Turn of the Century (Samantha) Unit Study PDF Version


Turn of the Century (American Girl Samantha) Unit Study PDF Version

114 pages!  Just print and go!
You’ll find the entire Turn of the Century (American Girl Samantha) Unit Study complete with live links!
Everything you need all in one place to start ENJOYING living, loving, and learning together !
You can read more details about what’s included in this PDF Version in the description below!

While I make every effort to keep the live links updated and current, it is probable that you will find some broken links in the PDF Versions, as websites are constantly changing.If you need other suggestions for a link that isn’t working, please feel free to email me and I’ll find you an alternative.

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Turn of the Century-  American Girl Samantha
Unit Study (PDF Version)

Now you can have everything you need at a glance to plan and enjoy this unit!
Just PRINT and GO!
You will find each daily lesson for reading, science, geography, Bible study, etc…organized week by week-  all with LIVE LINKS!  I’ve also included some extra planners and places to take notes!

Save the time and fuss!  114 pages all organized and ready to go!
-Week at a Glance Pages
-Daily Lesson Plans arranged by week
-Planning Sheets (field trips, library list, projects, etc…)
-Live Links (so you can preview)
-People, Places, Events, Vocabulary Pages

Go check out the FREE Turn of the Century (Samantha) Unit, and the Turn of the Century (American Girl Samantha) Unit Study, PRINT and you’re all set!


Here’s what you’ll find in the Samantha Unit Study !
Welcome to the wonder- filled world of Samantha Parkington! Imagine life at the Turn of the Century- 1904.  As a young person, you might find yourself learning the etiquette of social life, ballroom dancing, and strolling through Central Park…or you could be working grueling hours in a shirtwaist factory to help provide for your family.  We’ll learn about some of the amazing machines that led the way into America’s Industrial Revolution as we walk down the avenues of the World’s Fair!  We will imagine life through the eyes of children seeing the shores of America for the very first time, and settling in a new country.  We will also get to know the President, known for his connection to the “teddy bear”,  and also some of his friends who called our attention to America’s great natural beauty.
What an EXCITING time to have lived !  What an exciting time to re-live !

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