American Girl Homeschool History Unit Studies

American Girl Unit Studies Overview


If your plans include the American Girl History Units this year, this post is just for YOU!

A friend recently asked me if I could give her an outline of what each of the American Girl Unit Studies cover.  As I went through and put it all together, I thought it might be helpful to some of you as well!

I have completed the FREE Unit Studies for:

+American Girl Kaya (Native America-1764)
+American Girl Felicity (Colonial America-1774)
+American Girl Josefina (America’s Southwest Frontier- 1824)
+American Girl Kirsten (Pioneer America- 1854)
+American Girl Addy (Civil War America- 1864)
+American Girl Samantha (Turn of the Century- 1904)
+American Girl Kit  (The Great Depression- 1934)    <– NEW!!

First, what you will find in all of these unit studies-

+Language Arts
(Vocabulary Lists, Copy Work, Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension, Book Lists, Grammar Ideas)

(A unique Family Bible Study for each week that ties into the theme of the Unit Study)

(Science lessons related to the study)

(Geography lessons related to the study- state studies, mapping skills, etc…)

(This of course is the spine, so LOTS of history!  Daily Life, People, Places, and Events!)

(Each unit study features an artist from that period, with the exception of the Kaya Unit)

+Coloring Pages/Printables  
(Printable coloring pages to use for your timeline, history notebook, or just for fun!)

+Hands-On Projects  
(Recipes, crafts, STEM ideas, simulations, etc…)


And specifically, here is what you will find, by subject, in each of the Unit Studies-

Native America Unit Study American Girl Kaya


+American Girl Kaya (Native America-1764) Unit Study

Welcome to the Nez Perce Tribe, 1764!  Meet Kaya, her family, and her tribe, the Nez Perce.  Walk through the forests and streams, and gallop across the fields on a beautiful Appaloosa.  Learn all about Native American families, their homes, the foods they enjoyed, their work, and their beautiful art through the eyes of a girl just about your age!  Go back in time and sit by a fire as you hear explorers Lewis and Clark tell of their adventures and amazing discoveries along the way!

Week 1-  Creation Story
Week 2-  Life & Death
Week 3-  What’s In a Name

Week 1-  Animals of the Nez Perce  (Horses & Coyotes)
Week 2-  Animals of the Nez Perce  (Buffalo & Salmon)
Week 3-  Seasons

Week 1-  The Nez Perce
Week 2-  Daily Life in the Tribe
Week 3-  Native American People & Places

Week 1-  The Pacific Northwest
Week 2-  Tribes & Travels
Week 3-  Cartography/Lewis & Clark

*Book List #1
*Book List #2

American History Books for Colonial America Unit Study
+American Girl Felicity (Colonial America-1774) Unit Study 

This is an exciting, hands-on study of the birth of our country.  We will be discovering what life was like during this time through the eyes of Felicity Merriman, an adventurous, outdoor loving young girl growing up in bustling colonial Williamsburg. We will read her stories, learn about her family, explore life in a colony divided by friends both Loyalists and Patriots, practice having high tea and ballroom dancing, and lots more!

Week 1-  What Is Freedom?
Week 2-  What Is Slavery?
Week 3-  I Am Free!

Week 1-  Medicine In Colonial Times
Week 2-  Science With Colonial Foods
Week 3-  Spies & Secret Codes

Week 1-  The American Colonies
Week 2-  A Day in the Life of a Colonist
Week 3-  The American Revolution

Week 1-  The 13 Colonies
Week 2-  Politics & Flags
Week 3-  Revolutionary War Battles

*Art:  John Singleton Copley

*Book List #1
*Book List #2

American History Books for Frontier Unit Study

+American Girl Josefina (America’s Southwest Frontier- 1824) Unit Study

Discover the wild and colorful Southwestern American Frontier of 1824!  Celebrate life on Josefina’s rancho. Hear the mariachis, dance with friends, and taste the cinnamon sweetness of freshly baked biscochos!  Plot your path, and follow the wagon trains on the Santa Fe Trail.  Watch for outlaws!

Week 1-  Worship- Remembering God
Week 2-  Worship- Celebrating God
Week 3-  Worship- God and The Beauty of the Earth

Week 1-  Wild Weather!
Week 2-  Natural Beauty
Week 3-  Flowers of the Southwest

Week 1-  America’s Southwestern Frontier
Week 2-  A Day on the Frontier
Week 3-  Life on the Trail

Week 1-  New Mexico
Week 2-  The People & National Parks of New Mexico
Week 3-  Exploring the Trails

*Art:  Georgia O’Keeffe

*Book List #1
*Book List #2


Pioneer Unit Study

+American Girl Kirsten (Pioneer America- 1854) Unit Study

This is an exciting, hands-on study of our country’s Westward Expansion.We will be discovering what pioneer  life was like through the eyes of Kirsten Larson, a kind and brave young girl who has just arrived in New York, from her home far away in Sweden.We will read about her adventures traveling west to Minnesota, explore the life of the other pioneers she meets along the trail, enjoy some Swedish treats that Kirsten’s mama cooked for her, and lots more!

Week 1-Perseverance:  Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan
Week 2-  Generosity:  Johnny Appleseed
Week 3-  Obedience:  Sojourner Truth

Week 1-  Using a Compass/Orienteering
Week 2-  Simple Machines & Inventions
Week 3-  Great Inventors of the 1800’s

Week 1-  Journey to America
Week 2-  Daily Life on the Prairie
Week 3-  Pioneers’ Friends & Foes

Week 1-  Sweden
Week 2-  Across America: The Prairie
Week 3-  Minnesota

*Art:  Carl Larsson

*Book List #1
*Book List #2

American History Books Civil War

+American Girl Addy (Civil War America- 1864) Unit Study

What was life like during this period of history?  We’ll dig deep and see it happening through the eyes of Addy Walker, a courageous young girl who escapes life as a slave in North Carolina, and then must learn how to live as a free girl in her new home in Philadelphia.  We will read her stories.  Real life tales of battles and spies!  Heartbreak for certain, but also amazing true stories of perseverance and immense bravery.  We will find out how Addy and others made their way in the dark on the underground railroad ,and the friends they made along the way.  And we will explore Addy’s new life in a free state where she finally gets to go to school! There are tons of ideas each week to learn even more!  Crack the Morse Code mystery, make your own secret direction quilt,  write your own freedom song, make Addy’s favorite meal, or learn to sew a rag doll !


Week 1-  Faith, Through Belief  (Noah)
Week 2-  Faith, Through Perseverance  (Joseph)
Week 3-  Faith, Through Love   (Jesus)

Week 1-  Amazing Inventions/Samuel Morse
Week 2-  Constellations
Week 3-  Civil War Medicine

Week 1-  Life in the South
Week 2-  North to Freedom
Week 3-  America’s “Civil” War

Week 1-  Africa
Week 2-  North Carolina
Week 3-  Pennsylvania

*Art:   Winslow Homer

*Book List #1
*Book List #2

american girl free unit study

+American Girl Samantha (Turn of the Century- 1904) Unit Study

In this Unit, we will learn what daily life was like at the Turn of the Century-
Imagine…  learning the etiquette of high tea, ballroom dancing, or strolling through Central Park…or working grueling hours in a shirtwaist factory and living in a tenement.  We will delve into the Industrial Revolution and we will walk down the avenues of the World’s Fair  re-discovering the amazing inventions that were changing the world!  We will imagine life through the eyes of children seeing the shores of America for the very first time, and settling in a new country.  We will get to know the President, known for his connection to the “teddy bear”- can you guess who it is?  And we will also get to know some of his friends who called our attention to America’s great natural beauty.
What an EXCITING time to have lived !   What an exciting time to re-live !

Week 1-  The Golden Rule
Week 2-  The Good Samaritan
Week 3-  The Parable of the Talents

Week 1-  Electricity
Week 2-  Fitness
Week 3-  Ornithology

Week 1-  Turn of a Century
Week 2-  A Day in the Life
Week 3-  Presidents, Philanthropy, and the People

Week 1-  Washington D.C.   (The White House)
Week 2-  Arizona  (The Grand Canyon)
Week 3-  California  (The Redwood Forests)

*Art:  Albert Bierstadt

*Book List #1
*Book List #2

Great Depression American Girl Kit Unit Study

+American Girl Kit (The Great Depression- 1934) Unit Study

America’s Great Depression and the hazy, dry days of the Dust Bowl !
In this unit, you will hear the stories of hardship and hope through the eyes of American Girl Kit Kittredge…
We will learn what daily life was like during the days of the Great Depression.  We’ll discover what the shocking “crash” on Wall Street was all about and how American life changed overnight… we’ll travel across the country by rail with families looking for work, and imagine ourselves facing the “black blizzards” in the dry and dusty midwest.  Woven throughout the difficult days however, we’ll hear the amazing stories of many courageous people who have seen their circumstances as a challenge to change the world for better!

Week 1-  Carrying One Another’s Burdens
Week 2-  Serving One Another
Week 3-  Encouraging One Another

Week 1-  Ecosystems and Biomes
Week 2-  Garden Science/Creative Gardening
Week 3-  Aviation/Amelia Earhart

Week 1-  The 1930’s- Kit’s World
Week 2-  Daily Life
Week 3-  The Great Hope

Week 1-  Ohio
Week 2-  Oklahoma
Week 3-  New York (Eleanor’s Park)

*Art:  Dorothea Lange


*Book List #1
*Book List #2


girl christmas holiday homeschooling

Homeschooling during the Christmas holidays can be THE BEST!!!
Don’t believe me?
Does the thought of this make your stomach hurt and stress you out?
Be sure to read my post about HOW To Homeschool Through the Holidays,  give it a try, and I think that this may be your FAVORITE part of homeschooling ALL YEAR!!

You will find the following for all of the American Girl History Unit Studies except Kaya:

+Christmas Reading & Listening
+Homemade Christmas Decorations
+Holiday Gift Making
+Christmas Recipes
+Family Christmas Entertaining Ideas

Think a Colonial Williamsburg Christmas, a Southwestern Christmas, a Pioneer Christmas, Christmas in the South, and a Victorian Turn of the Century Christmas!   Make the HOLIDAY the LESSON!

And of course, last but not least, here are all of the American Girl Resources in ONE place!
Hope that this has helped some of you with your planning.  These Units make a great spine to build on, if your family is really interested you could EASILY add to these lessons and spend more time on the details each week!  If you haven’t already checked out the book lists, there are so many wonderful books, activity guides, movie suggestions, etc… for stretching the learning out as long as the interest remains!
Wishing you the BEST year living, loving, and learning TOGETHER!!

*FREE Native America Unit Study-  AG Kaya
+Kaya Printable Power Pack  (Free!)
+Native America (Kaya) Unit Study- PDF Version
+Kaya Native America Pinterest Board

*FREE Colonial America Unit Study – AG Felicity
+Felicity Printable Power Pack
+Colonial America  (Felicity) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+Felicity- Colonial America Pinterest Board
+Colonial America (Felicity) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE Southwest Frontier America Unit Study – AG Josefina
+Josefina Printable Power Pack
+Southwest Frontier  (Josefina) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+Josefina- Frontier America Pinterest Board
+Southwestern Frontier (Josefina) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE Pioneer America Unit Study – AG Kirsten
+Kirsten Printable Power Pack
+Pioneer America (Kirsten) Unit Study- PDF Version
+Kirsten-  Pioneer America Pinterest Board
+Pioneer America (Kirsten) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE Civil War America Unit Study – AG Addy
+Addy Printable Power Pack
+Civil War (Addy) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+Addy- Civil War America Pinterest Board
+Civil War (Addy) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE 1900 Turn of the Century America Unit Study – AG Samantha
+Samantha Printable Power Pack   (My FAVORITE yet!!!)
+Turn of the Century (Samantha) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+Samantha-  Turn of the Century Pinterest Board
+Turn of the Century (Samantha) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE The Great Depression Unit Study-  AG Kit
+The Great Depression (Kit) Unit Study-  PDF Version


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