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Modern American History Great Books List

Modern American History Book List:
Turn of the Century  to Turn of the Millennium

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If you’ve been following this series of free history curriculum and the companion great books and learning resources already,  thanks and welcome back!

We now have a …
Complete FREE History Curriculum from Ancient Civilizations through the year 2000 ! ! 

If you’re just finding it, the Free Ancient World History Curriculum series is a chronological history study that begins with  Ancient Civilizations and travels all the way through the
Middle Ages & the Renaissance…. And most recently I have added the FREE  Early American History and Modern American History Curriculums as well !

This Great Books List is intended to be a companion resource for the NEWEST part in the FREE History Curriculum series-
Modern American History.

american flags at arlington martin luther king space race and red poppies American History curriculum cover
These Great History Book Lists are meant to offer you a quality selection of resources to help really make these studies come alive !

The list is arranged in categories so you can find what you need quickly!

*Modern American History Literature   (Historical Fiction/Biographies)
*Modern American History Resource/Informational Books  (Non-fiction)
*Activity Guides   (Hands-On Learning Guides)
*Modern American History Movies
*History Kits

Now on to the
Modern American History Book List !

american flafs for american history book list

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Modern American History Book List
Turn of the Century to Turn of the Millennium

*Literature for Modern American History:


*The Journal of Finn Reardon
*Samantha: An American Girl
*Dear America:  Hear My Sorrow
*Orphan Trains:  An Interactive History Adventure
*Madman In Manhattan
*Ellis Island:  An Interactive History Adventure
*Letters From Rifka
*Dreams In the Golden Country

*The Orphan of Ellis Island
*Bully For You, Teddy Roosevelt !
*The Memory Coat
*Tonight on the Titanic  and  Non-Fiction Companion
*Voyage on the Great Titanic
*Secrets On 26th Street

*The Night Flyers
*Stubby, WWI’s Bravest Dog
*Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales- WW1
*Knit Your Bit: A World War 1 Story
*The Poppy Lady
*The Great Gatsby
*WW1, An Interactive History Adventure
*Five Children on the Western Front
*The Skylarks War
*War Horse
*10 True Tales- WW1  Heroes

*Moon Over Manifest
*The Dust Bowl – An Interactive History 
*Survival In the Storm- A Diary of Grace Edwards
*American Girl Kit
*Grapes of Wrath
*The Great Depression An Interactive History
*Blue Willow
*Rudy Rides the Rails
*Hot Dog! Eleanor Roosevelt Throws a Picnic


*Early Sunday Morning 
*The House of Sixty Fathers
*A Spy On the Homefront
*Voices at Whisper Bend
*Number the Stars
*Escape to the Hiding Place
*Paper Wishes
*Molly:  An American Girl
*World At War, 1944Danger in the Darkest Hour ,  and World War II
*The Hiding Place
*I Am David
*Good Night, Mr. Tom
*Who Was Anne Frank?  and   Diary of Anne FrankYoung Readers Version
*Franklin & Winston: A Christmas
*The Attack On Pearl Harbor- An Interactive History Adventure
*When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
*The Boy In the Striped Pajamas
*The Book Thief
*The Boy on the Wooden Box
*Dear America:  The Fences Between Us

*Hidden Figures  (Young readers edition)
and Counting on Katherine (for the Littles)
Reaching the Moon
*Look to the Stars
*What Goes Up

*Peacebound Trains
*Echoes of the White Giraffe
*SeeSaw Girl
*The Name Jar
*The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill
*The Korean War-  An Interactive History


*A Big Day for Baseball  and  Non-Fiction Companion
*Story of Ruby Bridges
*Freedom Summer
*The Help
*Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry
*Jackie’s Nine
*The Watson’s Go To Birmingham
*A Sweet Smell of Roses
*With the Might of Angels
*10 True Tales- Young Civil Rights Heroes


*My Name Is America: The Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty
*True Heroes
*Little Cricket
*Cracker, the Best Dog in Vietnam!
*Escape From Saigon
*Heroes Next Door- Hornet 24
*Dear America: Where Have All the Flowers Gone ?
*The Vietnam War-  An Interactive History 
*10 True Tales-  Vietnam War Heroes

*Kiss the Dust
*Towers Falling 
*I Survived the September 11th Attacks
*10 True Tales- Heroes of 9/11
*The War In Afghanistan-  An Interactive History
*10 True Tales-  War Heroes, Voices From Iraq

*Early American History Resource/Informational  Books:


*A Child’s History of the World
*Story of the World – Volume 4

*Welcome to Samantha’s World,   Welcome to Kit’s World,   and
Welcome to Molly’s World

Samantha’s Ocean Liner Adventure
Kit’s Railway Adventure
Molly’s Route 66 Adventure

*DK Find Out!  (for younger students) and DK Eyewitness Books (for middle school ages) , and DK Smithsonian Books (for older students and adults) are laid out similarly to the “Welcome to …” books above… 
DK Encyclopedia of American History
DK Titanic – Eyewitness   
DK WWI- Find Out! or DK World War I- Eyewitness  or    DK Smithsonian WWI
DK World War II- Eyewitness    or    DK Smithsonian WWII
DK Vietnam War- Eyewitness  or    DK Smithsonian Vietnam War
DK Universe- Find Out! or DK Space! -Eyewitness or DK Space! Smithsonian

There are also a whole series of DK Biographies, if your family enjoys them.  My kids really liked the photos in the DK books.  Just including a few so you can check them out.
Martin Luther King Jr. DK Biography
Albert Einstein DK Biography
John F. Kennedy DK Biography


*What Is…. ?   Who Is…?
Another great series with lots of Modern American History choices.  I’m listing a few, but there are lots of other ones that would be a good fit. 
What Was Ellis Island ?
What Were the Roaring Twenties ?
What Was the Great Depression ?
Who Was Theodore Roosevelt ?   &    Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt?
What Was Pearl Harbor ?
What Was D-Day ?
Who Were the Tuskegee Airman ?
What Was the Holocaust ?
Who Was Anne Frank ?
Who Was Rosa Parks ?
What Was the Vietnam War?
What Is NASA ?
Who Was Neil Armstrong ?
What Were the Twin Towers ?
Who Is Barak Obama ?

*Fashions of the Roaring 20’s   (Coloring Book)
*The Story of World War 1 (Coloring Book)
*Airplanes of World War 1  (Coloring Book)
*Color Your Own Patriotic Posters   (Coloring Book)
*The Story of World War 2 (Coloring Book)
*Airplanes of the Second World War   (Coloring Book)
*History of the Civil Rights Movement  (Coloring Book)
*History of Space Exploration    (Coloring Book)
*Apollo 11- First Men on the Moon   (Coloring Book)

*Activity Guides for Early American History Unit:



*The 21 Activities for Kids Series !

The Industrial Revolution- 21 Activities
Henry Ford-  21 Activities
Theodore Roosevelt – 21 Activities
World War 1 –  21 Activities
World War 2-  21 Activities
Albert Einstein-  21 Activities
The Civil Rights Movement-  21 Activities
The Apollo Missions-  21 Activities

Discovering Great Artists- Hands-On Guide


Samantha’s Cookbook      and  Craft Book
Kit’s Friendship Fun  and   Kit’s Cooking Studio
Molly’s Craft Book  and  Cookbook

*Movies for Early American History:

*NOTE: Since many of these movies are most likely available at your local library, or to stream free or inexpensively if you have Amazon Prime, family movie night would be a great way to end each section of study!  As always please preview all movies.  Every child/family is different in what they are ready to assimilate.


*Samantha:  An American Girl Holiday
*Sergeant York
*A Dog of Flanders
*War Horse   –> PG-13
*The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
*Sgt. Stubby:  An American Hero
*The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler
*Kit Kittredge:  An American Girl
*The Journey of Natty Gann
*The Dust Bowl- PBS
*Molly:  An American Girl On the Homefront
*The Sound of Music
*I Am David
*The Hiding Place  (and Return to the Hiding Place)
*My Dog Skip
*Night Crossing
*Melody 1963- An American Girl Story
*Ruby Bridges
*The Watsons Go to Birmingham
*October Sky
*Hidden Figures
*Apollo 13

Wishing you and your family a great adventure in learning !

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*Early American History Books & Resources List
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(These go along with the American Girl Unit Studies, but have TONS of other resources as well.  You will also find a CHRISTMAS section with some super fun ideas for Holiday Homeschooling!)

Hope these lists are helpful !
I’d love to know what YOU are using too !

Be sure to leave a comment and I’ll add your suggestions !

You can also follow my  History Pinterest Boards for the best of the best Pinterest history ideas !   I will be adding to them frequently.

*Modern American History Board
*Early American History Board

* Ancient Civilizations Board
* Ancient Egypt Board
* Ancient Greece Board
* Ancient Rome Board
*Middle Ages & the Renaissance Board


–>FREE Modern American History Curriculum !
Do you know what favorite American food was invented at the 1904 World’s Fair?
Would you have passed the naturalization exam at Ellis Island ?
Find out what the “D” in D-Day means.
Who won the great Space Race ?
Though this period of our history is wracked with terrible wars, we can find mixed in, the stories of some AMAZING and very inspiring people !
Happy learning !

american flags at arlington martin luther king space race and red poppies American History curriculum cover

—>  FREE Early American History Curriculum !

Were the Vikings really as treacherous as depicted?
What happened to the Lost Colony at Roanoke?
What did quilts have to do with the Underground Railroad?
I hope you’ll love this study as much as we did!

columbus discovers america native americans and the revolutionary war free early american history curriculum american flag red star american history great books for kids list


Free Homeschool History Curriculum
If you’ve just joined in
, you may like to check out the first curriculum post
–> Free Ancient World History Curriculum    or the others in this series…

*Section 1:  Ancient Civilizations & the Old Testament
+FREE History of Ancient Civilizations/Old Testament Curriculum Lesson Plans
+FREE Ancient Civilizations / Old Testament Printable History Cards
+Ancient Civilizations/OT Printable PDF Version
+FREE 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Civilizations
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Civilizations Printable PDF 
+Ancient Civilizations/OT Great Books Reading List

*Section 2: Ancient Egypt  (includes Ancient China)
+FREE History of Ancient Egypt/China Curriculum Lesson Plans
+Ancient Egypt/China Curriculum Printable PDF Version
+Ancient Egypt Printable History Cards
+FREE 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt Printable PDF Version
+Ancient Egypt/China Great Books List !

*Section 3:  Ancient Greece
+FREE History of Ancient Greece Curriculum Lesson Plans
+ Ancient Greece History Curriculum- Printable PDF
+ Printable Ancient Greece History Cards
Ancient Greece Books and Resources List
+FREE 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Greece- History Starters
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Greece-  PDF Version

*Section 4:  Ancient Rome
+FREE History of Ancient Rome Curriculum Lesson Plans
+ Ancient Rome History Curriculum- Printable PDF
Ancient Rome Books and Resources List
+Printable Ancient Rome History Cards
+FREE 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Rome-  History Starters
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Rome-  PDF Version

*Section 5: Middle Ages & the Renaissance
+ FREE History of the Middle Ages Lessons Plans
+ Middle Ages History Curriculum-  Printable PDF
Books and Resources List
+ Printable Middle Ages History Cards
+ FREE 21 30 Fascinating Facts About the Middle Ages
+ 21 30 Fascinating Facts About the Middle Ages- Printable PDF Version



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