Best books for Ancient Rome Unit

Ancient Rome Book List for Kids

Ancient Rome Book List 

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Ancient Rome History Unit Free Homeschooling

If you’re just jumping in, you may like to check out the first post for these units  ––> Free Ancient World History Curriculum 
and the supplemental book lists for the previous sections as well.
These books are NOT required for the studies… they’re just my favorite resources (most I’ve personally used).  

Free Homeschool History Curriculum

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Best books for Ancient Rome Unit


*Spine Texts for the Ancient History Units-

I used 2 main history texts as the spine for the entire Free Ancient World History Curriculum series-
A Child’s History of the World” by Virgil Hillyer (you’ll see it in the lessons as -> CHOW), and “The Story of the World” series by Susan Wise Bauer (abbreviated in the lessons- SOTW).   HOWEVER, these (and all the other books I listed) are just a suggestion.  You can use one of them, all of them, another text you already have, or none of them at all!  Each daily lesson has TONS of online reading links, hands-on project suggestions, and  other options to fully explore the given topic.



* Ancient Rome- Historical Fiction 


*  Ancient Rome:  An Interactive History Adventure
* Mystery of the Roman Ransom  and   Detectives in Togas
* Roman Diary:  The Journal of Iliona     
* The Bronze Bow
* The Thieves of Ostia
 The Roman Mysteries Series
(Above is a link to the main page that shows the books in order)
* Vacation Under the Volcano   and   Ancient Rome: Fact Tracker Companion  
*Twice Freed
* The Slave Girl From Jerusalem
* The Prophet From Ephesus
* The Fugitive From Corinth
* Peril and Peace
* Pompeii,  Lost and Found
* I Survived !  Destruction of Pompeii
* Ranger in Time- Ancient Rome
* AIO Attack at the Arena
* Doomsday in Pompeii
* The Fire, the Revelation, and the Fall
(*I haven’t read this series personally)
* The Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles 
* Tiger, Tiger 
* Outcast 
* Life As a Gladiator   (Interactive History Adventure)
* The Colosseum Con-  Geronimo Stilton
* See You Later Gladiator
* The Dolphins of Laurentum
* The Roman Mysteries Series  (Books 1-6)
* The Eagle of Rome-  A Lottie Lipton Adventure
* Sowing Beside All Waters


*Ancient Rome Discovery Guides & Non-Fiction:

Galen and the Gateway to Medicine 
* Where is the Colosseum ?
* What Was Pompeii ?
* Who Was Julius Caesar ?
* DK Julius Caesar
* Augustus Caesar’s World 
* Rome & the Romans-  Usborne Time Traveler
* Science in Ancient Rome
* Journey Through the Bible
* You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Roman Soldier
* You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Roman Gladiator
* Fun With Roman Numerals
* Get to Know- Paul

*Ancient Rome Hands-On Activity Books, Games, & Project Kits :





* Spend the Day in Ancient Greece
* Tools of the Ancient Greeks: A Kid’s Guide to the History and Science of Life in Ancient Greece
* The Roman Empire  (Make It Work! History)
* Classical Kids:  An Activity Guide  (Ancient Greece and Rome) Hands-On History
*Draw Write Through History
* Arch-Kid-Tech  Building Kit  OR   Make It Fun Project Bricks
* Ancient Rome – SuperToob
* City of Rome Jigsaw Puzzle 
(Great activity for the kids to do while you’re reading aloud or listening to an audiobook about Rome!)
* Playmobil Roman Chariot
* Ancient Rome- Gods & Emperors Card Game
* 3D Roman Colosseum Puzzle
* Build a Roman Catapult
* Life in Ancient Rome Coloring Book
* Greek & Roman Fashions Coloring Book

*Movies for Ancient Rome:


—> Some of these are simply set in Rome, and just for FUN !
As always, PLEASE preview all movies !!

*Ben Hur
* Spartacus
* Cleopatra 
* Meet the Romans
* Drive Thru History:  Rome If You Want To
* Drive Thru History: Holy Lands 
* Paul, the Apostle
* Gladiator School,   Rome Alone , and  Trials & Tribulations
* The Robe
* The Perpetua Story
* Heroes of the Faith- The Augustine Story
* Roman Holiday 
* When In Rome
* Gidget Goes to Rome

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