Colonial America (American Girl Felicity) Printable Power Pack !


If you’re feeling the need to BOOST the love of learning again in your family try out these FREE American History (American Girl) Unit Studies … now with PRINTABLE companion packs!


Welcome to Felicity’s World 1774 ! 
Whatever experience has taught you about the drudgeries of studying history…toss it out !
This is an exciting, hands-on study of the birth of our country.  We will be discovering what life was like during this time through the eyes of Felicity Merriman, an adventurous, outdoor loving young girl growing up in bustling colonial Williamsburg.  We will read her stories, learn about her family, explore life in a colony divided by friends both Loyalists and Patriots, practice having high tea and ballroom dancing, and lots more!  

I hope your WHOLE FAMILY will enjoy learning together!
So, what about the BOYS ?  Is this unit something they will enjoy too ?   YES !
While the unit is “American Girl”, the boys will surely enjoy every part of this study too!
If the AG books are a bit too girl focused for them, simply replace that reading with another of the suggested books on the list and VOILA!  I have written the units so that you can easily substitute your own ideas into the daily plans to make it a perfect fit for your family! And you can always find TONS of free ideas on my Felicity Pinterest pages  (listed below) if the one I suggest in the plan isn’t just right.

Age Range for This Unit:   
This unit is designed to include all ages.  It is written for about the 5th grade level, but can easily be modified/supplemented and used for both younger and older children.  The daily lesson plans are written for a 3 week period, but could stretch out easily to 6 weeks (or more) if you choose to explore all the listed websites, read more from the Great Books List (, and/or do some of the many projects (free) found on my Felicity: Colonial America Pinterest Board , Felicity’s Christmas Board, and EXTRAS-  Colonial America Unit
*Note:  The printables in this packet are designed to go hand in hand with the Colonial America Unit- .

I would love to answer any questions you may have about the unit itself, or how our family used it for 3 different grade levels (including a boy who wasn’t a huge AG fan haha). 
Just email me at    [email protected] 
or leave a comment/message on my blog at .


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