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The History of Ancient Greece

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This section will cover the beginning of Greek Culture, the first Olympic games, the Peloponnesian War, Alexander the Great, and lots more !
For an introduction to this curriculum and how you can adapt it to all your needs, start below with the first post in this series-
“Free  World History Curriculum- Teach All Ages At Once” .

Free Homeschool History Curriculum


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*Section 1:  Ancient Civilizations & the Old Testament
+FREE History of Ancient Civilizations/Old Testament Curriculum Lesson Plans
+FREE Ancient Civilizations / Old Testament Printable History Cards
+Ancient Civilizations/OT Printable PDF Version
+FREE 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Civilizations
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Civilizations Printable PDF 
+Ancient Civilizations/OT Great Books Reading List
+Ancient Civilizations/OT History BUNDLE

*Section 2: Ancient Egypt  (includes Ancient China)
+FREE History of Ancient Egypt/China Curriculum Lesson Plans
+Ancient Egypt/China Curriculum Printable PDF Version
+Ancient Egypt Printable History Cards
+FREE 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt Printable PDF Version
+Ancient Egypt/China Great Books List !
+Ancient Egypt History Bundle

*Section 3:  Ancient Greece
+FREE History of Ancient Greece Curriculum Lesson Plans
+ Ancient Greece History Curriculum- Printable PDF
+ Printable Ancient Greece History Cards

Ancient Greece Books and Resources List
+FREE 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Greece- History Starters
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Greece-  PDF Version
*Ancient Greece History BUNDLE

*Section 4:  Ancient Rome
+FREE History of Ancient Rome Curriculum Lesson Plans
+ Ancient Rome History Curriculum- Printable PDF
Ancient Rome Books and Resources List
+Printable Ancient Rome History Cards
+FREE 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Rome-  History Starters

+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Rome-  PDF Version
*Ancient Rome History BUNDLE

*Section 5: Middle Ages & the Renaissance
+ FREE History of the Middle Ages Lessons Plans
+ Middle Ages History Curriculum-  Printable PDF

Books and Resources List
+ Printable Middle Ages History Cards
+ FREE 21 30 Fascinating Facts About the Middle Ages
+21 30 Fascinating Facts About the Middle Ages Printable PDF 
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*If you are continuing on to American History after the Ancients,  I’ve got that covered too!
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    Ancient Greece Unit FREE Homeschooling !ancient greece characters, ancient greek art

*NEW- Just added a Printable PDF version of this curriculum !  No ads or images to scroll through!
Great for quick reference and planning offline.  21 pages includes the Ancient Greece Curriculum, planners, field trip ideas, and more!   You might also enjoy this other FREE companion to this study  -> HERE <-

Facts about Ancient Greece



*Ancient Greece History Timeline

1. Beginning of Greek Culture              (1400 BC)
2. Trojan War  (Myth or Fact)              (1200 BC)
3. Greek Alphabet                                   (1050 BC)
4. First Olympic Games                        (  776 BC)
5. Iliad Composed/Mythology            (  700 BC)
6. Golden Age of Athens                      (  500 BC)
7. Peloponnesian War                          (404-363 BC)
8. Alexander/Macedonian Rule         ( 146 BC)
9. Rome Conquers Greece                   (  146 BC)

*Overview of Lessons for this section:

*Week 1  The Ancient Greeks & “The Trojan War”
*Week 2-  Ancient Writing
*Week 3-  Greek Civilization & Mythology
*Week 4–  The Peloponnesian War, Alexander the Great  and the Fall of Greece
*Week 5-  Explore It !  Week
(explanation at beginning of plans for this week)
*Week 6-  Read & Enjoy !
*Week 7-  Notebook It ! Week/ Show What You Know Week
(explanation at beginning of plans for this week)


+ Be able to sequence ancient Greece cards (and OT/Egypt cards)
+ Be able to tell at least 3 facts about each card
(I made some for you —>  CLICK  HERE
Ancient Greek people and places
+ Be able to describe the geography of Greece including terms we’ve studied
+ Be able to locate Greece and Crete on a map.   Can you also find Egypt ?
+ Be able to find the Aegean Sea, the Sea of Crete, and the Ionian Sea

+ Be able to define:  Add your own words as you study !
– Pericles                    -Acropolis                  -Athens/Sparta/Crete
-Socrates                     -agora                         -democracy
-discus                         -Plato                          -chiton/peplos
-column                       -Aristotle                    -Troy
-drachma                     -Aesop                        -amphora
-Alexander the Great                                    -Parthenon
-Homer                        -Cadueceus               -oracle
-chariot                        -epic                               -myth

+ Be able to describe what the government was like and name some of the well known leaders of this age.
+ Be familiar with and be able to chronicle these wars:  Persian  & Peloponnesian
+Be able to describe what a day in the life of a child living in ancient Greece would be like
+ Be able to recognize art from this period & discuss what sets it apart from other ancient art we’ve learned about
+ Be familiar with who Homer is.  Be able to discuss Greek mythology and why it was so important to the culture.
+ Add at least one page per event to your binder
(be sure you are including important people and the arts!)

**WHAT is a history binder/notebook?**
You will see mentions in this series to add pages to your “history binder”.  So what do I mean?
Here is how we made ours…
As we studied through each section of history, we each kept our own 3-ring binder-  an ‘all in one place’  type of timeline.  We filled the binders with fun facts, history related coloring pages, drawings, print outs, etc… each page with a date on the bottom (or at least stuck in the appropriate “period” of history).  We even added brochures from the art museum and other field trips that tied into our ancient studies!  In planning out our year, I also included biographies of important people, great artists, musicians, authors, scientists, etc. as applicable, and added them into the binder as well.  The suggestions you will find under “People”, “Places”, “Events”, and “Vocabulary” all would make great page headings to include in these binders.  As you flip through your binders to add pages, it is an automatic visual review of how these things fit together in a chronological history of our world.  The Printable History Cards also make a great addition!
Scroll down to WEEK 7 in this section to read some more ideas of what to add to your binders!
Do you have to use a history binder?
No.  You could make a huge timeline on the wall, or you could simply keep a notebook with tabs for vocabulary, important people and places, etc… This curriculum is meant to simply give you an outline to work from.  Add or take away whatever you want to make this a perfect fit for YOUR family!

You can use this curriculum to teach ALL you children at once !

Speaking of Teaching All Ages At Once-

The  lessons I have written in this series are meant to be self directed for middle school ages .  But if you are using this for multiple ages like I did, here’s how.
I simply read aloud, The Story of the World (SOTW) or A Child’s History of the World (CHOW)  (use whatever books you choose!) and usually another fun historical fiction book…did our related Bible study together…and tons of hands-on projects.  The rest of the reading/notebooking/watching/exploring more, they did on their own.
So what about the Littles ?
I have included a few extra books at the bottom of this page for younger children
(and also in the Book List).  There are appropriate YouTube videos in the “Watch” sections for each day’s lessons for them, and they can always be included in the hands-on activities.  Classical Kids:  An Activity Guide to Life in Ancient Greece & Rome for Kids is my favorite for ideas that can be leveled up, or made a bit more simple, but enjoyed by ALL !!
My “little” also LOVED to color pages to put in her own timeline binder while I read aloud!  I was often amazed at how much she absorbed just by listening !!  The “big kids” liked to color too.  😀

What’s Required ?
Really this is a self contained curriculum and it is totally FREE !
There are several “core” books that are included in the daily lessons, but you can choose not to use them and still have a pretty good overview of Ancient Greek History.
You may also like to double up on subjects by using some of the reading suggestions in the Ancient Greece Book List for  your “Language Arts” study.  This is a nice, gentle way to learn… and have lots of time to ENJOY reading.  Plus you will be covering two “subject areas” at once.   Great way to use these lessons for ALL YOUR CHILDREN!
If you are looking for great children’s literature for this study,
click on the Ancient Greek Great Books List to find my best suggestions for living books, exciting historical fiction for kids, history guides, hands-on activity books, movie suggestions, kits, and more !

anicent greece books

*How often should we “do” history?
Below is an outline of reading/activities for a three day schedule.
You do NOT have to complete ALL of the suggested reading, etc…I have included lots of choices for each day’s theme so that you can choose what is best for the ages of children you are teaching.  If your family loves history,  or more hours are required in your state, you could easily change these lessons to a 5 day schedule by doing more of the reading, spending extra time on the notebooks, adding in more of the hands-on activities.
Imagine doing Art/Discovery Projects on the other two “off” days that are related to the era… creating your own Greek myths, holding your own family olympic games, or cooking your very own Greek feast !  The possibilities are endless and so much FUN !!!


Ancient Greece Free History Curriculum

*Vocabulary Notebook-  remember to add your own words as you go!
+excavate       +philosophy     +aristocracy       +democracy
+chitons         +dowry              +oracle                +stoa
+agora            +mosaic             +symposium     +satire(satyr)
+drachma      +myth                +fable                 +epic
+monarchy   +Caesar              +legion               +frieze
+cornice        +colonnade       +column             +truce

*People & Places Notebook- suggestions
+Phoenicia                 +Minoans / Mycenaeans
+The Acropolis         +Plutarch             +Socrates
+Plato                         +Aristotle             +Zeus
+Athena                     +Persia                  +King Cyrus
+Pericles                    +Aesop                 +Herodotus
+The Parthenon       +Athens                +Sparta
+Euclid                       +Pythagoras        +Hippocrates
+Homer                      +Euripides          +Delphi
+Corinth                     +Rhodes              +Alexander the Great

*Bible Study Option
If you’d like to use the Bible as a text for this study each day, here are some corresponding chapters.   I listed them with the number of the section (1-7) .  There is also a link to   Chronological Illustrated Bible below too that is helpful !


1. Ruth & Naomi and  Gideon                  <Story of the “Trojan War”>
(Ruth 1-4; Judges 6-8)
2.  Samson, Samuel and  Saul                  <Homer>
(I Samuel 1-2:11; 3,8, and 15)
3.  Elijah & Elisha , Joel & Obadiah      <First Olympic Games;
The Golden Age of Greece>

(I Samuel 16 ; I and II Kings)
4. The Prophets                                       <Pythagoras, Buddha, Confucius, Aesop>
(Isaiah, Micah, Hosea, Hezekiah, Sennacherib, Nahum, Zephaniah)
(Daniel, Manasseh ,Ezekiel, Esther, Haggai, Zechariah, Nehemiah)
5. Malachi                                                    <Peloponnesian War>


WEEK 1 :  The Ancient Greeks & The Trojan War

*Day 1-

– “Story of the World- Vol 1” – Chapter 18: Life in Early Crete
Who Were the Ancient Greeks ?
What Was It Like to Live in Ancient Greece ?
Geography of Ancient Greece
Who Were the Mycenaeans ?
Who Were the Minoans ?
Who Were the Dorians ?
Introduction to Ancient Greece  (pdf of a section of a textbook)

 Ancient Greece 101  (National Geographic… 4 minutes)
– Geography and Early “Greece”  ( about 9 minutes)
Ancient Greece    (History Channel Documentary…45 minutes)
Ancient Greece in 18 Minutes

DK Find Out!  Ancient Greece
Explore Greece !
Interactive Ancient Greece Timeline  OR  Greek Timeline Online

+ Write-
– Add this section’s vocabulary words to history notebook
(in vocabulary section)

*Day 2-


– “The Ancient Greeks”    p. 4-9 ; 44-45
– “A Child’s History of the World”-  Chapter 11:  A Fairy Tale War
The Legend of the Trojan Horse
Who’s Homer?  And What’s An Iliad ?
The Iliad in a Nutshell
Listen to ‘The Iliad for Girls & Boys’     (read aloud)
Herodotus’ Trojan War   (A different take on things!  Written for students)

+ Watch-

Where Was Troy ?    (about 4 minutes)
–> A longer more detailed video-  The Lost World- Troy (about 50 minutes)
Did Ancient Troy Really Exist ?   (about 4 minutes)
How Did the Trojan War Begin ?     (Animated- about 2 minutes)
Is the Trojan Horse REALLY a Myth ?
(Good for older students- a bit graphic-Please PREVIEW !!
From PBS-about 50 minutes)

+ Explore-
The Siege of Troy
DK Find Out !  The Trojan War !
The Heroes of Troy …. In Song ?
(Super fun interactive- get your vocal cords warmed up !
Who says music theory and history can’t go together ?!)

*Day 3-

– “The Ancient Greeks”   p. 12-17;  30-33;  40-41
– “Story of the World- Vol.1”-  Chapter 19- The Early Greeks
– “A Child’s History of the World”-  Chapter 12-  The Kings of the Jews
Homer’s  ‘The Odyssey’ 
The Odyssey-  Heading Home
The Fall of Troy
The Man Who Found the Ancient Greek City of Troy
Queen Helen & Venus

“Is it Love?”  (Heroes of Troy…a musical adaptation from the BBC)
Truth of Troy    (from BBC- about 4 minutes)
The Odyssey in Brief   (animated …about 3 minutes)
Spark Notes – The Odyssey 
(also animated and a bit more detailed… about 6 minutes)

Helen of Troy  ,   Troy ,   The Wooden Horse
(Click  HERE  to see all of the Greek Myth stories!)
(FREE Audiobooks for Children !  Or you can read along …From Storynory)
DK Find Out!  The Trojan Horse
History Mystery-  The Trojan Horse 
DK Find Out !  The Odyssey

*WEEK 2 : The Amazing Greeks-
Ancient Writing and Inventions

*Day 1-

– “The Ancient Greeks”  p. 28-29
– ” Story of the World- Vol. 1″-  Chapter 20:  Greece Gets Civilized Again
The Ancient Greeks- Inventions !
Democracy and the Ancient Greeks
Greek Theatre
Ancient Greek Art and Optical Illusions !
Architecture- Columns !
Greek Science Advancements
Ancient Greek Philosophy
Greek Education

25 Things We Wouldn’t Have Without the Greeks
(About 11 minutes- best for older students)
All About That Ancient Greece Song 
How the Greeks Shaped Modern Math  (Really good !  about 2 minutes)
Recognize Ancient Greek Architecture   (from MetKids- about 3 minutes)

Interactive Greek Cities Map
What’s In an Ancient Pot ?
Decorate Your Own Ancient Pot
Create Your Own Greek Architectural Masterpiece
Set Up a Greek Home

*Day 2-


– “The Ancient Greeks”   p. 10-11; 18-19
– “A Child’s History of the World”-  Chapter 13- The People Who Made Our ABC’s
The Greek’s  Alphabet
Learn the Greek Alphabet
Who Were the Phoenicians ? 

– “The Day the Greeks Invented Vowels
Sing the Greek Alphabet    (seriously, you’ll be singing this all day- sorry!)
Singing the Greek Alphabet  (slower for younger students)
The Phoenicians and the Greeks
(this video will help show the connections of the Phoenicians, the Ancient Mesopotamians, the Ancient Egyptians, and the Ancient Greeks… about 24 minutes)

Greek Alphabet Matching Game
Ancient Greek Alphabet and Writing Interactive 
It’s Greek to Me !   (Game to learn Greek influence on English)
Speak Like an Ancient Greek   (Interactive)
Try Learning Some of the Greek Alphabet    (Interactive)

*Day 3-

– Usbourne Book of World History  p. 72-73
The Ancient Greeks & Philosophy
Philosophy Facts for Kids
Philosophy and the Ancient Greeks
6 Great Greek Philosophers
Who was Aesop ?
– Choose 4 Fables to read  HERE

Aesop & His Fables
The Groovy Greeks  (Horrible Histories-  about 24 minutes)
Aristotle- A Great Thinker    (about 6 minutes)
Socrates- A Great Teacher  (about 6 minutes)
Plato- A Great Writer   (about 7 minutes)
Eratosthenese     (about 4 minutes)
Hip Hughes – The Big 3 Greek Philosophers  (11 minutes)

*WEEK 3 :
The Greek Culture, Mythology, and the Games

*Day 1-


– “The Ancient Greeks”  p. 20-25
– “A Child’s History of the World-  Vol. 1”-
+Chapter 10:  Fairy Tale Gods    +Chapter 27:  The Golden Age

Ancient Greek Culture
Government in Ancient Greece
Famous Greeks 
Ancient Greek Culture
Ancient Greek Art & Architecture
The Ancient Greek Storytellers
Mount Olympus
Mt. Olympus National Park   (yes!  It’s a real place 🙂

Greece is the Word !   (So fun!  About 7 minutes)
Living History Living in Greece”  (YouTube about 20 minutes)
Explore the Ancient Acropolis    (360* video- USE the directional arrows at the top left to move the view around during the video !  So cool !)
Mount Olympus  (about 3 minutes)

Ancient Greece Color Online Pages
Greek Gods & Religion Interactive
Myths Machine 
Make Your Own Mythical Creature

*Day 2-

– “The Story of the World- Vol. 1”- Chapter 23: The Greek Gods
What is a myth ? Greek Gods & Goddesses  (Interactive from BBC)
Listen to TONS of Greek Myths   (This is a FANTASTIC site !!!!!)
Greek Gods & Goddesses 
Ancient Greek Myths
The Monsters of Greek Mythology
– Ancient Greek Gods & Heroes

BrainPop! Greek Gods
Greek Gods Overview  (about 4 minutes)
The Amazing Feats of Hercules    (about 30 minutes)
Pandora’s Box  (about 8 minutes)

Greek God Interactive
Jeopardy Game- Greek Mythology
Max On Mt. Olympus


– People & Places Vocabulary
(you can work on this while you watch one of the videos if you want)
You should find the defintions from your reading…if not, try looking HERE

*Day 3- 


– The Ancient Greeks-    p. 34-37
– “A Child’s History of the World”-  Chapter 15:  The Crown of Leaves
->You may like to start in Chapter 14 as an intro to the Olympics
How Did the Olympics Start ?
The Ancient Greek Olympics For Kids
The Olympics
Numbers to the Olympics

The Original Olympics   (about 2 minutes)
All About the Olympics   (about 5 minutes)
History of the Olympics   (by kids- about 4 minutes)
The Ancient Origins of the Olympic Games  (about 3 minutes)

Ancient Olympics Interactive
The Ancient Olympics   (Explore)
The Games at Olympia
Greek Olympics Game
Greek Olympics Quiz
Ancient Olympics Word Grid 

*WEEK 4 :
The Peloponnesian War,  Alexander the Great,
and the fall of Greece

*Day 1-


– “The Ancient Greeks”  p. 38-39
– “A Child’s History of the World”-  Chapters 24-26
+Ch.24-  Greece vs. Persia  +Ch.25- Fighting Mad   +Ch.26- One Against a Thousand
Ancient Athens
Ancient Sparta
– “The Ancient Greeks at War”
-The Peloponnesian War:  Athens vs. Sparta
The Greek Military
What is the Peloponnesian War ?

+Watch – 

– “A Day in the Life of an Ancient Athenian”  (Animated- about 5 minutes)
This is Sparta !   (Yikes!  About 5 minutes)
The Peloponnesian War   (In song…really creative !)
War Among the Greeks !   (about 3 minutes)

Interactive Tour of Ancient Athens & Ancient Sparta
Explore Ancient Athens  and   Ancient  Sparta
Peloponnesian War Battleship Game

*Day 2-


– “The Ancient Greeks”-  p. 46-55
– “The Story of the World Vol. 1”-  Chapter 24:  The Wars of the Greeks
– “A Child’s History of the World”-  Chapter 28:  When Greek Meets Greek
+You also may like to include Chapter 29:  Wise Men and Otherwise
“Whom Did the Greeks Fight”  
– Read more about Athens & Sparta  HERE
The Persian Wars
The Decline & Fall of the Ancient Greeks

The Fall of Sparta   (about 4 minutes)
Alexander the Great & the Persians (about 16 minutes)

*Day 3-


-“The Ancient Greeks”  p. 56-59
-“The Story of the World Vol. 1”- Chapter 25:  Alexander the Great
-“A Child’s History of the World”-  Chapter 30- A Boy King
“Alexander the Great”
-“Ancient Greece Decline and Fall
How the Ancient Greeks Changed the World


Alexander Rap   (Flocabulary)
“Alexander the Great”   (YouTube about 9 minutes)
Top 10 Alexander the Great Facts    (Best for older students- about 9 minutes)
Macedonia/Alexander Song   (about 2 minutes)

The Killer Plague
War !  
-Take this Ancient Greece Interactive Quiz
Play Ancient Greece Jeopardy

*Week 5 –  Ancient Greece Explore It !  Week
(Explanation at beginning of this post )

Hands On!  Try It !  (All free ideas online)
You can find more ideas on my Ancient Greece Pinterest Board 
or you can check out my recommendations for
Ancient Greece Hands-On Activity Books  –>  HERE

– Try writing your own fable or Greek Myth !
If you need some ideas to start look HERE .  You can also print out some Ancient Greek writing paper  HERE .

Play this Trojan War Card Game
Make a Greek theatre mask
Make your own Trojan Horse model with these printable templates

Try Making a Grecian Urn   from The Unlikely Homeschool
Or  print out this Greek Vase and decorate it with your own story !

Try an Ancient Greek Recipe
Try making this Ancient Greece Go Fish Game !
from Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool

-Make and play a Game of Jackstones !

– Read more about the first Olympics HERE
Hold your own Olympic Games !
OR  Try this Fun take on the Ancient Games 
(Can you say Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers? )

Learn to draw….  Alexander the Great, Atlas, the Parthenon, the Centaur, and more!
– Try this math activity –  Pythagoras and the Knotted Rope


*Week 6 –  Ancient Greece Read & Enjoy !

+ Read-
This week you might like to read The Iliad and the Odyssey .
Start by watching  THIS .

*Note:   You may like to require more this week. My idea behind having a week like this, is that my children would be able to JUST READ !   No strings attached.    It would be a great week to start on the pages for notebooks as well (see Week 7).  The reading might fire up some pretty creative ideas for notebook pages too!

Here are some other ideas you might like to try instead!

*Week 7-  Notebook It ! Week/ Ancient Greece
Show What You Know Week
(explanation at beginning of plans for this week)

*Day 1-
+Make a cover page for this section to add to your binder.  Be sure to put a line across the bottom of the page and note our “beginning date”.

+Make a history page for each of the 9 sections (see below).
This can be print outs, coloring sheets, or hand written pages.  BE CREATIVE!
Just the heading and the line need to be done for each page today.
(Again, be sure to add the timeline date line at the bottom of each page)

1. Beginning of Greek Culture         (1400 BC)
2. Trojan War  (Myth or Fact)          (1200 BC)
3. Greek Alphabet                                (1050 BC)
4. First Olympic Games                     (  776 BC)
5. Iliad Composed/Mythology        (  700 BC)
6. Golden Age of Athens                    (  500 BC)
7. Peloponnesian War                        ( 404-363 BC)
8. Alexander the Great/Macedonian Rule     ( 146 BC)
9. Rome Conquers Greece                 (  146 BC)

*Day 2-

+Add information for each of the 9 pages you made on Day 1.
You may write things you can remember…quotes…draw pictures, etc.
Add in any of the activities you tried on the proper page :
Greek Architecture or urns (pictures), Recipes or description of the meal you cooked, etc.
You also could use main ideas from the reading
(cut & paste pictures, bubble notes, or bullet points…)
You can find an entire Notebooking Ancient Greece printable pack   HERE 
from Homeschool Share .
Ancient Greece Coloring Pages 

*Day 3-

+ Review the 9 index cards.
–>You can make the cards yourself, or if you haven’t already, you can find them in the Book Store, or by clicking on the image below-

Ancient Greek people and places

+ Do a Candy Quiz on these today !

Free World History Curriculum
Part 3: Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome History Unit Free Homeschooling   Best books for Ancient Rome Unit


–>  Below are affiliate links.  There will NOT be any additional charge to you if you click to Amazon through these links, but I will make a small commission if you do !  So thanks ahead for supporting my work !  🙂


*4 Core Books-  

*Other Recommended Ancient World History Resources (Just for Fun!)

Be sure to follow my Ancient History Pinterest Boards too !  

I will be adding to them frequently.
* Ancient Civilizations Board
* Ancient Egypt Board
* Ancient Greece Board
* Ancient Rome Board
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Middle Ages & the Renaissance
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