shang Dynasty

*Week 5- Moses & The Exodus

*Note:  There are 2 books recommended by my kids that fit perfectly with this week’s lesson.  You could replace the online reading suggestions with these or for those who love to read, do it all !
“Trouble Times Ten”  OR  “Ruled Out”


*Day 1-
Israel in Egypt

-“The Ancient Egyptians”
   p. 60-61
“The Story of the World- Vol 1”
Chapter 14- The Israelites Leave Egypt

“Trouble Times Ten”   OR  “Ruled Out”
Israel’s Enslavement
Bondage In Israel
Who Was the Pharaoh Who “Knew Not Joseph”?
Evidence of Israel in Slavery in Egypt

–  The Story of Moses and the Exodus
The Exodus Explored   (about 8 minutes)
Exodus    (from the Bible Project –  about 6 minutes)
Israel in Egypt   (about 3 minutes)

The Israelites Journey from Egypt to Mt. Sinai   (Interactive)

*Day 2-

“Trouble Times Ten”   OR  “Ruled Out”
Who Was Moses ?

Heroes of the Bible- Moses   (full length movie- 1 hour)
Moses in Midian     (about 6 minutes)

Play the Moses Adventure

*Day 3- The Exodus

“Trouble Times Ten”   OR  “Ruled Out”
The 10 Plagues
The Exodus
Archaeology of the Exodus
Map of the Exodus   (printable)
Who Were the 12 Spies ?

The Exodus     (about 30 minutes)
The 10 Plagues   (scene from The Prince of Egypt- about 3 minutes)
10 Plagues of Egypt   
(NOTE: from National Geographic- looking for explanations-35 minutes)
Moses at the Red Sea    (scene from The Ten Commandments- 9 minutes)
The Red Sea Crossing Explored    (about 4 minutes)
The Promised Land Explored   (about 5 minutes)
The Land of Canaan & the Nation of Israel 
(If you want to go just a bit farther into the history of Israel-
about 30 minutes)

Map of Moses and the Exodus

*Week 6-  Read It !

*Note:  This week is intended to fully ENJOY this topic through reading.  Relaxed, but focused !  You could read one longish historical fiction book (or several),  or for those students who prefer visual learning, you could stock them up with a basket of great resource books from the library.
We read  “Tirzah”

My idea behind having a week like this, is so that my children would be able to
JUST READ !   No strings attached.    It would be a great week to start on the pages for notebooks as well if you haven’t already (see Week 6).  The reading might fire up some pretty creative ideas for notebook pages too!
You can find lots of suggestions for all types of great books in my
Great Books for Ancient Egypt Book List

Ancient Egypt Book List 

*Week 7-  Ancient Egypt…Explore It More !  
(explanation at beginning of plans for this week)

*Day 1- 
   Explore More – Online  !

+ Explore the Pyramids !   (Interactive)
+ Egyptian Tomb Adventure  (Virtual Field Trip)
+ Everything Ancient Egypt    (LOVE this site !  Try the hieroglyphic typewriter activity!)
+ Ancient Egypt for Kids    (Links to TONS of sites to EXPLORE more !)
+ The Great Pyramid    (Get a REAL view of the Great Pyramid at Giza as it is TODAY!
Googlemaps view)
+ Take a Journey Down the Nile   (YouTube)
+ Test Your Knowledge of Ancient Egypt   (interactive)

*Day 2 & 3-  Hands On!  Try It !  (All free ideas online)

+ Make an Egyptian Scarab Necklace   (from
+ Make a Pharaoh Headress with this free printable template  (from
+ Make a Canopic Jar  (from
+ Make a Mummified Chicken  (ok…a rubber chicken.  This post made me laugh !  Always good things to find at )
+ Make your own Senet Game     (Great DIY idea ! from
+ Make your own Cartouche     (from
Make Your Own Mehen Board
+ Try some Egyptian Recipes :
Ancient Egyptian Date Cakes
Joseph’s Egyptian Breakfast
Egyptian Flatbread
Pharoah’s Molokhia Soup
An Entire Egyptian Feast  !   (LOVE this from )
An Ancient Chinese Dinner 
Read about Chinese Tea Customs and Practice !

*Week 8-  Ancient Egypt Notebook It ! /
Show What You Know Week

(explanation at beginning of plans for this week)

*Day 1-

+Make a cover page for this section to add to your binder.
Be sure to put a line across the bottom of the page and note our “beginning date”.

+Make a history page for each of the 7 sections .
This can be print outs, coloring sheets, or hand written pages.  BE CREATIVE!
(Again, be sure to add the timeline date line at the bottom of each page)

1. Khufu- The Great Pyramid (2500 BC)
2. Joseph                                        (1900 BC)
3. Joseph & Potiphar                 (1878 BC)
4. Shang Dynasty/China          (1860 BC)
5.  Queen Hatshepsut               (1505 BC)
6. Moses                                          (1505 BC)
7. The Exodus
8. Pharaoh Akhenaten & Nefertiti    (1366 BC)

* Day 2-

+Add information for each of the 7 pages you made on Day 1.
You may write things you can remember…quotes…draw pictures, etc.
Add in any of the activities you tried on the proper page :
Cartouche (pictures), Recipes from Ancient China, etc.
You also could use/expand on your outlines from the reading
(cut & paste pictures, bubble notes, or bullet points…)

Ancient Egypt Maps, Coloring Pages, and other Printables
(These would be great to add to your pages above or just to your notebook!!)
FREE Ancient China Lapbook !!   (from Homeschool Share)
+FREE Maps and Notebooking Pages for Ancient China (from Homeschool Den)

*Day 3-

+ Review the 7 index cards… remember you can make them yourself, or you can purchase the ones I made in the Book Store, or by clicking the image below.

Ancient Egypt Printable History Cards
+ Do a Candy Quiz on these today !

*You can find the entire series of Printable Ancient History Cards and also the entire FREE Ancient History Curriculum in Printable PDF Versions in these Bundles !

ancient history for kids         ancient history fields of daisies

Free World History Curriculum
Part 3: Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Unit FREE Homeschooling !    ancient greece ruins history for kids
Ancient Greek people and places

–>  Below are affiliate links.  There will NOT be any additional charge to you if you click to Amazon through these links, but I will make a small commission if you do !  So thanks ahead for supporting my work !  🙂


*4 Core Books-  (Only ONE new book)

*Other Recommended Ancient World History Resources (Just for Fun!)

Be sure to follow my Ancient History Pinterest Boards too !  

I will be adding to them frequently.
* Ancient Civilizations Board
* Ancient Egypt Board
* Ancient Greece Board
* Ancient Rome Board
* Middle Ages Board
Lots of free ideas and activities to add to these units.

And be sure to check out my full list of ABSOLUTE FAVORITE living books and resources for making ancient world history come ALIVE !!

Middle Ages & the Renaissance Book List
Ancient Rome Book List
Ancient Greece Book List

Ancient Egypt Book List 
Ancient Civilizations & the Old Testament Book List


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