21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Greece PDF


Get excited about History!
Ancient Greece is full of surprising and sometimes shocking stories!

If you’ve been following along with our FREE History Curriculum series, I think you’ll love the third of the 21 Fascinating Facts series!
If you need a little boost to get everyone excited about ancient history this year, try these Ancient Greece fascinating facts teasers!
This quick guide was specifically made to use along with each day’s lesson in the FREE Ancient Greece History Curriculum  (or if you aren’t studying Ancient Greece this year,  just to read for FUN!).

Little bites of information seem to be the things we remember.  Maybe it’s because it sparks our interest and makes us hungry for more.  That is why I wanted to write this series of posts.  Start each lesson with one of these amazing facts and get EXCITED about learning this year!

Printable PDF-  30 pages !


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