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Ancient Greece Book ListAncient World History Book List –
Part 3  (Ancient Greece)

Hello !
If you’ve been following this series, thanks for coming back!
I’m so excited to share all my favorite books for the Ancient Greece Unit.

If you’re just jumping in, you may like to check out the first post for these units
–> Free Ancient World History Curriculum  and the supplemental book lists for the previous sections as well.  These books are NOT required for the studies… they’re just my favorite resources (most I’ve personally used).  You will find the few required books for the curriculum included on the bottom of each unit’s curriculum page.
Section 1:  Ancient Civilizations & the Old Testament   &  Book List
Section 2: Ancient Egypt  (includes Ancient China)    &  Book List

Section 3:  Ancient Greece
Section 4:  Ancient Rome  &  Book List

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–>  This post contains affiliate links.  There will NOT be any additional charge to you if you click to Amazon through these links, but I will make a small commission if you do!  So thanks ahead for supporting my work !  🙂

*Literature :

The Trojan War: An Interactive Mythological Adventure   
* Tales From the Odyssey (Part 1)  & Tales From the Odyssey (Part 2)
(This is a 6 Book Series by Mary Pope Osborne if you enjoy them!)
* Hour of the Olympics
and    Ancient Greece and the Olympics: A Nonfiction Companion 

* Adventures in Ancient Greece (Good Times Travel Agency)
* The Lion in the Gateway
* Tales of the Greek Heroes

* The One-Eyed Giant  (Tales from the Odyssey)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Book 1)
(This is a 5 Book Series !)
* Percy Jackson’s Greek Hereos

*Resource/Informational Books:

Archimedes and the Door of Science  and   Herodotus and the Road to History
What’s Your Angle, Pythagoras? and Pythagoras and the Ratios: A Math Adventure
* D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths
* Who Was Alexander the Great ?
* Where Is the Parthenon ?
* Discovering God’s Story:  Fully Illustrated Bible Handbook in Chronological Order
* Understanding People of the Past:  The Ancient Greeks
* Science in Ancient Greece

*Activity Guides:

* Classical Kids: An Activity Guide to Life in Ancient Greece and Rome
(Hands-On History)

* Spend the Day in Ancient Greece:  Projects & Activities That Bring the Past to Life 
* Life in Ancient Greece Coloring Book   (Dover)
* Tools of the Ancient Greeks: A Kid’s Guide to the History and Science of Life in Ancient Greece

Hope this list is helpful !
I’d love to know what YOU are using too !
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"Educating the mind..." Aristotle Ancient Greece Book List


Ancient Egypt Free World History Curriculum
Free World History Curriculum

Part 3:  Ancient Greece

Welcome back to the latest post on Free Ancient World History Plans !
This section will cover the beginning of Greek Culture, the first Olympic games, the Peloponnesian War, Alexander the Great, and lots more !    🙂

For an introduction to this curriculum and how you can adapt it to all your needs, start below with the first post in this series-
 “Free Chronological World History Plan” .
World History Plan (Teach all ages at once !)
Also in this series, you will find the daily plans for
Section 1:  Ancient Civilizations & the Old Testament
Section 2: Ancient Egypt  (includes Ancient China)
Section 4: Ancient Rome 

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