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Great Books for
American History Units

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Book lists for all the American Girl History Units…
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You can definitely use these units with your boys too.  Just substitute some of the suggested American Girl books if they balk, with other books from this American History Booklist and the unit studies will work for your whole family !
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These units are super flexible.  The spine is solid in all subject areas (minus math)-  just add in some activities (check out my corresponding Pinterest Boards),  adjust the reading requirements, and get ready for the most ENJOYABLE year of homeschooling ever !

American Girl History Units

*Native America Unit Study-  Kaya

*Colonial America Unit Study- Felicity
+Also be sure to check out Felicity’s Colonial Christmas Pinterest Board !

*America’s Southwest Frontier Unit Study-  Josefina
+Also be sure to check out Josefina’s Southwestern Christmas Pinterest Board !

*Pioneer America Unit Study –  Kirsten
+Also be sure to check out Kirsten’s Pioneer Christmas Pinterest Board !

*Civil War Unit Study- Addy
+Also be sure to check out Addy’s Civil War Christmas Pinterest Board !

*Turn of the Century America Unit Study-  Samantha
+Also be sure to check out Samantha’s 1900’s Christmas Pinterest Board !

Newly added-  FREE Early American History Curriculum
and FREE Modern American History!
This would be a great resource to use with any of the above units…and there are lots of other great American History reading ideas for kids listed in that post as well!

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American History Books Native America





Native America Unit Study- Recommended Books 

*Literature for Native America –

*Kaya, An American Girl 1764 (6 Book Boxed Set)
*The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses
*Kaya:  An American Girl   (Audiobook)
*Buffalo Before Breakfast   (Magic Treehouse)
*Kaya, BeForever 3 Book Set    &    Kaya BeForever Mysteries
*The Birchbark House , The Game of Silence, and The Porcupine Year
*Chickadee   and  Makoons
*Lewis and Clark and Me
*Spirit of the Warhorse
*Dream Catcher
*Buffalo Woman

*Native America Resource/Informational Books-

*Welcome to Kaya’s World 1764
*DK: The North American Indian
*Salmon Stream
*The Magic School Bus Goes Upstream
*What Was the Lewis & Clark Expedition?
*First People: An Illustrated History of American Indians
*The Nez Perce  (A First Americans Book)
*Welcome to the World of Coyotes

*Activity Guides for Native America-

*More Than Moccasins: Kid’s Activity Guide to Traditional North American Indian Life
*Native American History for Kids (with 21 Activities)
*Charting the World
*Draw, Write, Now: Book 3
*Lewis & Clark for Kids   (with 21 Activities)

*You may also like –

*Kaya Mini-Doll and Book
*Big Book of Horses to Color
*Kaya Paper Dolls

American History Books for Colonial America Unit Study





Colonial America Unit Study- Recommended Books 

*Literature for Colonial America Study-

*Felicity, An American Girl 1774  (3 Book, Boxed set)
*Colonial America:  An Interactive History and  The Revolutionary War
*Felicity, BeForever Book Set  and  Felicity Mysteries (Traitor in Williamsburg)
*George Washington’s Breakfast
*Mr. Revere and I
*George vs. George:  The American Revolution
*Phoebe the Spy  and  Tolliver’s Secret 
*Five Smooth Stones
*Revolutionary War on Wednesday  (Magic Treehouse)
*American Revolution Fact Tracker
*And Then What Happened Paul Revere ?
*The Dangerous Journey (Pilgrim’s Progress)    &   The Pictoral Pilgrim’s Progress
*Colonial Caper:  Mystery at Williamsburg
*The Journal of William Thomas Emerson

*Colonial America Resource/Informational Books-

*Welcome to Felicity’s World 1774
*A Colonial Town: Williamsburg
*If You Lived in Williamsburg in Colonial Days
*Shhh…We’re Writing the Constitution
*You Wouldn’t Want to Be an American Colonist
*Science in Colonial America
*Spy Science
*Medicine in Colonial America
*Who Was George Washington ?

*Activity Guides for Colonial America-

*Felicity’s Cooking Studio
*Great Colonial America Projects You Can Build Yourself
*Colonial Kids:  An Activity Guide
*Revolutionary War  (with 21 Activities)
*Felicity’s Theatre Kit

*You may also like –

*Felicity: An American Girl Adventure   (full length movie )
*Johnny Tremain   (DVD)
*Felicity Mini Doll and Book
*Colonial and Early American Fashions Coloring Book
*Life in Colonial America Coloring Book
*Liberty Kids DVD  (40 episodes !)
*The Dangerous Journey  (DVD)
*The American Girls Party Book
*1776  (If you like musicals 🙂

*Colonial America Christmas Books-

*Christmas in Williamsburg
*An Early American Christmas
*Felicity’s Surprise

American History Books for Frontier Unit Study





America’s Frontier Unit Study- Recommended Books 

*Literature for Frontier America Study-

*Josefina:  An American Girl 1824   (6 Book, Boxed Set)
*Meet Josefina,  Josefina Learns a Lesson,  Josefina’s Surprise  (3 book set)
*Josefina BeForever 3 Book Set  and  Josefina Mysteries (Secrets in the Hills)
*A Right Fine Life:  Kit Carson on the Trail
*The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow
*Tree in the Trail
*Arrow to the Sun
*Ghost Town at Sundown  (Magic Tree House)  &  Wild West Fact Tracker
*All the Stars in the Sky
*Josefina: An American Girl   (Audiobook)
*The Day It Snowed Tortillas

*Frontier Resources/Informational Books-

*Welcome to Josefina’s World 1824
*New Mexico – Hello USA
*Through Georgia’s Eyes
*Georgia O’Keeffe  (Getting to Know America’s Great Artists)
*The Pueblo
*Taos Pueblo Painted Stories

*Activity Guides for Frontier Unit-

*Josefina’s Cookbook  and  Josefina’s Craft Book
*Westward Ho!  An Activity Guide to the Wild West
*Pueblo Indian Cookbook
*Explore the Wild West:  With 25 Great Projects
*Wild West Days:  American Kids In History

*You May Also Like-

*Josefina Paper Dolls
*The American Girls Party Book
*Josefina Mini Doll and Book
* A Tall Tale   (DVD)
*Pueblo Village Paper Model
*Fun With Southwest Stencils
*How to Draw New Mexico’s Sights and Symbols

*Southwest Frontier Christmas Books-

*The Night of Las Posadas
*The Legend of the Poinsettia
*Josefina’s Surprise
*Las Posadas: A Christmas Musical for Children
*Nine Days to Christmas
*I Saw Santa in New Mexico
*The Glowing Heart
*Josefina:  Sunlight and Shadows
*Changes for Josefina

American History Books for Pioneer Unit Study





Pionner America Unit Study- Recommended Books 

*Literature for Pioneer Study-

*Kirsten: An American Girl 1854   (6 Book, Boxed Set)
*The Oregon Trail:  An Interactive History
*The Journal of Sean Sullivan:  My America
*Rachel’s Journey:  The Story of a Pioneer Girl
*The Great Railroad Race:  The Diary of Libby West
*The Cabin Faced West
*The Birchbark House  (This is a series of Books- also listed in Kaya Unit)
*The Courage of Sarah Noble
*Willa Cather, O, Pioneers !
*Twister on Tuesday (Magic Treehouse)  and  Twisters & Other Terrible Storms
*My Name Is Truth

*Pioneers Resources/Informational Books-

*Welcome to Kirsten’s World 1854
*Daily Life in a Covered Wagon
*A Pioneer Sampler
*Westward Expansion  (A True Book Series)
*You Wouldn’t Want to Be an American Pioneer
*If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon
*Who Was Johnny Appleseed ?
*Who Was Helen Keller?
*Carl Larsson’s Home, Family and Farm 

*Activity Guides for Pioneer Unit Study-

*Pioneer Days  (American Kids in History)
*Kirsten’s Cook Book
*Kirsten’s Craft Book
*Heading West: Life With the Pioneers   (21 Activities Series)
*Carl Larsson Coloring Book

*You May Also Like-

*The American Girls Party Book
*Disney’s American Legends
*Tall Tale:  The Wildest Adventure the West Has Ever Seen
*Little House on the Prairie    (DVD set)
*My Little House Cookbook  &  My Little House Craft Book
*Kirsten Mini Doll & Book

*Pioneer Christmas Books-

*A Pioneer Thanksgiving  and  A Pioneer Christmas
*Lucia Morning in Sweden
*Kirsten’s Surprise
*Kirsten, Snowbound !
*Lucia, Child of Light
*The Tomten
*Little House Christmas Treasury
*Christmas in Noisy Village

American History Books Civil War





Civil War Unit Study- Recommended Books 

*Literature for Civil War History Unit-

*Addy:  An American Girl  (6 Book Set)
*Meet Addy, Addy Learns a Lesson,  and Addy’s Surprise
*Addy BeForever 3 Book Set   and  Addy Mysteries (Shadows on Society Hill)
*The Civil War:  An Interactive History
*The Underground Railroad:  An Interactive History
*The Last Brother:  A Civil War Tale
*I Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly: The Diary of Patsy a Freed Girl
*When Will This Cruel War Be Over ?
*Civil War on Sunday (Magic Treehouse)  
*Abe Lincoln At Last  & Fact Tracker Companion 
*Follow the Drinking Gourd
*Words Set Me Free
*Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt
*Henry’s Freedom Box
*Pink & Say

*Civil War Resources/Informational Books-

*Welcome to Addy’s World 1864
*If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad
*If You Lived When There Was Slavery in America
*If You Lived At the Time of the Civil War
*Daily Life on a Southern Plantation  1853
*What Was the Underground Railroad ?
*Zoo in the Sky
*A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky

*Activity Guides for Civil War Study-

*Addy’s Cookbook
*Addy’s Craft Book
*The Underground Railroad for Kids   (21 Activities Series)
*The Civil War For Kids   (21 Activities Series)
*Civil War Fashions Coloring Book

*You May Also Like-

*Addy Mini Doll & Book 
*The American Girls Party Book

*Civil War Era Christmas Books-

*Litte Women   (DVD)
*Addy’s Surprise:  A Christmas Story
*Addy- A Heart Full of Hope
*Louisa May Alcott Christmas Treasury
*Christmas in the Big House,  Christmas in the Quarters
*Christmas Dreams: Portraits of Little Women
*Pennsylvania Dutch The Night Before Christmas 

american girl free unit study

Turn of the Century America Unit Study- Recommended Books 

*Literature for Turn of the Century America Study-

*Samantha:  An American Girl  (6 Book Set)
*BeForever Samantha  (3 Book Set)
*American Girl Rebecca   (6 Book Set)
*Hear My Sorrow, Dreams in the Golden Country
and  A Time for Courage   (Dear America series)
*At Ellis Island:  A History in Many Voices
*The Journal of Finn Reardon:  A Newsie
*Orphan Trains:  An Interactive History Adventure
*The Titanic:  An Interactive History Adventure

*Early 1900’s America Resources/Informational Books-

*Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904
*What Was Ellis Island ?
*What is the Statue of Liberty ?
*Who Was Theodore Roosevelt?
*Bully for You, Theodore Roosevelt !
*The Remarkable Life of Theodore Roosevelt and the Rise of Empire America
*The Camping Trip That Changed America 
*John Muir
*National Geographs’ Kids Guide to the National Parks
*The Boy Who Drew Birds
*Birds, Nests, and Eggs : A Take Along Guide
*Who Was Henry Ford ?
*Who Were the Wright Brothers ?
*The Wright Brothers: Inventors Whose Ideas Really Took Flight
*Mistakes That Worked
*Thomas Edison: Inventor With a Lot of Bright Ideas

*Activity Guides for Turn of the Century Unit Study –

*Samantha’s Cookbook
*Samantha’s Craft Book
*Theodore Roosevelt for Kids- His Life & Times   (21 Activities Series)
*The Industrial Revolution – 21 Activities series
*The Kids’ Inventing Book
*Kids Invention Kit

*You May Also Enjoy- 

*Samantha Mini Doll & Book
*The Stolen Saphire – A Samantha Mystery
*Samantha Paper Dolls

*Turn of the Century Era Christmas Books-

*Samantha An American Girl Holiday Movie
*Victorian Christmas 
*Samantha’s Surprise
*Samantha:  Manners & Mischief
*An Ellis Island Christmas

homeschooling holidays

 *An American Girl Christmas*
Enjoying the American Girl History Ideas ?
This post is packed FULL of super fun ideas
for the holidays !

**American History Book List for
The Great Depression:  American Girl Kit Unit Study
Coming SOON!**
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