The Civil War for Kids

American Girl Addy Civil War Unit Study

Civil War Unit Study

Welcome to Addy’s World 1854:
Growing Up During America’s Civil War

*Note: This is such a deeply emotional topic of study, that will surely create much discussion and perhaps some sadness, anger, and confusion for children.  I hope to convey some positive points (stories of courage, faith, hope against all hope, and the deepest expressions of love) that will help sort out what can be learned,  so that in our personal lives and in the life of our communities and our countries, we will never repeat a history such as this.

The Civil War (American Girl Addy) Unit Study Overview

Here’s what you’ll find in the Addy Unit Study !

We will be discovering!
What was life like during this period of history?  We’ll dig deep and see it happening through the eyes of Addy Walker, a courageous young girl who escapes life as a slave in North Carolina, and then must learn how to live as a free girl in her new home in Philadelphia.  

We will read her stories.
Real life tales of battles and spies!  Heartbreak for certain, but also amazing true stories of perseverance and immense bravery.  We will find out how Addy and others made their way in the dark on the underground railroad ,and the friends they made along the way.  And we will explore Addy’s new life in a free state where she finally gets to go to school!

*Helpful Resources:
Hands-On learning makes history come to life! 

There are tons of ideas each week to try.    Crack the Morse Code mystery, make your own secret direction quilt,  write your own freedom song, make Addy’s favorite meal, or learn to sew a rag doll !And if you have a student who LOVES printables, you’re in luck!
I’ve created all kinds of Printables for planning and activities to go along with the lessons each week.
There are themed copy work pages, word searches, Vocabulary Bingo games, and lots of other fun and creative activities to add to your study of the Civil War.
You’ll also find suggestions for EXTRA fun field trip ideas specifically for this unit!  You can find this resource in the BOOK STORE, or by clicking the image below!

American Girl Addy Civil War Printables


Civil War (Addy) Printable Power Pack
History Detective printables, Recipe Pages, Coloring Pages, Vocabulary Word Searches, Science Experiment Template, Copy Work Pages, Maps, and more!




civil war unit study american girl Addy

*Civil War Unit PDF Version
-140 Printable Pages
-Week at a Glance Pages
-Daily Lesson Plans arranged by week
-Planning Sheets (field trips, library list, projects, etc…)
-Live Links (so you can preview)
-People, Places, Events, Vocabulary Pages


history unit studies


*For a complete overview of this and ALL of the other American Girl Unit Studies in this series, you can check out this post-
American Girl Unit Studies Overview
(Outline of topics covered in Literature, Science, Geography, Bible, History, and Art for each unit)





American flags for children's books about american history


*Check out my  Book List for each of the American Girl Units!
Scroll down to the Addy section and I have a list of all my very favorite resources for this unit!  Historical fiction, movie suggestions, craft kits, hands-on activity guides, and lots more!
If you have some older students (or boys!) you can also find even MORE resources in the Early American History Booklist!



columbus discovers america native americans and the revolutionary war free early american history curriculum


*For those of you who are using this unit for your whole family (or just looking for even more ideas!) and may be looking for more resources for your older kids, you can find lots of online reading, activities, etc in my Free Early American History Curriculum.




Also, be sure to follow my American Girl Pages on Pinterest for all kinds of additional ideas, including:

Addy:  Civil War Unit
Addy’s Christmas
EXTRAS for Addy Unit


questions about Free History Curriculum



How Do I Use This Unit?
This unit is written out as a 5 day a week unit, lasting for 3 Weeks.   HOWEVER, the very best way to use it is however it works best for YOUR family!   The unit can be used as is, or use it as a spine and add all you’d like to it!

Teaching Tips For The Littles-

-First, go through the daily plans and choose the reading, explore it more, and activities that you think your Littles will love!
-Read and learn together!
Think about the memories made curled up and reading together with your big kids and Littles… the learning is the icing on the cake!  If your younger kiddos are too wiggly for curling up, mine LOVED to  color while I read aloud.  I have suggested coloring pages for each day’s lesson.   Even when it doesn’t look like they’re listening, you’d be amazed at how much they absorb!   Scrapbooks or history notebooks are a super fun way for the younger kids to have some “school work” to be proud of and show grandparents!
The Hands-On History Christmas Posts are extra fun and great for all ages, or to extend a unit!

Do you have older kids, or kids that are extra excited to learn about this part of history in greater detail? Wish that this unit was longer?
This unit could easily stretch out for several months or more if everyone is enjoying it and curious to search out more!
First, you could choose to do all of the suggested sections/links in the plans.
I also have FREE Early American History  (Week 7) and Modern American History curriculum that aren’t unit studies, and are geared toward older students.  This series has TONS more links to reading, activities, videos, an entirely different Book List, etc that could easily plugged in.
You can also add some of the suggested resources like the Civil War Printable Power Pack, adding in the printables, and lots of the reading books in the Book List.  Add in more hands-on projects, more field trips, expand the art, science, or geography studies!  The choice is YOURS!
Cut out the hands-on if your family doesn’t enjoy that kind of thing, or complete every single one and host a Pioneer Museum Night to display all your handiwork!
This is the beauty of homeschooling (and of a FREE curriculum lol)!
Arrange it and use it however it benefits your family most.

Nothing else is required!
I have written a post –>  The American History/American Girl Book List
This is my list of favorite related literature, paper doll books, cook books, activity books, science books, movies, games, etc.  I’ve also have included 3 of the 6  books from the Kirsten series in the lessons, but they aren’t necessary or integral to any activities in the unit.  These books are excellent for independent or read alouds!
Also, if your family enjoys listening to audiobooks, there is a new series of Historical American Girl Addy Audiobook versions on Amazon.


*Last Note:
I am in no way affiliated with, or compensated by the American Girl Company.  There are however links in this unit for some of the suggested books.  They will take you directly to Amazon.  And, as an Amazon affiliate, I receive a small commission from any purchases that you may make.  There is no extra charge to you whatsoever.  Thank you for helping support my work in this way 🙂

**America’s Civil War Unit Study- American Girl Addy**


*Core Reading:

American Girl Addy civil war for kids

Welcome to Addy’s World 1864

*Week 1: “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864”-  Life in the South 

1.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 1-3)-  Meet Addy
2.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 26-29)-  Intro to the Civil War & Slavery
3.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 30-31; 34-35) –  Addy’s Family
4.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 32-33)-  Addy’s Faith
5.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 36-37 )-  Songs to Freedom


*Week 2: “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″- North to Freedom

1.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 38-39)-  The Underground Railroad
2.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 8-11; 20-21)-  New Beginnings in the North
3.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 14-15; 12-13)-  Children Still Played
4.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 16-19)-  Civil War Era Fashion
5.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 22-23)-  The Church Family


*Week 3: “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864”- America’s “Civil” War

1.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 4-7)-  The Nation at War
2.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 42-43)-  The Homefront- South
3.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 44-45)-  The Homefront- North
4.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 46-49)-  The War Ends !
5. “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″     (p. 50-58)-  Moving On! A New South        


The spine for this unit is Welcome to Addy’s World“,  however you still can do this unit without the book!  I have also included 3 of the chapter books in the Addy series for extra reading, but they are NOT required and none of the activities rely on them.  🙂
They are really good though and add to the fun!           

love reading books

*Read It…Watch It…Explore It…Try It!


american girl unit study

*Week 1: Life in the South During the Civil War

American Girl Addy Series,  Book 1, Meet  Addy
(There are 6 books in this series, so you could choose how much to read each week (and which books) depending on your child’s level and interests.  I just listed one book per week.   You can find discussion questions and activities for these books at ‘Krazy Kuehner Days’-  Meet Addy Comprehension Questions & Activities .)


**PLEASE NOTE:  This is a very difficult topic to introduce to young children.  Some parts of these books are quite heart wrenching.  You may like to read ahead of your children and allow some time for good discussions!)

1.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 1-3)-  Meet Addy
2.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 26-29)-  Intro to the Civil War & Slavery
3.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 30-31; 34-35) –  Addy’s Family
4.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 32-33)-  Addy’s Faith
5.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 36-37 )-  Songs to Freedom


+Day 1:  Meet Addy


*Core Reading:
“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 1-3)-  Meet Addy
-“Meet Addy”



– Meet Addy and try some fun activities on the interactive American Girl website.
– Addy’s World:  Explore Stories of Daily Life During the Civil War
– Meet Addy Comprehension Questions and Activities
(These are good even if you didn’t opt to read the “Meet Addy” book!)

-Addy was born in North Carolina.
Read a bit about what her life might have been like there before she escaped to Philadelphia.
+Slavery in North Carolina
+North Carolina A to Z “Mini-Pages”
(This “newspaper” can be printed too!)

-You may like to read ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin:  Young Folk’s Edition together online for this unit study.
I cover the importance of this book in more depth in Week 2, Day 2 , including links to free ebooks, etc…   PLEASE read the note at the top of the site page before deciding on reading book.   Thanks!  🙂



– Meet Addy & Her Family and the beginning of their dangerous journey north !
Follow the Drinking Gourd     (Did Addy & Momma sing a song like this while they walked?)
The Story of “Follow the Drinking Gourd”     (about 5 minutes)
–  ‘All Night Forever’ PBS short video (4 minutes) in striking photos & narration .
This is a good introduction to explain what it may have been like to live during Addy’s lifetime… **NOTE: There is one image of a slave’s buttocks, and 2 mentions made by the slaves that they would rather be dead than enslaved.


*Explore It More!

– The North and the South in 1861    (Interactive Map)
-Print map of eastern US
(Label the states of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and the city Philadelphia.  You could also use this map, or another copy of it, to “follow” the drinking gourd!  It is quite impressive to point out how far Addy & her family had to travel to find safety and freedom!)

+Civil War Coloring pages
 to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc….or just for fun!

Addy’s Life  Lapbook 
– Addy Crossword Puzzle
Picking Cotton
Daily life at home coloring page
 North Carolina coloring page
(This site can be finicky sometimes.  Just refresh the page a few times if you have trouble & it should do the trick!)

+Day 2: Introduction to the Civil War & Slavery


*Core Reading:
“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 26-29)-  Intro to the Civil War & Slavery
-“Meet Addy”


The beginning of a “civil” war  and The Civil War Begins
(Mr. Donn’s site…LOTS & LOTS of links to introduce the topic of the civil war)
Introduction to slavery and the Civil War
(PBS Webisode series.  Read or listen to the text, teacher’s guides, printables, etc…)
The Red Badge of Courage  is a classic… this is probably best suited for older children, but everyone may enjoy watching the movie together!
The Red Badge of Courage    (Full length movie)
OR The Red Badge of Courage (free audio book)



The Civil War   short introduction       (Brain Pop video)
What caused the civil war ?                  (YouTube video-  About 3 minutes)
Nettie’s Trip South by Ann Turner
(Just the pages of this book shown at a slow pace on YouTube)
Abraham Lincoln from Disney The American Presidents
(This is a good intro to both Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.   YouTube video about 4 minutes)


*Explore It More!

A Day in the Life     (Interactive )
Virtual Tour of the Life of Abraham Lincoln and Family
(from the National Park Service)
Abraham Lincoln Unit  from The Homeschool Mom
(You may like to use these links to study President Lincoln in depth, or just choose a few for an overview.)


+ Civil War Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc….
or just for fun!

– Civil War Lapbook Printables   from Homeschool Share 
– Cotton Picking
(You may want to discuss the text below the picture a bit more…”help” may not be the most clear word usage)
– Civil WarAbraham Lincoln
– Lots of Abraham Lincoln coloring pages, worksheets, and activities  (Enchanted Learning)
– Abraham Lincoln Handwriting Printable

+Day 3:  Addy’s Family


*Core Reading:
“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 30-31; 34-35) –  Addy’s Family
-“Meet Addy”


**There are so many beautiful traditions kept by African American families struggling to stay together during this era.  Below are just a few that tie in with the reading in Addy’s World.
– Introduction to  Addy’s Friends & Family
 The Family Life of the Enslaved
(Lesson on several different aspects….scroll to the bottom for the 3 true narratives and the discussion questions)
– Jumping the Broom, Wedding Celebrations
– The Slave Experience, Holidays      (Christmas)
– African American Holiday Traditions
African Folktales from World of Tales
(Lots of books!  Click on the book and then on the story to read the full text
– African Fables for Kids  from Mr. Donn
– A Collection of African American Folklore
(Might want to review  Big Liz and Boo Hag before sharing. )
– Funeral Customs



– Secret Life of the American Teenager-  Slavery in 1800’s
(A short narrative from the perspective of a young brother & sister…with beautiful historical photos.  About  6 minutes)
– Reading Rainbow –  Slavery
(Episode about slavery beginning with the passage from Africa… be sure to click on the icon for full screen)
– The Passage
(This is a very poignant video softened a bit only because of it’s storybook format…it begins in Africa with a brother & sister…approx. 35 minutes.  You might like to preview this in full before deciding to use it.)
– Marriage and the Family Bond
– Gullah Christmas Memory,  A Slave Narrative from storyteller Tim Lowry
– African American Folktales and Storytelling by Donna Washington
– The People Could Fly
– Wishbone:  Bark That Bark   (African Folktales….just for fun 🙂
– Funeral scene from 12 Years a Slave


+ Civil War Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

– Anansi the Spider
– Playing Marbles
– Rag Doll
– Jumping Rope

+Day 4: The Church in the Civil War-  Addy’s Faith

*Core Reading
“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 32-33)-  Addy’s Faith
-“Meet Addy”



The Secret Religion of the Slaves
(This is a very good introduction to this topic, but once again the theme is quite somber, though fittingly, quite hopeful in the end…as always, you may want to read ahead of your child : )  )
– Audio/Text of personal narrative of Fountain Hughes
– African American Quilting
– Harriet Powers Biography
– Harriet Powers’ Pictoral Quilt
Pathways to Freedom:  The Language of Quilts



– Slavery & the Making of America from PBS, religious documents…. lots of resources.
Here is a link to some historical documents, particularly regarding the faith of the slaves. Short articles, but very good to understand this part of life.
Harriet Powers Biography (about 7 minutes- also includes Discussion Questions)
This Far By Faith… excerpt of PBS series on YouTube  (about 6 minutes)
This Far By Faith
(Same title, but not the same video… from AT&T Archives-  video history of slavery and the faith that persevered…you may like to preview this video before showing it considering the theme)
– Harriet Powers and the Bible Quilt
– Click HERE for a another close up color photo of the original quilt from the National Museum of American History.


*Explore It More!

Create Your Own Quilt Online


+ Civil War Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc….or just for fun!

Quilt Coloring Page
(maybe reduce the size and print out some of these Bible Scene coloring pages to add to your quilt…or just design some of your own to cut and paste onto your quilt!)
– Create your own quilt code   


+Day 5:  Songs to Freedom

*NOTE:   You may prefer to teach the section on the Underground Railroad (Week 2- Day 1) first… these lessons will overlap & complement each other.

*Core Reading
“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″  (p. 36-37 )-  Songs to Freedom
-“Meet Addy”


– Spirituals
( History, Songs (with audio), and briefs about some of the Composers of  Negro Spirituals in the 1800’s)
– Secret Messages, More than a Song  ( videos, lesson plans & activities from PBS)



– “Wade in the Water”
(and many other songs…history and  comments by Calvin Earl )
*Listen to some more Freedom Songs
“The Gospel Train is Coming”
“Steal Away”
“Go Down Moses”
“Follow the Drinking Gourd”


*Explore It More!

Explore the Civil War!
(This powerpoint includes lots of maps and visuals to go along with ‘Follow the Drinking Gourd’)
– Pathways to Freedom:  Music Steal Away Home & Other Songs of Hope
(A brief explanation & history as well as lyrics and activities for several of the songs)
Teacher’s Guide for Follow the Drinking Gourd and Our Story
– Sheet Music to Follow the Drinking Gourd     (Maybe try to play or sing this song yourself!)


+ Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!
– Slavery Coloring Page 1
The Drinking Gourd Coloring Page and other Printables
“The Big Dipper” Coloring Page





american girl unit study week 3

*Week 2:  North to Freedom


*  American Girl Addy Series,   Book 2, “Addy Learns A Lesson

1.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 38-39)-  The Underground Railroad
2.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 8-11; 20-21)-  New Beginnings in the North
3.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 14-15; 12-13)-  Children Still Played
4.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 16-19)-  Civil War Era Fashion
5.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 22-23)-  The Church Family


+Day 1:  The Underground Railroad


*Core Reading:
“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″  (p. 38-39)-  The Underground Railroad
-“Addy Learns A Lesson”


What is the Underground Railroad?
The Underground Railroad For Kids
Secrets & codes of the Underground Railroad
Pathways to Freedom :  The Underground Railroad
(activities, reading, and more…interactive site)
Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman Unit Study from The Multi-Taskin Mom
(I just love this unit! Lots and lots of links to fun learning!)



Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt
Henry’s Freedom Box
Harriet Tubman Movie  from Nest-  Animated Hero Classics
(full length movie about 28 minutes)
– Torchlighters: The Harriet Tubman Story   (about 30 minutes)
Harriet Tubman Biography
– Winslow Homer:  A Living Painting
(YouTube video from the Newark Museum- A narration from “Charity”, the young woman depicted in Homer’s painting “Near Andersonville” .   Very poignant !  )


*Explore It More!

-All about the Underground Railroad interactive site from Scholastic
The Underground Railroad Activity Book
* For mom…a teachers guide, free printables, links to activities, websites, and more!
– Travel the Underground Railroad Interactive Game from National Geographic
 Mission US: Flight to Freedom
(Interactive Game-They are rebuilding this game after the end of Adobe Flash, so I’m keeping it on our list!  Keep checking back!)

Harriet Tubman-  DK FindOut!
Explore this Harriet Tubman Interactive Timeline
-Have you tried making a Triarama?
(This is a fun Harriet Tubman activity from Crayola)
-Make your own Underground Railroad Lantern
-Easy embroidered bookmark ideas like the ones Addy and her friends may have made
Or try Fabric Embroidered Bookmarks  
  *You can also buy this Kid’s Embroidery Kit ->  Kid’s Embroidery Bookmark Kit 

+ Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

* The Underground Railroad coloring pages –page 1,  page 2,  page 3,  page 4
* Harriet Tubman
*Harriet Tubman Sketch
* Leaders of the Underground Railroad  (worksheet)
* Harriet Tubman Activity Book   (Complete book from Nest Video above !!!)

+Day 2:  New Beginnings in the North


*Core Reading:
-“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″  (p. 8-11; 20-21)-  New Beginnings in the North
-“Addy Learns A Lesson”


What is an abolitionist?
(You can click on the speaker icon for a very nice audio reading- well done!)
– Frederick Douglass   from one of my favorites Garden of Praise (Short biography, printables, online activities, etc…)
Harriet Beecher Stowe  brief biography

– Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Told to the Children)
(*NOTE:   by Harriet Beecher Stowe…  This version includes audio AND an activity for every chapter!)
Uncle Tom’s Cabin: Young Folks’ Edition, by Harriet Beecher Stowe
(Read chapter by chapter online for free!)
Songs from Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Lovely with lyrics and audio!!)

*A New Life- Education!
– Read a brief biography of Charlotte Forten (see also pages 20-21 in today’s reading)
– From the Journal of Charlotte Forten:  Free Woman of Color
(Selections from 1854 to 1859-  age 16-21)
Mary Jane Patterson
Susie King Taylor biography



– Frederick Douglass Biography   (short video by the National Park Service)
– Words Set Me Free‘  by Lesa Cline-Ransome
(Story about Frederick Douglass as a boy…read aloud on YouTube)
– Harriet Beecher Stowe: Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the Abolitionists


*Explore It More!

Frederick Douglass Virtual Museum Exhibit   (from the National Park Service)
Frederick Douglass’ Secret      (The Mini-Page…printable)


Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

* Frederick Douglass Coloring Book   (Printable)
* Frederick Douglass printable 
* Harriet Beecher Stowe/Uncle Tom’s Cabin coloring page


+Day 3: Children Still Played

*Core Reading
-“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 14-15; 12-13)-  Children Still Played
-“Addy Learns A Lesson”


African American Children   (from NPS)

– Children During the Civil War (a longer post)
– Children’s Games During the 1800’s   (brief overview)
“Free Time” Slide Show
(What did the slaves do during their “free time” ?  Click on each pop up picture to pull up a screen with a short narrative)
* Toys and Games of Free & Slave Children during the Civil War…
And games mostly for free children are listed HERE (Lesson offered by the National Park Service)
* Games played during the Civil War
10 Toys & Games that were common to children in slavery
(You may like to read through these first… there are some detailed explanations of the psychology behind some of these games)
– Hopscotch !
– Topsy Turvy Dolls & Rag Dolls


*Explore It More!

– The American Girl’s Book
(Free Ebook- The original book printed in 1862… TONS of games & activities.  I LOVE THIS !!!  It is easier to hit the “next” button than it is to scroll down through some of the blank pages since this is the entire book scanned.)
The American Boy’s Book of Sports and Games
(This the companion for boys…LOVE that climbing trees and playing in the snow are included!!! )

Make your own rag doll… step by step instructions!
– HOW To Braid Hair Like American Girl Addy !
How to play Ringer    (Marbles)


+ Coloring pages
 to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

Boy playing marbles
– Jump Rope
– Leap Frog

+Day 4:  Civil War Era Fashion


*Core Reading:
-“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 16-19)-  Civil War Era Fashion
-“Addy Learns A Lesson”


*Ladies Fashion
Civil War Women’s Clothing
Women’s Clothing of the South
Fashion in 1864
or try Women’s Fashion of 1860’s Pinterest board (lovely colored photos!)
Women’s Fashion  (Prezi presentation)
Fashion Magazine Smugglers !
You may be surprised to find how important women’s fashion magazines
were even during the war !
Hats & HairstylesGodey’s Lady’s Book
(Click on the many images on the left !  Fascinating!)
Elizabeth Keckly,  Mrs. Lincoln’s dressmaker
(Her story, mostly in her own words!  Fascinating!)

*Children’s Clothing
Children’s Clothing: Civil War
Civil War Children & Their Clothes
Clothing worn by slaves & their children

*Soldier’s Gear
Kid’s History:  Civil War Uniforms
Union Soldiers
Confederate Soldiers



War Fashions   (YouTube-  Kent State University Presentation)
Elizabeth Keckly, short video from NPS
Uniforms & Firearms of Soldiers   (YouTube Video from the National Park Service)
– Addy Hairstyle


*Explore It More!

–  The Two Sides-  DK FindOut!
Quick and Simple 1860’s Hairstyle
Free Hoop Petticoat Diagram
(* Note:  I ALWAYS try to keep all the resources found in these units FREE.  If you look below the description there’s a link to click and it’s…FREE!  🙂
– Simple Pattern for a Chemise


+ Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

Mary Todd Lincoln coloring page
Union & Confederate Soldier coloring page
Confederate Soldier ,  Union Soldier
Civil War Paper Dolls    (might be good for a diorama!)
Pre-War Style  , Gala Style,  1860’s Style  (from Dover)
Civil War Paper Dolls  (Ladies)



+Day 5: The Church Family During the Civil War


*Core Reading:
-“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 22-23)-  The Church Family
-“Addy Learns A Lesson”


 Religion and Slavery
Virtual Visit – NC Underground Railroad
(Stories about the deep faith of many of the enslaved… and the stories behind their “hymns”)

Religious Practice of enslaved African Americans
(excerpts of interviews….probably best to read together, or for older students)
The Church in the North
The Church and Education During Reconstruction   (best read together, or for older students)
US History:  Free African Americans
Building the Black Community:  The Church
Church on the Battlefield
-Brief history of Mother Bethel Church , also there are some great original photos

*The Quakers
Who Were the Quakers?
Quakers and Anti-Slavery in North America
The Quakers in North Carolina

John Greenleaf Whittier Biography for Kids
Whittier Biography
(Longer, more detailed biography)
Whittier Poems



The Biography of Richard Allen     (short YouTube video…very well done!!)
Mother Bethel Church  (YouTube)
(Note:  there is a bit of a building project included in this video. Worth watching regardless, in my opinion. )
The Diaries of Emilie Francis Davis   (4 minute video and lesson)
John Greenleaf Whittier’s Life   (Short YouTube video)


*Explore It More!

– John Greenleaf Whittier Notebooking Page 
– Virtual Tour of Whittier’s Home
Virtual Tour of Mother Bethel Church

Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

– Quaker Couple
Mother Bethel Church
(sketch to use for lap book/notebook)
– Richard Allen
– John G. Whittier       (printable picture)
– The Church all together     (sweet coloring page from a blog I will return to!)
– Storytime At Church
Church Building




American Girl Unit Study Week 3

*Week 3:  America’s  “Civil”  War

*  American Girl Addy Series, Book 3, “Addy’s Surprise


1.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 4-7)-  The Nation at War
2.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 42-43)-  The Homefront- South
3.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 44-45)-  The Homefront- North
4.  “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″    (p. 46-49)-  The War Ends !
5. “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″     (p. 50-58)-  Moving On! A New South

+Day 1:  The Nation at War

*Core Reading:
-“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 4-7)-  The Nation at War
-“Addy’s Surprise”


Events Leading Up to the Civil War   (Mr. Donn’s History Page & LOTS of links!)
– Why War?   (Good intro for teaching or reading together)
The War Begins   (Causes and the beginning of the war from the National Park Service)
The Civil War for Kids
Daily Life of Soldiers in the Civil War
(Mr. Donn’s History page & LOTS of links!  Seriously, this unit could last for months!)
The Emancipation Proclamation
The Battle at Fort Sumter
Overview of the Battle at Fort Sumter

African American Soldiers
Confederate Soldiers
Civil War Daily Life
Lengthy list of links to brief introductions to what daily life was like during the Civil War for people fighting the war, people on the homefront, slaves, etc…)

With Lee in Virginia by GA Henty    (Full Audiobook on YouTube)
Short Biographies of Important People of the Civil War
– Confederate General Robert E. Lee
Virtual Museum Robert E. Lee    (from National Park Service)
Union General Ulysses S. Grant

Civil War Music    (Complete lesson plan)



The Civil War Intro Video from BrainPop!
How the Civil War Got Its Start   (Short YouTube video from The Smithsonian)
Several short videos about the Civil War from The History Channel
Introduction to the Civil War from the Ken Burns Film
(*NOTE:  You may want to preview this first if your child is sensitive…many real photos, including casualties)
The Battle at Fort Sumter    (Short YouTube “virtual tour” of Ft. Sumter from the NPS)
The Battle of Fort Sumter and The Civil War     (Short overview-  YouTube video)
– Women Soldiers     (Short educational video on YouTube-  Very well done!)

Pink & Say by Patricia Polacco
(lovely narration on YouTube with full pictures from book…though this is a children’s story, once again please note the content is very somber)


*Explore It More!

The Nation Divided –  DK FindOut!
– What Started the War –  DK FindOut!
The Civil War Lesson Plan
->There are plans here for elementary through high school!  You may, or may not enjoy the plans, but be sure to check out the PDF printables.  There are some good ones!
Explore The Emancipation Proclamation-  DK FindOut!
Key Battles- DK FindOut!

–  Activities and Ideas to Explore Pink & Say
– Be a Civil War Soldier    (Interactive Game from the National Park Service)
What did the soldiers eat?
Try some of these RECIPES
– Civil War Timeline Game!


Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!
* Civil War Lapbook  from Homeschool Share
* Civil War Coloring Pages   (GREAT collection of American History coloring pages!)
* The Emancipation Proclamation  and Slavery in the South Continues
* The Battle at Fort Sumter   (The war begins)
* Confederate States Coloring Page
* Civil War Worksheets
* Jefferson Davis Coloring Page
*Note:  I have included these in the sections below also.
* Battle of Gettysburg Coloring Page  ,  Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, Speech
* Ulysses S. Grant ,  Robert E. Lee ,  Sherman,  Appomattox Court House  Coloring Pages


+Day 2:  The Homefront- South

*Core Reading:
-“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 42-43)-  The Homefront- South
-“Addy’s Surprise”


+Note:  There are A LOT of reading choices below!  Remember that you do NOT have to read every one of these!  You could also take a whole week to work through Day 2 🙂

*Daily Life in the South during the war:

Daily Life in the South
(Mr. Donn’s History Page with lots of other links!)
The Southern Homefront
Hardships on the Southern Homefront    (and we think chicken is expensive these days!)
– A child’s perspective of the war in the south
– War Through the Eyes of a Child   (Listen to an excerpt from the diary of Carrie Berry)
Women and the Civil War
– Women at home and SPIES!?!
– Rose O’Neal Greenhow
– Sally Tompkins   (Confederate Nurse)
Daily Civil War Life
(Lengthy list of links to brief introductions to what daily life was like during the Civil War for people fighting the war, people on the homefront, slaves, etc…)

*The War comes close:

Vicksburg Virtual Museum Exhibit   (National Park Service)
Battle of Vicksburg
Vicksburg….and why it was so important!



– Encouraging Hearts, Strengthening Hands:  Women Support the Confederate War Effort 
(Short YouTube video with nice sketches and photos)
The Union Siege at Vicksburg
(Approx. 3 minute video from the History Channel)
Short Biographies from the South    (PBS)


*Explore It More!

*Recipes from the South:
Most people living in slavery in the South would only have received a very small allowance of corn meal and a few other rations to cook with from their masters.  Cornbreads and other recipes including cornmeal were common.  Some slaves were allowed to grow small gardens or raise a small number of chickens.  Here are some meals that Addy and her family would have eaten that you might like to try!
*Note:  There is a link for a simple, lined paper printable recipe page that you might like to include in this unit under the coloring pages section below.   🙂
–  Collards & Corn Bread  from A Taste of Southern
(If you are a fan of Southern Cuisine, this is THE website.  I grew up in eastern North Carolina, and these recipes are just like I remember them!   Spot on!   I love the many anecdotes and personal family stories that are shared here as well!  )
Sweet Potato Pone
Hoppin John    (Recipe & a short history)
Grits   OR  Fried Grits
* Some other fun Civil War Recipes to try … and more  Civil War Food
* Book of Confederate “Recipts”   (scroll down to read some fascinating recipes!)


Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

The South at Home
 Printable Recipe Pages
General Robert E. Lee
Soldiers Cooking Coloring Page



+Day 3:  The Homefront- North

*Core Reading
-“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 44-45)-  The Homefront- North
-“Addy’s Surprise”



*Daily Life in the North during the war:
Daily Life in the North   (Mr. Donn’s History page with lots of links!)
Life On the Civil War Homefront
Women on the Homefront
(Includes some daily habits and diary excerpts which always make history so vivid !)
Nurses and Spies on the Homefront!
Elizabeth Blackwell
The Sanitary Commission
(The list of recognizable names here is amazing!  Louisa May Alcott, Clara Barton, Dorothea Dix.  I love when the years of “history pieces” come together and make one big picture!  )
 Sanitary Fairs    (Brief overview)
The Sanitary Fairs of the Civil War
* Note:  Clara Barton will be covered in Science: Week 3- Civil War Medicine

*The War comes close:
Virtual Tour of Life at Gettysburg
Explore the Gettysburg Cyclorama
The Battle of Gettysburg
The Gettysburg Address    (simple introduction and speech)
Virtual Tour of Gettysburg



On the Homefront      (YouTube Video- approx. 10 minutes)
Short Biographies from the North   ( PBS)
– The Diaries of Emilie Davis  and a video about the discovery of Emilie Davis’ Diary
(This girl would have grown up similarly to Addy in Philadelphia)
– African American Civilian Battle of Gettysburg Experience
Lee at Gettysburg
(short video from The History Channel)
 The Gettysburg Address
( Just the speech.  Well done and with great visuals! )
– The Civil War:  The Gettysburg Address
(YouTube excerpt from Ken Burns’ Film-  PBS)


*Explore It More!

*Recipes from the North:
* When Addy and her family escaped to freedom in Philadelphia, Addy was surprised by how different the food was!  Church socials would have included some delicious new treats !! *Note:  There is a link for a simple, lined paper printable recipe page that you might like to include in this unit under the coloring pages section below.   🙂
–  Chicken Shortcake  and other AG Recipes from  A Peak Into the Pantry   (So CUTE!)
–  Potato Salad
Peach Cobbler
Applesauce Cookies
Gingerbread     (and lots of other recipes to try!)
* Recipes from Gettysburg
* Union Recipes


+ Coloring pages
 to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

* Printable Recipe Page 
* Battle of Gettysburg
* Lincoln & the Gettysburg Address
* Lincoln and the Troops
* Clara Barton
* Elizabeth Blackwell
*Free printable Gettysburg Address copy work pages  from Proverbs 22:6 Academy
* Gettysburg Address printable

+Day 4:
   The War Ends !

*Core Reading:
-“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 46-49)-  The War Ends !
-“Addy’s Surprise”



The Battle of Appomattox
Surrender at Appomattox
Robert E. Lee
Ulysses S. Grant
Robert E. Lee Biography
Ulysses S. Grant Biography

Lincoln’s Assassination

What is Juneteenth ?
The Importance of Juneteenth



Appomattox Courthouse For Kids     (Video- about 6 minutes)
The Civil War Ends!   (3 short videos from the National Park Service)
– Juneteenth !    (YouTube video-  about 4 minutes)


*Explore It More!

 Take a Virtual Field Trip to the Appomattox Court House
(And other nearby sites as well!)

–  The End of the Civil War- Elementary Lesson Plan
(Includes power points & lots of other links!)


Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!
* 3 – Ulysses S. Grant coloring pages
* General Grant
*  Robert E. Lee   coloring page
* Grant and Lee Meet
* Generals Grant & Lee at Appomattox
*  Lee Surrenders
* The War is Over
* Juneteenth  Printables  from Enchanted Learning



+Day 5:  Moving On! A New South


*Core Reading:
-“Welcome to Addy’s World 1864″   (p. 50-58)-  Moving On! A New South
-“Addy’s Surprise”


A New Birth of Freedom:  Reconstruction
(Be sure to click through the additional links on the left)
The Reconstruction Act
(Mr. Donn’s History Pages & LOTS of links to keep reading!)
Civil War Reconstruction
Moving West !
Nat Love



–  Reconstruction    (short video from


*Explore It More!

DK FindOut!  Reconstruction

The Life and Adventures of Nat Love
(Full/Free Audiobook on YouTube. I have NOT listened to the whole recording (though what I did listen to was really good!!)
–>OR you can read The Life and Adventures Of Nat Love  if you’d prefer!
(This is a fun read, written by Nat Love himself, and includes nice sketches as well!)
Sojourner Truth
(Biography and LOTS of activities, links, and printables….be sure to scroll  ALL the way down to the bottom! )


Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!
* Reconstruction Coloring Page
* Sojourner Truth
* Sojourner Truth Coloring Page


*If you’d like to read the rest of the Addy series, I’ve included them below!


Reading Comprehension Think!

*Reading Comprehension Ideas:
  Show what you know about the Civil War!


* Keep a Civil War notebook!
Make sections and just quickly add in important people (scientists, artists, musicians, leaders, etc), important places, important events, and important ideas as you study this period of time. Use these lists later for writing prompts, notebooking, lapbooking, creating a timeline, etc…

* Make a History Timeline!

Timelines can be a constant visual review as you study through history!
If you are continuing on with the rest of the American Girl Units, you can just keep adding to your timeline and you will end up with a really solid visual for Early American History!
I wrote a post recently on how to Create Your Own Timeline… there are ideas for pretty much every personality of family… creative, tech loving, small spaces, hands-on, etc…

* Design a notebook, lapbook, scrapbook, folder, etc…to show what you’re learning.
If you have crafty, creative, or artistic kiddos, any one of these choices are a great way for the kids to show what they know about the Civil War!    In the following links, you can find some examples of Notebooking ,  Lapbooking , and Folders  (with templates!)

Meet Addy  ideas for learning games, discussion questions, and more!

* You can find interactive quizzes for many American Girl Doll books, including the series of Kirsten books.

*No Groans Book Reports
Does the tiniest mention of a book report fill the rooms with GROANS?!?  I don’t blame you!  Boring book reports can suck all the fun out of reading a book.  HOWEVER, there are some really fun ways you can share about some of the great books you are reading in this Civil War unit study!
If you are still doubting me…try one of these  Book Reports…  show what you know with a Book Report Cake, a Rainbow Report, or a Pizza Box Book Report!  See doesn’t this sound fun?!?  If you’re still not convinced may try making a book report poster.   This family made a giant poster from the Kristen series!

-Curate your own Civil War Museum!
If this sounds a bit too much to do, no fears!  It’s a MINI museum!
Here are some ideas on how to make your own mini museum (not history specific, but you’ll get the idea)!   I have done this just with my kids, but also in a co-op.  SUPER fun!!  This would be a great project to work on throughout this unit study, adding all your hands-on projects, pictures from field trips, creative book reports, art, and even recipes you’ve made to the museum!  We hosted a night for friends and family to come learn all about what we had been studying.

* Find whatever outlet that excites your kids!
Maybe they could make a video about some aspect of the Civil War.  Perhaps a How-To video for cooking a Civil War Era recipe…or a How-To Play for some of the games…or a recital of music from that era.  Whatever they love to do, find a way to use it to show what they know!
 “Minds in Bloom” has a really great post for some ideas… 72 to be exact!!

*LOTS of Hands-on Activities 
Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this unit to see a list of some of the fun crafts, cooking activities, & other creative ideas!

*The American Girl website has some nice worksheets including comprehension questions.  You will also find some free printable activities as well.

*This AG loving mom has lists of comprehension questions for lots of the books in the historical AG series.  You will also find tons of other ideas for ADDY here too !   

* You can find interactive quizzes for many American Girl Doll books, including the  series of Addy books.

* Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this unit to see a list of some of the fun crafts, cooking activities, & other creative ideas!


*Language Arts/Grammar Ideas-

* You may choose to use your regular grammar curriculum, add just a few of the  ideas below into the mix, or use it all.  Isn’t homeschooling wonderful sometimes?  🙂

*Vocabulary ideas-

*Choose any list of vocabulary you’d like to use for this unit.  I have included a brief list for each week from the core reading.

*Vocabulary Lists:

*Week 1:
1. plantation     2. overseer       3. auction       4. yankee          5. Rebel
6. cotton gin     7. rhythm         8. gourds        9. spirituals    10. witness

*Week 2:

1. nation           2. shackles           3. The Union     4. The Confederate     5. reunite
6.secede           7. abolitionist      8.  segregate      9. equality         10. The Quakers

*Week 3:

1. blockade    2. emancipation     3. proclamation     4. regiments     5. patriotic
6. duty            7. jubilation            8. enlist                   9. mourn         10. reconstruction

*Copy Work/Dictation/Narration ideas-

Following is a list of suggested quotes and poems from people we have studied each week, Scripture verses from the Bible Study section, song choices, and even recipes!  Choose your favorite ideas from this list.   The idea is to write from the sources that have sparked your curiosity!
If you purchased the Addy Civil War Printable Power Pack, don’t forget to print out the companion copy work pages for each week!

*Week 1:

* This week’s Scripture verses-
Hebrews 11:1-3 and 7          
2 Corinthians 5:7           
John 6:47          
Romans 5: 1-5
Ephesians 2:8                         
Psalm 37:5-6

* Abraham Lincoln Quotes Copywork Printable from Mama’s Learning Corner  

* Spirituals-
Do point out the way some words have been written as they were spoken and aren’t spelled correctly.
–  Wade in the Water      –  Steal Away –  Go Down Moses         –  The Gospel Train


*Week 2:

* This week’s Scripture verses-
  James 1:2-4  
  Romans 4:20  
  Hebrews 10:38-39
  1 Timothy 6:12
  Jeremiah 29:11
  Mark 11:22
  Romans 8:24-25

*Did you try one of the cooking activities this week?
Copying recipes is a fantastic exercise.  Here is a  Printable Recipe Page  you might like to use.

* John Greenleaf Whittier Copy Work Printables
– Whittier Poems
–  Notebooking Page from Homeschool Giveaways & Freebies

* Harriet Beecher Stowe Quotes


*Week 3:

* This week’s Scripture verses-
John 8: 32-36
Galatians 4: 6-7
John 3:16
2 Timothy 1: 9-10
Ephesians 2: 4-10
Galatians 5: 1, 13

The Gettysburg Address Copywork Printables  from Proverbs 22:6 Academy
(This is done really well…broken down into small portions to copy and discuss….manuscript print)

Emancipation Proclamation (could also be used in week 1) Printable

Clara Barton Quotes

*Grammar ideas-

* Here’s a website of very short daily grammar reviews
Fun Grammar  offers interactive online games, and Education World has fun editing worksheets.

* You could also choose a sentence, or photocopy a page of the reading. Depending on what skill you want to emphasize, have your child diagram a few sentences, or find all the verbs, nouns, etc…, or whatever grammar skill needs work.

* This is a great unit to include a discussion of ‘slang‘.   The vocabulary in many of the readings, songs, and recipes is often strange to both the eyes and the ears.   Here are some fun ways to help gain a better understanding !
Civil War Slang
Civil War Slang Lesson Plan   (starts on page 16)

*Creative Writing Ideas-

* Week 1-

* Listen to Follow the Drinking Gourd again.
The songs of the slaves held very deep meaning.  Some of the songs reminded them of their lives before being sold into slavery, some encouraged them to keep their faith in God and in their future freedoms, and some even hid secret messages !   Try writing one of your own songs…it could be a song of hope or a song with a secret message!

* Week 2-

*War Letters Home
– Try writing a letter from the perspective of a soldier.  Remember to use everything you’ve been learning!  You could talk about a battle you were just in, a famous person you may have met, or what you had been eating.
You can read some more samples HERE
*Civil War Letter Writing Activity  
(Including instructions for making your own antiqued stationary and envelopes!)
* Civil War Letters    (Lesson Plan for Writing Activities from Mr. Donn)
* Printable Civil War Era Envelopes & Stationary
(Click each link to choose one you like!)

* Week 3-

*  Reread some of the diary entries of Carrie Berry  or watch the short video about Emilie Davis and her diary.  Many people wrote diaries to record their thoughts and struggles during the Civil War era.   They have left us with so many vivid descriptions of what life was like for people living in that time.  You may like to go back and read Imagine you are a child in 1865 and learning that finally the awful war has ended.
* Civil War Diary Activity
* Civil War Themed Lined Pages    (FREE Printables)

Heart Bible


*Bible Study –   Faith

*Week 1: Faith, Through Belief   (Noah)
*Week 2: Faith, Through Perseverance    (Joseph)
*Week 3: Faith, Through Love     (Jesus)


american girl unit study

*Week 1: Faith, Through Belief   (Noah)

As we start our study of Addy and the time in history which she lived, you may be feeling a little sad.  Some of the stories you read show just how awful and cruel people were to one another.  This may make you feel angry or even afraid.
Do you think Addy felt this way too?
But wait!   Don’t be discouraged!
Addy and many other African Slaves had something that helped them to have HOPE in their lives even when what they could see around them looked very hopeless.
Do you know what they had? FAITH!

“Faith is being sure of what we hope for.   It is being sure of what we do not see.”
( Hebrews 11:1)

Religion was a very important part of life.  You will read about the hymns and songs that the slaves sang to encourage one another as they worked.   You will hear how God sent many people to help them along the path to freedom, and how He lead them miraculously through the dark  to safety.
Do you know that God even used the quilts the women sewed in a pretty amazing way?
So though their circumstances were pretty awful, they were filled with faith in God and therefore filled with hope!

Can you feel a little bit of the hope rising up  in your heart too ? 

Faith is bigger than what we can SEE !!! There’s so much to discover!  Even if you only have a tiny bit, God sees it!  And He LOVES what He sees !! He will take the little bit of faith you have and make it multiply into a giant faith that can change the world !
As you study this unit, I hope that you will learn how GOOD God is, even in the midst of hard times when you can’t see what He is doing.
I hope that your faith will grow like a beautiful, big tree, and that you will be strong and filled with hope ! I am praying for you as I am writing!


* Short Intro to the topic of FAITH
* Faith Lesson
* Story of Noah
(Noah is a great example of having faith in what God has said even if you can’t see what is ahead !   Imagine the faith it took to build a giant ship on dry land while everyone who passed by came to laugh at and mock Noah!)
* Noah and the Ark
(Lots of activities and printables from Garden of Praise)

*What Does God Say About It?

*Related Scriptures for Further Reading-
Hebrews 11:1-3 and 7          
2 Corinthians 5:7           
John 6:47          
Romans 5: 1-5
Ephesians 2:8                         
Psalm 37:5-6

*Ideas to Think About & Discuss-

* What is faith?
* Where does faith come from?
* Is faith just a feeling?
* Why is it important to have faith in the right things (person)?
* How can we be sure about something when we can’t see it?
* What are some things you believe in but cannot see?
Why are you sure those things exist?
* What is the difference between faith and hope ?
* Tell someone about a time that you showed faith.
What happened ?
Ask them to tell you about a time when they showed faith.
* Does acting in faith always make sense?
* Think about the stories we’re reading in the Scriptures this week.
What are some of the things Noah did that showed his faith in God?
*Which Scripture did you like the most this week?
(*NOTE:  You may like to start a Bible journal this week if you don’t already keep one.  One way that God speaks to us is through the Scriptures.  If one sticks out to you while you’re reading, try writing it down in a special notebook so you will remember it!)

Stories From the Bible :  Noah’s Ark
(YouTube Video about 25 minutes)

*Explore It More!


* Faith Object Lessons
Have A Little Faith!  Object Lesson
– 4 Faith Object Lessons
– Faith Object Lesson

* Faith Lesson Ideas
 Lesson on Faith  (classroom oriented)

*Write in your Bible Journal !
HERE   and  HERE are some fun examples to get you started !
-Print these Free Bible Journaling Pages   

Noah Builds an Ark
(Gen. 5:28-6:22…Story, Lesson, and some fun object lessons…see *Activities* below for coloring pages and printables that go with this lesson )
Noah Science Experiment
(This is a good craft to keep as a reminder  that  God ALWAYS keeps His promises…therefore, we can always put our faith in Him.)
Noah Paper Plate Craft


* ‘By Faith
* ‘I Lift My Hands’

* Coloring/Activity Pages-

* Faith Coloring Page
* Noah Builds an Ark
(Coloring pages & other printables- See *Reading* above with same name for a corresponding lesson)
*Noah Coloring Pages & Printables
Noah Coloring Pages and Printables  
* Noah Coloring Pages
*If you’d like extra coloring pages or printable activities to go along with any of the stories from the scriptures listed above, you can find them here:




american girl unit study week 3

*Week 2: Faith, Through Perseverance

When Addy ran away in the night to escape to the North, I’m sure she was afraid and needed faith to believe that God would guide her to safety.
But that wasn’t the end of her story, her family’s story,  or the stories of the thousands of other slaves still in bondage.  They needed faith to rise up in their hearts every day.  They needed to remember the hope they had as they worked in the fields with hungry bellies and hearts full of sadness and frustration and fear.   They needed to persevere in faith !


*The Story of Joseph
(Activities, printables, quizzes…from Garden of Praise)
Joseph’s Brothers
( The rest of the story  🙂  With all of the above printables)
*Joseph Sold into Slavery
(Gen. 37:3-36…Story, Lesson, and some fun object lessons…see *Activities* below for coloring pages and printables that go with this lesson )
* Joseph & Potiphar
(Genesis 39:1-23…Story, Lesson, and some fun object lessons…see *Activities* below for coloring pages and printables that go with this lesson )
*Joseph in Prison
(Genesis 40-41:57…Same idea as above)
*Jacob Moves to Egypt          (
Genesis 45:17- 50:26…. same as above)
*PERSEVERANCE Bible/Character Study
(SEE Bible Study, Week 1, Day 1…from the Kirsten- Pioneer America Unit Study)

Special note for the Mama’s on  —>Perseverance <3

*What Does God Say About It?

  James 1:2-4  
  Romans 4:20  
  Hebrews 10:38-39
  1 Timothy 6:12
  Jeremiah 29:11
  Mark 11:22
  Romans 8:24-25

*Ideas to Think About & Discuss-

*What is perseverance?
*What does it mean to persevere in faith?
*How did Joseph persevere in his faith?
*Was God with Joseph when he was cruelly treated by his brothers?
Or when he was in prison unfairly?
*What happened at the end of Joseph’s story?
*What do you think the slaves Hope really was ?
Do you think it was freedom or something more?
How could they keep going and not give up?

*Romans 14:8-9 says, ” If we live, we live to honor the Lord. If we die, we die to honor the Lord. So whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.  Christ died and came back to life. He did this to become the Lord of both the dead and the living.”

*What do you think this means?
*How could this Scripture be encouraging ?
*Which Scripture did you like the most this week?
(Remember to write it down if you’re keeping a journal!)


The Good News for Kids
(YouTube- about 2 minutes)

*Explore It More!

*Joseph Crafts
(Though designed for younger kiddos, there are some activities  that would be fun for anyone!  )
* Joseph Sold into Slavery
(Coloring pages & other printables- See *Reading* above with same name for a corresponding lesson)
* Joseph & Potiphar
* Joseph in Prison
* Jacob Moves to Egypt

* Sing!  

*Never Be Shaken
*You Make Me Brave (kids video)   OR  just the song You Make Me Brave
*In the End

*Coloring Pages-

*Perseverance Coloring Page
*Note:  There are LOTS of coloring pages found in the *Activities* section this week.



American Girl Unit Study Week 3

*Week 3: Faith, Through Love     (Jesus)

Even after the war ended and the slaves were set “free”, life was still quite hard for them.   There were new laws made in the country to help the slaves gain their freedom, but laws can not change people’s hearts.
Many people who had owned slaves were angry about the new laws and so they made life very hard for the freed people. It was almost impossible to find work, and homes, and land.
Do you think they gave up? No way!!
Many of these brave people still had, you guessed it, faith.
They knew that in reality, Christ had already set them free long, long ago and He would keep guiding them until they could see it!
What do I mean Christ already set them free?
Did you know that we are ALL slaves until we know Jesus?   Not like the slaves we have been reading about in this study, but we are slaves to things like sin, and fear, and death?

But there’s GOOD NEWS!
Many of the slaves knew this good news all those years ago, and so they waited patiently and endured all the bad things that were happening to them, and they kept hoping and believing and having faith.
What’s the good news? Do you already know?
It’s LOVE!
Did you think I was going to say Jesus?
Well, you’re right.  It’s the INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, UNENDING, ENORMOUS LOVE of Jesus. Why is that good news? Because His love for ALL people is so big,  that He chose to come to earth and make a way for everyone to be SET FREE !!!  He set us all free from sin, and fear, and death FOREVER!
Are you excited about that?   Me too !!  It’s really GREAT news, I think!


*The story of the slavery of the Israelites really illustrates so well that God has a plan for His people for all time and He WILL carry it out throughout history .  This would be a good lesson to tie everything together and point to the ultimate deliverer, Jesus Christ!
*The Slavery of the Israelites
(Exodus…Story, Lesson, and some fun object lessons…see *Activities* below for coloring pages and printables that go with this lesson )
*The Exodus           (See above note!)
*Jesus Gives Freedom

*What Does God Say About It?

John 8: 32-36
Galatians 4: 6-7
John 3:16
2 Timothy 1: 9-10
Ephesians 2: 4-10
Galatians 5: 1, 13

*Ideas to Think About & Discuss-

*What is the “good news” ?
*How does knowing the good news give you more faith?
*What do we mean when we say that everyone is a slave before they know Jesus?
*What does it mean to be a slave to something (not a person)?
*When is a time you felt like a slave to something?
*How did it make you feel when it was in your life?
*How does Jesus set us free so we aren’t slaves anymore?
*Have you ever been set free from something?
*How does that make you feel?
*Which Scripture did you like the most this week?
*What part of this study do you remember the most?


*The Good News for Kids
(YouTube- about 2 minutes)


*Explore It More!

*The Slavery of the Israelites
(Coloring pages, activity pages, printables)
*The Exodus
*Freedom Object Lesson


*I Am Free 
*No Longer Slaves
*I Am Set Free
*Freedom Reigns
*Good News !
(Just because it’s so sweet <3  )

*Coloring & Activity Pages-

*A whole collection of Scripture coloring pages

*Count It All Joy Coloring Page
(Another great encouragement for homeschooling families… The Flanders Family )

*LOTS of coloring pages are found in the *Activities* section this week.

Frog in Pond


*Civil War Science !

*Week 1:  Amazing Inventions- Samuel Morse
*Week 2:  Constellations
*Week 3:  Civil War Medicine

*NOTE:  Week 3 is a HUGE topic.  I ended up including way more than needed for a one week study.  You could chose to spend more time on this science section, or even just use it for all 3 weeks and save the other 2 sections for later if this topic is something your kiddos are extra enthusiastic about!



american girl unit study
*Week 1: Amazing Inventions

Addy lived during a time of some amazing inventions!
There were so many new ways to communicate!  Imagine life without the telephone, or texting, or television, or the internet! News travels very fast these days.
In the early 1800’s, it took a long time for people to hear from their friends and families who didn’t live nearby.  Imagine how exciting the invention of the telegraph was!
Do you think this was like the very first “internet” or the first “texting” ?


* Read!

* Morse Code & the Telegraph
–  Communication
(This is a sweet, true story about how important communication is!)
–  Samuel Morse
Invention of the Telegraph
Electric Messages Then and Now     (Lesson Plan with student printables)


–  History of the Morse Code
–  The History of the Telegraph
The Telegraph and Lincoln
– See & Hear Morse Code

*Explore It More!

* Communication Activities     (Lots of fun ideas & activities)
Learn Morse Code                                   (Interactive)
Morse Code Text Converter
Morse Code Game
Morse Code Activity


* Coloring Pages-

* Samuel Morse
* Samuel Morse & His Telegraph
* Morse Code Printable from Crayola
* Samuel Morse  Notebooking Pages
* Electric Messages Then and Now            (Lesson Plan with student printables)


american girl unit study week 3

*Week 2: Constellations 

Addy and her family relied on the help of many along their dangerous escape to freedom.  There were secrets hidden in quilts, hidden in songs, hidden in the light of the lanterns at night, and even hidden in the stars!!

* Read!

Interactive Night Sky Constellations 
Constellations and how they got their names
Constellations Lesson Plan



– Follow the Drinking Gourd
(Short YouTube video about how slaves escaping to freedom may have followed constellations to safety)
‘Zoo in the Sky’
Constellations for Kids


*Explore It More!

* Constellations Printables
SkyMap Online
(Opens a bit slow, but this is wonderful!  Find the constellations right now!)
Constellations Game 1
* Constellations Game 2
* Constellation Viewers
* Marshmallow Constellations
Make a Star Clock
* Constellations
* Watercolor Constellation Activity
* Constellation Keychain Activity
* Constellation Activity
* Constellation Activities and Links
* Find a Planetarium Near YOU!
* Play the Constellation Station Game


* Coloring Pages-

* Constellation Mini Book Printable
* Big Dipper Coloring Page
* Constellations
* Star Gazing Diary




American Girl Unit Study Week 3

*Week 3: Civil War Medicine

(This is a HUGE topic that kind of branched out as I wrote!  You really could spend all 3 weeks on different aspects if you choose!)

* Read!

* American Civil War Medicine
* Civil War Medicine
* Civil War Medicine
(Lesson Plan from National Park Service)
* What was it like to be a patient during the Civil War ?
* If You Were A Civil War Doctor Activity
* The Civil War and Medicine
* Civil War Diseases

* Clara Barton National Historic Site
(This site has wonderful photos of Clara & her life !)
*Clara Barton

* The Red Cross Starts
(click “enter” …which is in microscopic print…to begin!!)
* 5 Medical Innovations of the Civil War



* Civil War Medical Care
* A Day at the Doctor
(Video from CSpan-   very good visual of medicine during this era)
*Civil War Medical Artifacts Videos
* Civil War Medicine PodCasts
*Mercy Street:Civil War Medicine
(a collection of videos from PBS-> PLEASE preview!!)

*Explore It More!

Virtual Tour of National Museum of Civil War Medicine
* Analyzing Artifacts Activity 
(from the National Parks Service)

* Clara Barton NPS Virtual Tour  and  Worksheets


*As we have learned, most of the deaths due to the war were caused by infection, not injuries.  Clara Barton worked tirelessly to educate on the importance of hygiene.
Here is a chart that really puts it into perspective !  YIKES !


Union Confederacy Total
Death from wounds 110,070 94,000 204,070
Death from disease 249,458 164,000 413,458
Total deaths 359,528 258,000 617,52

***This chart was taken from North Carolina Digital History .


Germs! The Importance of Washing Your Hands  from Kristin Moon Science !
Microorganisms !!!       ( Fun interactive site with info & games!)
Where Do Germs Grow in Your House experiment
(This one is scary!  lol  from Homeschool Den with a free printable to download! LOTS of other fun to be found on this site too!)
Magic School Bus Goes Inside Ralphie       (GERMS!!  full length video)
– Germs!   (all kinds of ideas from A to Z Kids Stuff  )
Growing Bacteria from ScienceBob
– Fun game about Microorganisms
– A list of short videos for kids all about different aspects of germs, etc…



-Read this short essay on The Civil War Food & Disease
What Did Civil War Soldiers Eat?
– HERE is a short YouTube video showing what rations would have looked like.

– Look at the Rations List found in the first essay (page 2).
Make a comparison chart of the typical rations given to a soldier and compare it to what is suggested for a healthy diet.  What is obviously missing ?  EEEKS!
Can you make a list of some of the diseases that the soldiers suffered from and what food might have had to do with it?  (Scurvy for example)
–  Hardtack was a staple in the soldier’s diet  (more details about hardtack found in the second essay)….  Try making some hardtack to try for yourself.
Here’s a recipe to try.
The recipe is about halfway through the page.
* Here is a short activity on Civil War Rations and Health from the National Park Service

*Exploring the History of Medicine would be a wonderful addition for your older students or if you’re still wanting to keep studying this topic!!

* Coloring Pages-

* Foods & Vitamins Matching Page
*Microbe Comic Coloring Book  and Viral Attack from Ask a Biologist
* Clara Barton Activity Pages      (Scroll down to the “For Kids” section)
* Clara Barton Paper Doll



 I Want to See the World

*Geography ideas-

*Week 1:  Africa
*Week 2: North Carolina
*Week 3: Pennsylvania



american girl unit study

*Week 1:  Africa

+Read, Watch, and Learn!

*Geography of Africa
(Short YouTube video intro to the geography of Africa…very informative!  This is a great place to start! )
Geography of Africa
Africa Today
(From Mr. Donn…TONS of links!)
* Africa Geography
(Including a coloring page & word search)
* Learn Africa!     (Song for kids)

*Planet Earth Africa Landscapes
(Short YouTube Video- 6 min….BEAUTIFUL !)

+Mapping & Printables-

*Interactive Geography Games for Africa
*All About Africa
* Interactive Africa
(Interactive stories about Africa from PBS Kids)
* Africa’s Lands (Biomes) Coloring Sheet
* Africa Scavenger Hunt
*Easy Salt Dough Map of Africa
*Africa Coloring Pages
*Play this African Map Quiz

+Hands On-

*Kente Cloth Art  from my favorite, Kitchen Table Classroom!
*Check out the AfriCam  
(See live video, or check out their weekly highlights!  Please be aware that this is FREE, but their are options to buy the premium package- no clicking without your parents kiddos 😀 !!)
* Play this fun Dice Game
* Create some African Neck Pieces
* Make a Mask!
* Try some recipes:
– Here’s a list of African Recipes from many countries
– OR you might like to try Recipes From Africa

* Listen to some beautiful Classical African Music set to native scenery 


+ Start a diorama. You may like to create several, one for each week’s theme, or just add on each week to make one larger diorama.  I have included lots of links to coloring pages & paper dolls that would be good to use.  



american girl unit study week 3

*Week 2:  North Carolina

+Read, Watch, and Learn!

*North Carolina Learning Links
* America’s Story: North Carolina
* North Carolina History

* Exploring NC Geography
* Let’s Explore!  NC Coastal Plain     
* Let’s Explore!  NC Mountains
* Let’s Explore!   NC Piedmont    
* Take a Virtual Field Trip to Coastal North Carolina
* NC Lighthouses

* The Wright Brothers
* Wright Brothers:Dreams Take Flight

NC and the Civil War
(Online exhibit- click choices to see each exhibit)

* The Lost Colony of Roanoke

+ Mapping & Printables-

* Enchanted Learning Printables for NC
* Draw & Write Notebooking Page
6 North Carolina Printables
* NC Coloring Pages
* Printables for NC
*Independence Hall Coloring Page

+Hands On-

* Make your own Wright Brothers Flyer
* Color some of the lighthouses found in NC
(Click the right arrow to see each NC lighthouse page- color online, or print!)
* Try fixin’ some Pimento Cheese               (Or another recipe from  Our State Magazine)
* Here are several craft ideas from the 3 different regions of North Carolina



American Girl Unit Study Week 3

Week 3: Pennsylvania

+Read, Watch, and Learn!

*All About Pennsylvania
*State Study-  Pennsylvania

* 2 Minute Tour of Pennsylvania
*Pennsylvania Video
(Focus more on the culture and people of PA)
* Virtual Tour of Historic Philadelphia
*PBS Kids Wilson & Ditch Diggin’ Philadelphia

* The Amish
*Stories from Pennyslvania History
(This is a collection of articles…not super lengthy, but a bit higher reading level is required…pretty much covers all of the Pennsylvania history high points.  It would be a good place to choose the articles that were most interesting to your child and read them together.  )

*Play these online learning games about Pennsylvania 

+Mapping & Printables-

* Pennsylvania Lapbook
* Interactive Maps of Pennsylvania
*All About Pennsylvania
(LOTS of mapping printables from Enchanted Learning)
*Pennsylvania Printables
*State Map Lined Show What You Know Printable
*Color Pennsylvania and All It’s Symbols   
(Free Printable booklet)

+Hands On-

*Listen to “Just Plain Fancy” by Patricia Polacco
(A story about the Amish in PA)

* Make your own Kids Travel Guide to Pennsylvania!
Kid’s Travel Guide is a sample video you can use to get started with if you need some help!

*Try making some typical foods you might find in Pennsylvania.
– Here is a site with LOTS of Amish Recipes to try!
Or try one of these traditional Pennsylvania recipes below:
Shoo Fly Pie   (no worries!  no flies !)
Homemade Pretzels
Easy Whoopie Pies
Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Pot Pie

* Read this article about Hex Signs
this HEX SIGN CRAFT or this   Hex Craft Barn Stars


*Add to & finish up your diorama
(It might be fun this week to add some of the major landmarks or landforms that  we have studied this week to your diorama….)




*Civil War ARTIST Study-
Winslow Homer


  Winslow Homer   ( A complete unit from Garden of Praise)
  All About Winslow Homer    (from Deep Space Sparkle- includes activities!)

Homer’s Civil War Veteran: Battlefield to Wheat Field    (lesson plan)
  Winslow Homer Mini Page
Teaching the Civil War Through Art
  (An entire lesson plan)


Winslow Homer: An American Artist    (YouTube video about 5 minutes)
Winslow Homer:  A Living Painting       (YouTube video from the Newark Museum)



  Homer Art Lessons for Children     (This includes lots of Homer’s works all in one place)

* Make a painted story quilt about YOUR life.
How To Make A Painted Story Quilt is a short video on just how to do it!

*Some more artist study ideas to use !
*Worksheet on How to Analyze an Artwork



  Virtual Coloring Page
– Making Art Fun – a show what you know kind of printable

– Worksheet on How to Analyze a Artwork
– Some more artist study ideas to use from my favorite Kitchen Table Classroom!



*Misc. Recipes, Crafts, Activities, and other Fun Stuff*

*Abraham Lincoln and His Gingerbread Men
*Battle of Gettysburg Farina
*Hands-on Study of the Civil War  

*Remember these unit studies are designed so that your family can enjoy them for FREE anywhere there is internet access ! There are so many wonderful books that you could add to these studies, please by all means use as many as you have access to.  :)

Remember to check out my favorite books for each of the unit studies in the Great Books List 

great books for unit studies

or you can check my Pinterest “EXTRAS” boards for each unit HERE.

If you decide to purchase any of these extra books, I would appreciate it greatly if you could click directly to Amazon from one of my links.  Amazon will pay me a small commission for it, and it will NOT cost you anything additional.  THANKS FRIENDS !!

***Hope you have enjoyed the Addy Unit Study !
Check out Turn of the Century America,  Samantha’s Unit Study next!

american girl unit study

*Other FREE American Girl History Units from Fields of Daisies~


*Overview of All American Girl Unit Studies
(An outline of the scope and sequence covered in each of the AG Units)

*FREE Native America Unit Study-  AG Kaya
+Kaya Printable Power Pack  (Free!)
Native America (Kaya) Unit Study- PDF Version
+Kaya Native America Pinterest Board

*FREE Colonial America Unit Study – AG Felicity
+Felicity Printable Power Pack
+Colonial America  (Felicity) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+A Colonial America Christmas-  Hands-On History  (Free)
+A Colonial America Christmas-  Printable Power Pack
+Felicity- Colonial America Pinterest Board
+Colonial America (Felicity) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE Southwest Frontier America Unit Study – AG Josefina
+Josefina Printable Power Pack
+Southwest Frontier  (Josefina) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+Christmas Southwestern Frontier- Hands-On History  (Free)
+Josefina- Frontier America Pinterest Board
+Southwestern Frontier (Josefina) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE Pioneer America Unit Study – AG Kirsten
+Kirsten Printable Power Pack
+Pioneer America (Kirsten) Unit Study- PDF Version
+Kirsten-  Pioneer America Pinterest Board
+Pioneer America (Kirsten) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE Civil War America Unit Study – AG Addy
+Addy Printable Power Pack
+Civil War (Addy) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+Addy- Civil War America Pinterest Board
+Civil War (Addy) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE 1900 Turn of the Century America Unit Study – AG Samantha
+Samantha Printable Power Pack   (My FAVORITE yet!!!)
+Turn of the Century (Samantha) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+Samantha-  Turn of the Century Pinterest Board
+Turn of the Century (Samantha) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE The Great Depression Unit Study-  AG Kit
+The Great Depression (Kit) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+Kit Printable Power Pack
+Kit- The Great Depression Pinterest Board

*FREE World War 2 Unit Study-  AG Molly
+World War 2 (Molly) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+World War 2 (Molly) Unit Printable POWER Pack!
+WW2 File Folder Game
+World War 2 Unit Study Printables BUNDLE!     (*NEW!)
+Molly- World War 2 Pinterest Board



girl christmas holiday homeschooling

*American Girl Christmas School-  Homeschooling Through the Holidays

–> Check out all the American Girl Printables in the Book Store!
American History American Girl PDF Versions Bundle  american girl unit studies fields of daisies

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