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Samantha Turn of the Century Unit Study

~1900’s Turn of the Century~
Unit Study

Welcome to the wonder- filled world of Samantha Parkington, and the 6th Unit Study in the American Girl History series !

In this Unit, we will learn what daily life was like at the Turn of the Century-
Imagine…  learning the etiquette of high tea, ballroom dancing, or strolling through Central Park…or working grueling hours in a shirtwaist factory and living in a tenement.  We will delve into the Industrial Revolution and we will walk down the avenues of the World’s Fair  re-discovering the amazing inventions that were changing the world!  We will imagine life through the eyes of children seeing the shores of America for the very first time, and settling in a new country.  We will get to know the President, known for his connection to the “teddy bear”- can you guess who it is?  And we will also get to know some of his friends who called our attention to America’s great natural beauty.
What an EXCITING time to have lived !
What an exciting time to re-live !

Hope you enjoy this unit !

You can find this ENTIRE unit in a easy Printable PDF form (including live links and extra planners, etc)  HERE

american girl unit study Samantha Turn of the Century

AND if you’d like printable copy work pages, word searches, and other fun learning activities specifically made for this unit, you can find that  HERE.

american girl samantha turn of the century

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* 1900’s Turn of the Century Unit Study
Core Reading Outline:

Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904

*Week 1: “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904  Samantha’s World

1.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-  Meet Samantha
(p. 1)

2.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   A Growing Country
(p. 2-5)

3.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   Factories & Invention
(p. 6-7; 26-27; 46-49)

4.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   Immigration
(p. 42-45; 50-51)

5.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   City Life, Country Life
(p. 10-13; 8-9)

*Week 2: “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904  A Day with Samantha

1.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-  A Girl’s Life
(p. 36-37)

2.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-  Etiquette & Society
(p. 32-35 )

3.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-  Fun & Entertainment
(p.14-17; 28-29)

4.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-  Fashion
(p. 18-19; 30-31)

5.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   Health & Beauty
(p. 20-23 )

*Week 3: “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904”-  The Turn of a Century

1.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   The President
(p. 24-25)

2.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   The Reformers
(p. 52-53 )

3.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   Changes for Women
(p. 38-39; 56-57)

4.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   Philanthropy
(p. 40-41)

5.  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   The Naturalists                    
(p. 54-55)

love reading books

*Additional Reading & Videos-
You can find a list of all the “EXTRA” resources  —>  HERE .
It would be AWESOME  if you’re going to purchase any of the books, if you could do it through this page (just click any of the links to Amazon, browse, and order from there).  Also, be sure to follow my American Girl Pages on Pinterest for all kinds of FREE additional ideas!
(I usually pin to these boards at least several times a week!)


*Week 1:  Samantha’s World

American Girl Samantha Series (6 Book Set),  Book 1, “Meet  Samantha
(There are 6 books in this series, so you could choose how much to read each week (and which books) depending on your child’s level and interests.
I just listed one book per week.   You can find discussion questions and activities for these books here .

*Explaining the Centuries…. this can be a difficult concept to grasp.  So all the years that begin with “19..” are the 20th Century?  And all the years that begin with “18..” are the 19th Century?  See how this could be confusing?   Here is a really nice and simple Explanation of Centuries (with some activities) from Five J’s.

+Day 1:  Meet Samantha

*Core Reading: “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-    (p.  1 )

* ‘Samantha, An American Girl Holiday’
This is the full length video on YouTube, but you may prefer to purchase the movie HERE 

*American Girl video introducing Samantha & her family !
Meet Samantha and try some fun activities on the interactive American Girl website.
* Introduction to some of Samantha’s  friends & family here
All About Samantha Interactive Games & Activities
Meet Samantha Comprehension Questions and Activities

*Life for Children in Early 1900 America-

* Children’s Lives at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
* Lesson Plans, Primary Sources, Activities, etc        (From The Tenement Museum)
*Kids in the Early 1900’s      (from the Mini Pages….just for fun 🙂
* Daily Life for Children

+ Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

*  Samantha’s Life  Lapbook from Homeschool Share
* Samantha Paper Doll

+Day 2:   A Growing Country: The Industrial Revolution

*Core Reading:
“Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-  A Growing Country   (p.  2-5 )

* Introduction to the Industrial Revolution
-It might be good to point out that this period spanned quite a long number of years, and
we are just highlighting the amazing inventions and advances that took place during the
early 1900’s.
* The Industrial Revolution Video  (Video geared toward students- about 10 minutes)
*American Industrial Revolution       (A more in depth video-  27 minutes)
* The Industrial Revolution for Kids
*Mr. Donn’s History-  The Industrial Revolution
  and   The Second Industrial Revolution
(Lots of links to full lesson plans, power points, games, etc…)

+ Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!
Industrial Revolution Little Book

+Day 3:  Invention & Factories

*Core Reading- “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-    (p. 6-7; 26-27; 46-49)

* Child Labor, Factories, Industiralization        (Mr. Donn’s Links)
*Seeds of Progress:  The Early 1900’s       (Very informative video- 52 minutes…lots of original footage of daily life …written for older audience, but still quite good I think)
*The Industrial Revolution & America      (Short Video- approx. 3:30)
* Mother Necessity                   (Schoolhouse Rocks!)

+The Good:
List of some of the innovations of the early 1900’s…. You will be amazed !
1904 St. Louis World’s Fair   (YouTube video, about 10 minutes)
+ Showcase of Inventions at the Fair
+ Fun Fair Food- Myths & Legends from the 1904 World’s Fair   (This is FUN! Who knew?!)
+ More fun fair food history

– Some turn of the century inventors/inventions that changed the world as we know it !
+ Alexander Graham Bell
+ Henry Ford    (Henry Ford created the assembly line to maximize production…this lesson would go well with the assembly line activity listed below !)
+ Henry Ford Changes the World
+ Movie Theaters
+ Theatres in Early 1900’s NY          (Aimed at older readers, but very informative)

+The Bad:

Child Labor   (A beautiful documentary collection of photos by Lewis Hine)
*I LOVE these ideas <HERE>  for using primary & secondary resources like these
from Coffee Cups & Lesson Plans
* Child Labor & The Industrial Revolution     (short video from the History Channel)

* Trouble at the Mill    (PBS Interactive Game)

* Assembly Line Activity  (while this is geared toward a classroom setting, I think it could be easily tweaked to work at home…also see the Henry Ford Bio above as it is a nice fit for this activity.)
– Here’s a really great idea for something to assemble ( Candy Cars) from a really cute
blog 4 the Love of Teaching

+ Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

Factory Coloring Page
* Alexander Graham Bell
* Henry Ford   and   HERE

+Day 4:  Immigration and Ellis Island

*Core Reading-
“Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-     (p.  42-45; 50-51 )

* Immigrating to America                      (First hand account)
* A Nation Grows
* The Great American Melting Pot -Schoolhouse Rocks    (Fun intro to immigration  🙂   )
* Mission US-  Immigrant 1904                             (Virtual adventure as a young immigrant girl)
* From Ellis Island to Orchard Street                (Super fun activities follow a short video )
* Coming To America-  Immigration                   (LOTS of links to explore for a good intro)
* Immigration WebQuest
* Immigration Activities               (Lots of links for reading more & activities
from Education World)

* Ellis Island

* History Channel’s  Immigration, Ellis Island, and Lady Liberty        (This is a really good video including audio of first hand accounts of arriving in America and what it was like…sights, smells, sounds.   This video is about 4 minutes.  Be sure to scroll down to see lots of other related videos)
* Explore Ellis Island        (Interactive Tour)
This is a great site from Scholastic…there are many pages to explore, including ‘A Virtual Field Trip’,  ‘Meet Young Immigrants’,  Worksheets, Teacher’s guides, Videos,  Activities, etc… !!   You could spend a week just going through all the information and ideas.
* National Parks Service Ellis Island Curriculum        (Ideas for grades K-12)

* Ellis Island Printables:
–  What Would You Pack  ?
–  The Journey to Ellis Island
 Ellis Island
–  The Ellis Island Interview

* The Statue of Liberty

* The Story of the Statue of Liberty                (YouTube)
* Take a Virtual Tour !
* The Statue of Liberty-  Ellis Island
* Draw Your Own Statue of Liberty   ,  HERE   OR   HERE     ( Easy step by step)
*  LIVE Liberty Cam      (Listen to the seagulls in the audio!   I LOVE THIS  🙂

*Statue of Liberty Printables

–  Statue of Liberty
Make your own 3-D Statue       (printable paper model)

+ Coloring pages
 to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

* Ellis Island 
* Statue of Liberty
* Immigrant Families                   (Turn of the Century)

+Day 5:  City Life, Country Life – Turn of the Century New York City 

*Core Reading-  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-    (p.  10-13; 8-9)

* Immigrant Life in New York City    and    Living Conditions 
* A Look Inside a Tenement           (Scroll down to find a video also)
* Life in New York 1900                  (Lots of photos and sketches….mostly info
on life in a tenement)
*Living  Differences                         (Between the poor & the wealthy)
* Life in NY City-  Early 1900                   (Short Into and lots of photos!)
* Immigration and new life in NY in 1900
(Original footage…no audio so you may want to forward through some of this video)

*City Life in 1904:

*City Life at the Turn of the Century
* Millionaire’s Row                                    (Be sure to scroll to the bottom to view links
to many of these amazing homes)
* John Jacob Astor Mansion                (Nice photos of the interior as well)
* Mansions of the Robber Barrons      (Not sure about the title, but there’s lots of good
photos of these mansions)

*Country Life in 1904:

* Country Life in 1900
* Life in Rural America

+ Coloring pages
 to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

* DIY Matchbox Brownstone
* Row House Coloring Page
* Victorian/Queen Anne style mansions coloring pages

american girl samantha unit study

*Week 2:  A Day With Samantha

*  American Girl Samantha Series, Book 2, “Samantha Learns A Lesson ”

+Day 1:  A Girl’s Life, ‘Making a House a Home’

*Core Reading:   “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   (p. 36-37 )

* Ladies’ Home Journal   (archived copies from the early 1900’s…fun to look through the advertisements especially 🙂

* Stitches & Scissors   (This is a short article from the Molly Brown Museum)

*Girl’s Life in 1904-

The activities listed below were such an important part of the life of a turn of the century girl.   If you are working through this unit during the holidays, many of the activities I’ve included below would make great gifts!

*Sewing wasn’t just for fixing holes in socks-

+  Crazy Quilts      (Brief History)
– Super fun art activity to make your own “Crazy Quilt”  !!
– Or you might like these activities  HERE

+ Embroidery      (Brief History)
 HERE  and  HERE are some  fun samples to try at home… or  HERE

+ Needlework    (Brief History)
– Try your own hand at needlework  HERE  or  HERE  

* Crafting for the home in the early 1900’s-

+ Decoupage      (Brief History)
– An Interview with a modern Decoupage Artist
– Fun Decoupage Shoeboxes Activity
Decoupage Letters  from Eclectic Momsense
HERE are some fun ideas for mom’s & older kids to try  🙂

+ Pressing Flowers     ( Brief History)
How to Press Flowers    (Easy step by step)
– Try these flower pressing activities
Teenage Emily Dickinson’s collection of pressed flowers     (Beautiful example!)

+ Collecting   ( very interesting !)
* An ARTICLE about some things your kids might learn from collecting

Collecting for Kids     ( Interactive site for kids from The Smithsonian)
How to start a nature collection
Start a Postcard Collection     (I LOVE this idea !)

* And just for FUN…

– The 1900 House    (Episode 3- A Woman’s Place…Though this series is filmed in the UK,
it gives a very good picture of what life was like for a woman/girl in the early 1900’s)
– You can find a list of The 1900 House episodes in order to watch online  HERE
or another similar program  Further Back in Time for Dinner 1900

+ Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

–  State Postcard Coloring Pages
–  Butterfly Collecting Page

+Day 2:  Etiquette & Society

*Core Reading-  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   (p.  32-35 )

*Definition of Etiquette        (YouTube…short, humorous definition)

* Etiquette for Young Ladies & Gentlemen (1900)
(Or you may like to introduce the term ‘etiquette’ by reading the short biography
of Mrs. Emily Post)

–  “Callers”
–  Calling Cards & Etiquette
–   Courting and Cards
–  Activity:   Make your own calling card  🙂

I Will Be a Lady:  A Book for Girls
Manners at the Table
Table Manners for Children        (from 1920, but interesting & comparable to 1904)
Behaving                                            (Children’s Etiquette explained  🙂  )
The Book of Good Manners: “Etiquette for All Occasions” by Mrs. Burton Kingsland
(Archive of original book!  There’s an etiquette answer for
every situation in this book.  Some quite funny to the
modern reader :D)
–  Fun Etiquette Activities from The Spruce  

*Society & Events

Courtship and Marriage Customs
A Roosevelt wedding in 1905 New York 
Balls & Dances 
Fashion Etiquette for Dances  and how to host a Victorian Ball
How to be the Belle of the Ball            (Though many are from the mid 1800’s, still relevant)
Listen to some Waltzes    and   learn how to Dance the Waltz yourself
High Tea  and how to host your own !
Proper High Tea         (scroll down to see a nice table setting template )

Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

* Gala Ball
* Tea Time Coloring Pages


+Day 3:  Fun & Entertainment
*Core Reading:  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   (p. 14-17; 28-29)

* Turn of the Century Fun & Games
*  Turn of the Century Fun and Games
Photography  , The Brownie Camera,  and  Photography as a Kids Hobby
–  Ping Pong
–  The First Crayons  and just for fun click  HERE to watch how they are made  🙂

*Turn of the Century Entertainment

–  Scott Joplin    &    Ragtime
+ Listen to the Maple Leaf Rag
+ Scott Joplin Unit Study
Folk Music      (PBS Lesson Plans)
Sample of Music from 1900-1910                    (YouTube)
The Opera &  Adelina Patti

~Movies & Vaudeville
– Listen to recordings from real vaudeville shows  HERE  … click on the stage to listen
– Watch some vaudeville shows   HERE  and   HERE
Silent Film                                  (51 minute documentary all about the first silent films)
+  Watch the silent film,    Silence is Golden
+ Make your own Silent Film-  Try your hand with this APP   or  you can use this scripted idea from  ZOOM!

~ Entertainment for Everyone
Swimming  and the  Bathing Machine
Baseball  and  The World Series
The Circus   and   HERE
Amusement Parks  and   Coney Island
Wild West Shows

* Holidays

Christmas Traditions
Photos of Christmas in New York      (Early 1900’s)
-You can find a whole Pinterest board of Christmas ideas for Samantha  HERE!

–  Halloween
The 4th of July                 (Pictures of children celebrating in the early 1900’s)

+ Coloring pages
 to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!
* At the Seaside Paper Dolls             (1890-1910…. I LOVE THESE !! )
* Scott Joplin
* Circus
* Annie Oakley Wild West
* Children Playing
* Baseball 

+Day 4:  Fashion

*Core Reading: “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   (p.  18-19, 30-31 )

*Fashion & Edwardian Style of the Wealthy
* Life & Fashion in 1900                (Short video with original footage)
* The Ultimate Fashion History 1900    (YouTube-  35 minutes)
* 1900’s Fashion of Every Kind
* 20th Century Fashion
* Fashion of the Early 1900’s Drawings and Descriptions
* The Gibson Girl in Fashion 
* Who was The Gibson Girl                              (Short YouTube Video – 4minutes)
* Hats & Fans

* Make your own “Strolling Hat”    (Super cute idea from In His Hands Hollow )
* How to make a  Hand Fan                (Step by step directions from Adorable Chaos)

* The Amazing Diversity of Fashion…Immigrants
Photos of some of the beautiful clothing by new immigrants at Ellis Island

Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!
* Fashion Coloring Pages of 1900
* Children’s Clothing  Paper Dolls
*  Printable Paper Dolls     (HUGE collection !)

+Day 5: Turn of the Century Health & Beauty 

“Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   (p.  20-23 )

*Beauty in the Early 1900’s
*1900’s Beauty      (Great photos!  All in one place…hair, makeup from Glamour Daze)
* Beauty Advice       (If you’d like to see the whole book-  you can find
the archived copy   HERE   )
* Hair Care              (All in all kind of shocking !  Nice recipe for ” Shampoo Cream”
though…no cocaine or cyanide in this recipe!   😀  )
* DIY Gibson Girl Hairstyle Tutorial
* Receipts (recipes) for Cold Cream  (Including instructions to make your own today!)
* DIY Deodorant Recipe from 1903 !
* Vintage Ads          ( So interesting!  Vintage ads for beauty products)
*Sarah Breedlove (Madam CJ Walker)    (More on her in Week 3 as well!)

*  Health & Wellness at the Turn of the Century

* Fitness Fads
* Calesthenics        (Short video of actual footage from schoolchildren in 1904)
* Patent Medicine and Cure- Alls
* Coca Cola            ( A patent medicine ?  Here’s the history)

* What were people eating at the turn of the century ?
Read more  HERE
* Kellogg’s     (p.22 in Samantha’s World-  How Kellogg’s got it’s start)

* Eating Out !  

Coloring pages and printables to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!
*1900 Coca Cola Ad
*Beauty Product Ad
* Several turn of the century perfume bottles to print and color


*Week 3:  The Turn of a Century

*  American Girl Samantha Series (6 Book Set), Book 3, “Samantha’s Surprise ”

+Day 1: The President

*Core Reading:  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   (p.24-25 )

*Theodore Roosevelt-
– Biography of Theodore Roosevelt for Kids   (YouTube Video- about 6 minutes)
Teddy Roosevelt and His Family   (short video from…nice footage !)
If you have a sense of humor watch this TR Bio…it’s unique  😀
Brief Biography  (also Jeopardy Games, Word Searches, Videos, etc…)
–  Nice Printable Worksheets covering the Life & Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt
Take a Virtual Tour of TR’s Birthplace
– NPS Sagamore Hill site  (Really nice virtual tour of the home !!)

* History of the “Teddy” Bear
The Story of the Teddy Bear    (from the National Park Service)
Lively Telling of this story by “Theodore  Roosevelt”   (This is very entertaining 🙂  About 3 min)

* Theodore Roosevelt National Park
–  Introduction Video to the Life of Theodore Roosevelt in North Dakota
(including a tour of his cabin !  About 15 minutes)
–  Follow up Activity to the above video
Theodore Roosevelt on the Frontier   (Lots of further reading/activities, etc…)

* The Roosevelts in the White House
The Roosevelt’s Move Into the White House, 1901
The Roosevelt White House/Zoo   (I think your children will appreciate this ! 🙂
TR and the White House Gang  (this was fun to read too )
–  Family Life in the White House

Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!
*Theodore Roosevelt Coloring Page
* Teddy Roosevelt,  TR’s Life Coloring Pages

+Day 2:  The Reformers

*Core Reading: “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-   (p.  52-53 )

*What was the Progressive Era ?
– Good intro to the Progresive Era  for teacher/older kids   (it’s been shockingly hard to find a unbiased definition of this !)
What is the Progressive Era ?  (A short definition)
The Progressive Era for Kids
Short Video (9 Minutes-  Middle school and up)
–  The Progressive Era  (set to Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’  …yep.   But this guy really does cover TONS of the important facts of this era.  Probably best for middle school and up)
–  The Progressives

*Who were some of the Reformers of the Progressive Era?

Jane Addams  (Hull House)   (YouTube Video- 5 minutes)
– Who was Jane Addams ?

Ida B. Wells, A Children’s Biography  (short video 2 mins)
History for Kids- Ida B. Wells

Mother Jones   (Student made video –  about 10 minutes)

–  Jacob Riis

Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!
*Jane Addams
*Ida B. Wells
*Mother Jones
*“How the Other Half Lives” cover


+Day 3:  Changes for Women

*Core Reading:  “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-  (p.  38-39; 56-57 )

*Nellie Bly  (Short video-  especially good for young children —5 minutes)
*Read more about Nellie Bly  HERE

*Madam CJ Walker   (Biography and lots of printables and other links to read more)
* Biography  Video   (Inspirational!…about 3 minutes)

Civil Rights for Women & the Suffrage Movement
*Alice Paul Biography & the Suffragist Movement
*Alice Paul   (YouTube Video-  about 2 minutes)

Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!

*Nellie Bly
*Madam CJ Walker 
*Women’s Right to Vote Booklet 
*Let Women Vote

+Day 4:  Philanthropy

*Core Reading: “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-  (p.  40-41  )

*What is Philanthropy?
*Dictionary definition of Philanthropy

*What is Philanthropy?    (By kids for kids – 1 minute)
*Cayden, Kid Philanthropist
(This is a really good video showing what one person can do to make a big difference!
2 minutes)
*Kid President’s Take on How to Change the World
(This kid !! About 3 minutes)

*Philanthropy at the Turn of the Century
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller    (Intro)
-Who was  Abby Rockefeller ?
(Short Bio & scroll down a bit to see some of her philanthropic work)

Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!
*Hands to Serve coloring page
*Cheerful Giving coloring page

+Day 5:  The Naturalists & The Conservation Movement

*Core Reading: “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904″-    (p.   p. 54-55 )

*What is a naturalist ?
*Definition of Naturalist

*Conservationism and the Turn of the Century
*What is conservationism ?
*What was the conservation movement ?

*John Muir-

+Children’s biography, activities, and printable worksheets
+Muir, Founder of National Parks    (YouTube video- about 10 minutes)
+John Muir Worksheet

*Ernest Seton Thompson
+ Who was Ernest Seton Thompson ?
+ “The Mother Teal and the Overland Route”   (video story – about 5 minutes)
+ “The Biography of a Grizzly”   (Full audiobook- about 1 hr 35 minutes)
OR  you can read the full book  —>    HERE  
+ “Monarch:  The Big Bear of Tallac
+ Learn more about Ernest Seton Thompson   —>  HERE 

*Enos Mills- 
+“Wildlife in the Rockies”
(Full Audiobook by Enos Mills- about 4 hours… this would be great for those car schooling days !)

*John James Audubon
(note!!  He lived from 1785-1851…but his work was very influential to this movement so I thought to include him!)
+Biography & activities from Garden of Praise
+YouTube reading of the book “The Boy Who Drew Birds”     (about 14 minutes)

Coloring pages to use for notebooking, lap booking, etc…. or just for fun!
*John Muir Coloring Page
* Bird Coloring Pages  &   How-to Drawing Pages
*Collectors John Muir Coin Coloring Page  
*John Audubon Coloring Pages   (also paint online !)

Reading Comprehension Think!

*Reading Comprehension Ideas:
Show what you know!

*The American Girl website has some nice worksheets including comprehension questions.  You will also find some free printable activities as well.

* You can find interactive quizzes for many American Girl Doll books, including the  series of Addy books.

* Keep a running list in a notebook of important people, important places,  important events, and important ideas as you study this period of time. Use these lists later for writing prompts, notebooking, lapbooking, creating a timeline, etc…

* Create a notebook, lapbook, scrapbook, folder, etc…to show what you’re learning.  This is a fantastic way for the kids to articulate creatively what they have learned! Need some inspiration? Notebooking ,  Lapbooking , and Folders Templates

* This family made a book report poster from the Kristen series, but you could easily just adapt this by adding to the poster what we study each week for Samantha.

* Try making a  diorama.   HERE are some printables to help with the buildings and characters you may want to include.  Or if you prefer to make a naturalist diorama here are some Audubon birds to print.

* Find whatever creative outlet that excites your kids!  
A few more ideas:

– Make a short video showing what you have learned about some aspect of life at the Turn of the Century.
+You could be a kid reporter, reporting on news of the year 1900
+Print out a small picture of Samantha (or other characters you’ve learned about), inventions, buildings, or whatever else you’d like to focus on, affix them to popsicle sticks, and use the diorama as a background, and film a short video.  Get creative!

-Write a song using a familiar tune.  Change the lyrics to focus on the early 1900’s.
There are fun history song examples  —->   HERE 

-Host a Victorian themed party (could just be tea time snacks, or a full feast!).  If it is near the holidays, a Christmas themed party would be PERFECT !!
You may like to check out my  –> Charles Dickens Unit <— for some fun ideas !

* Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this unit to see a list of some of the fun crafts, cooking activities, & other creative ideas!


*Language Arts/Grammar Ideas-

* You may choose to use your regular grammar curriculum, add just a few of the ideas below into the mix, or use it all.  Isn’t homeschooling wonderful sometimes?  🙂

*Turn of the Century Unit Study Vocabulary ideas-

*Choose any list of vocabulary you’d like to use for this unit. I have included a brief list for each week from the core reading.

*American Girl Samantha Vocabulary Lists:

*Week 1:

1. fictional      2. century     3. tenement      4. manufacturing     5. immigrants
6. tragedy       7. orphan      8.  adoption      9. mansion               10. transportation

*Week 2:

1.journal               2. publish      3. debutante     4. courtship      5. opera
6. amusement     7. parasol      8. antiseptic      9. vaccine        10. society

*Week 3:

1. reformer         2. rights                   3. slum                4. cruelty           5. mill
6. suffragist        7. philanthropy    8. charity            9. preserve      10. monument

*Copy Work/Narration ideas-

*Week 1:  Inventors &  Immigration
(and/or Scripture for copywork/narration)

*Alexander Graham Bell Quotes-

+“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon
the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”
+“The day will come when the man at the telephone will be able to see the distant person
whom he is speaking.”
+“God has strewn our paths with wonders and we certainly should not go through life with
our eyes shut.”

*Henry Ford Quotes-

+“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”
+“If you think you can do a thing, or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”
+“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”

*The poem below is inscribed (in part) at the base of the Statue of Liberty-

New Colossus
By Emma Lazarus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

* This week’s Scripture verses-

*Matthew 7:12
*Luke 6:27-36
*Ephesians 4:32
*Philippians 2:3-9
*I John 4:20
*Mark 12:31

american girl samantha unit study week 3
*Week 2:  Etiquette and Society  and/or Scripture

*Etiquette for Entering a Room
(taken from “Behaving” by SD Powers)

“To walk into the room; and, let me tell you, this isn’t a thing merely to laugh over.
The way in which people enter a room shows whether they have good training,
as plainly as anything else in manners.
Open the door wide enough to walk squarely in, without squeezing or edging through,
as if you didn’t think enough of yourself to give your body room to go…
Don’t rush in, or creep in, but hold yourself straight,
and look directly at the people in the room.
Don’t hesitate; but if you don’t know the visitor, go to your mother,
and stand by her side, till she says,
“Mrs. So-and-so, this is my daughter Adelaide.”
Then move a step forward, and bow, or courtesy,
if you have been taught to do so;
for the courtesy is coming into use again with nice people, and it is a very graceful salute, when properly done.”

* This week’s Scripture verses-

*Luke 10:1-37
*John 14:15
*Proverbs 14:21


*Week 3:  Teddy Roosevelt and the Reformers

*Teddy Roosevelt Quotes:

+”Believe you can and you’re halfway there!”
+”Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”
+”The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.”

*Quotes by the Reformers:

+”Civilization is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men.”
-Jane Addams

+”There is but one kind of love;   God is love, and all his creatures derive theirs from his;
only it is modified by the different degrees of intelligence in different beings
and creatures.”
-James Audubon

+”A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers,
but borrowed from his children.”
-James Audubon

+”Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in,
where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”
-John Muir

* This week’s Scripture verses-

*Matthew 25:14-30
*1 Peter 4:10-11
*Colossians 3:23
*Ephesians 2:10
*Matthew 5:16
*Romans 12:3-8

*More Grammar ideas-

* Here’s a website of very short daily grammar reviews
Fun Grammar  offers interactive online games, and Education World has fun editing worksheets.

* You could also choose a sentence, or photocopy a page of the reading. Depending on what skill you want to emphasize, have your child diagram a few sentences, or find all the verbs, nouns, etc…, or whatever grammar skill needs work.

*Writing Ideas-

* Week 1- 
*Invent something and draw a picture of it.  Next, write a letter to someone describing what your invention is and what it does.   Take a look at how much money someone paid for one of Alexander Graham Bell’s letters !   —>   HERE 

*Imagine you are seeing America for the very first time from the deck of a ship.  Where would you have come from ?  Why did you come to America ?   What will you do when you get off the ship ?    Ask someone in your family about the history of your own family !
Spend a little time each day and write a diary entrance with the thoughts you might have had as an immigrant child arriving in Ellis Island.  You could also imagine the same scenario and write a letter “home” to a friend or family member who stayed behind.
Though the following is only a fictional journal, it is a good example if you need help to get started.   Diary of an Irish Immigrant

* Week 2-

*Postcards-  Sending and collecting postcards was a popular pastime at the turn of the century.  We read about some of the types that people liked to collect.  Either buy a postcard or draw one on a large index card.  Write a brief note to a friend on the back !   You could also try sending a few postcards and include a request for the person that receives it to send one back!  You can read more about Postcard Collecting at the Turn of the Century <—

*Calling Cards-  Calling Cards  Read this short article about and then create your own !  Be sure your card sets you apart and makes you memorable !     THIS VIDEO  has lots of really creative ideas !

* Week 3-

*Read about how to create an acrostic poem.  Try writing one of your own!
You could use a word that is a call to action from one of the reformers we learned about this week (words like:  suffrage, conservation, nature, equality, etc.).   Or you could use each letter of their name as the acrostic. (Roosevelt, Audubon, John Muir, etc.).

Heart Bible

*Bible Study:   Love One Another

*Week 1: The Golden Rule
*Week 2: The Good Samaritan
*Week 3: The Parable of the Talents

In this Unit Study, we are learning what life was like at the Turn of the 20th Century in America. It was a time of incredible and rapid change in the history of our country. While many of the changes were exciting and inspiring, some parts of this growth had quite a sad effect on families.  The divide between the wealthy and the poor was magnified greatly.  We will see this through the eyes of Samantha as we read her stories.  She was often confronted by the difference between her life and the lives of other children in her own city.  Samantha, like many others who found themselves to have more, would be challenged to RESPOND to those who had less.

Should Samantha befriend the factory girl ?

Is it “proper” to do so ?
What could Samantha do to help?
Could she really be expected to do anything since she was only a child herself ?
What would you have done if you were Samantha ?
What does the Bible have to say about this ?
Do these Bible stories still apply to us today?  How?

*NOTE:  My two cents regarding Samantha’s choices on how to respond to some very difficult issues of injustice she saw in her lifetime.  I did not include my thoughts in the following Bible Study…just right here.  🙂
Depending on the ages of your children, this brings up a wonderful opportunity to talk about to them about some of the social justice issues we face today, and how we might THINK through what to do about them.  While these books are not written with any religious slant,  since this is the “Bible Study” section, I felt it an important consideration in opening up a dialogue with our children about some hard topics.  Today (as always), there are many injustices in our society which will challenge us as Christian families and challenge our children… so what can we do?  Where can we start?
The importance of understanding the difference between REACTING to injustice (in Samantha’s time it was inequality of women, child labor, and injustices against the poor), and RESPONDING to injustice.  We know the very foundation of God’s throne is JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS!  We know He cares very much about these things.  Instead of just going along with whatever the cultural norms are, we should always stop and ask God what HE thinks about things, and then we can begin to respond with truth and love (like Samantha). Though we are certainly influenced by our culture (as was Samantha), we should keep in mind that we FIRST belong to a Kingdom and should strive always to reflect THAT culture more.  This will require us to continually CHALLENGE ourselves (and therefore our children) to pursue Jesus-  His Way, His Truth, and His Life!

I’m glad you’re doing this part of the Unit today .
I hope you will learn how loved YOU are by God, and how He wants to love other people through you !



*Week 1: The Golden Rule


*What is the Golden Rule ?
*Treat Others Right    (short video and Bible Study for Kids from Pursue God Kids )
*Watch this short video- “4 Ways to Do Unto Others”   (about 2 minutes)
*I’m the Boss !   (Short video and Bible Lesson on the Golden Rule )
*Science Boomerangs- “Do Unto Others”  Object Lesson  (about 3 minutes)
*PDF complete Kids Bible Study all about The Golden Rule
(and the Good Samaritan, which is week 2’s topic)
*The Golden Rule story  (for the Littles)
*Listen to the story of the Golden Rule

*Related Scriptures for Further Reading-

*Matthew 7:12
*Luke 6:27-36
*Ephesians 4:32
*Philippians 2:3-9
*I John 4:20
*Mark 12:31

*Ideas to Think About & Discuss-

*What is the Golden Rule in your own words ?
(my Little once repeated, “But mama, you said, “Do to others, what they do to you!”.
Be sure this isn’t confused haha)

*Is the Golden “Rule” just another rule I have to follow ?  Why is it so important?

are some ways we can practice doing this ?

does it make you feel when others are kind to you ?

*Who are the “others” that we are supposed to treat this way?
Does it only include people who are nice to us?  People we like ?  Mean people ?

*What happens if you don’t WANT to treat someone kindly after they have hurt you ?

*Can you think of some ways you can work on this?  What does Jesus tell you to do ?

*Can you think of some times when others (maybe parents or siblings) have treated you kindly when you didn’t “deserve” to be treated that way?

*List of Discussion Starters for this Scripture


*Golden Rule- Norman Rockwell Art Lesson       (from Hip Homeschool Moms)
*Activities for “The Golden Rule”
*GAMES  and   More Activities for “The Golden Rule”   (ideas for further study for all ages !)
*Ripples in the Water   (hands-on object lesson to emphasize that every act of kindness has an effect )

*Write a list of things you can do this week to “Do to others”…
– think of even the simplest things like picking up something if you drop it, smiling at someone, giving someone a compliment, looking for someone who seems lonely and saying hello….  it’s a good idea to think of some ways that you would like others to treat you.


*“Do Something”   (By Matthew West-  Great song for all 3 Bible lessons !)
*“My Turn on Earth- The Golden Rule”
*“The Golden Rule:  How Does It Feel?”    (by Heaven Bound Kids)
*“The Golden Rule”

* Coloring/Activity Pages-

*Golden Rule printable maze
*Hidden Qualities Word Search
*Break the Code The Golden Rule printable
*Do Unto Others Coloring Page  
*The Golden Rule Coloring Pages 

*If you’d like extra coloring pages or printable activities to go along with any of the stories from the scriptures listed above, you can find them here:
– Calvary Bible Curriculum (Scripture, Activities, Coloring Pages, and more!)
“Love Your Enemies”


american girl samantha unit study week 3

*Week 2:  The Good Samaritan


*What is a parable? And why did Jesus like to tell them ?
*Definition of parable

*The Good Man    (online story)
*The Good Samaritan    (Short video – good introduction for this section.  About 4 minutes)
*Who Did Jesus Love ?    (Devotional from Focus on the Family – includes ideas to discuss further for different ages)
*The Good Samaritan Lesson   (from  Bible Fun for Kids)
*Bible Lesson on Loving Others and The Good Samaritan 
*Kids Lesson on The Parable of the Good Samaritan   (crafts and other ideas included)
*Beginner’s Bible Video- The Good Samaritan   (about 26 minutes)
*Veggie Tales-  Are You My Neighbor ?   (about 30 minutes)


*Luke 10:1-37
*John 14:15
*Proverbs 14:21

*Ideas to Think About & Discuss-

*What does it mean to “love yourself”?

*What kind of people are we supposed to love and show kindness to?

*What kinds of people did Jesus love and show kindness to?  Name some.

*Why did Jesus tell this story ?   What are some lessons you learned from it?

*Have you ever seen someone that needed help or kindness and you passed by?
Why didn’t you stop and help?

*What are some people that might be hard to help?  Should you still help them?

*Do you have to help every one that needs help?   Why or why not?

*How Did Jesus Love ?
*Some discussion questions about The Good Samaritan

*Good Samaritan Activities-

*Living Love- Choices Test
*Love One Another Craft
*Higher Ground Printable 
*The Good Samaritan Skit

* Songs-  

*“Give As Freely”
*“On the Road to Jericho”    (music by Keith Green, video)
*“If We Are the Body”   (Casting Crowns-  this might be a good video to listen to
and discuss.  Particularly good if you have older kids involved too.)
*“Hands and Feet”   (Audio Adrenaline-  oldie but still so good !  Good to discuss who
counts as your neighbor.)

*Coloring Pages-

*The Good Samaritan Coloring Page
*The Good Samaritan Printable Puzzles
*The Good Samaritan Crossword Puzzle
*Luke 10 Maze
*What is Love ?
*Love One Another   (copywork printable)

– Calvary Bible Curriculum (Scripture, Activities, Coloring Pages, and more!)
“The Good Samaritan”


*Week 3: The Parable of the Talents

*Good Gifts (short video under 2 minutes)
*The Parable of the Talents
*Bible Lesson- Parable of the Talents (lots of activities and ideas)
*Garden of Praise Lesson on the Parable of the Talents
*Well Done Good and Faithful Servant (Lesson)
*Use Your Talents (short video about 3 minutes)
*Athletes for Christ on Using Your Gifts
*All About The Parable of the Talents from Pursue God Kids

*Related Scriptures for Further Reading-

*Matthew 25:14-30
*1 Peter 4:10-11
*Colossians 3:23
*Ephesians 2:10
*Matthew 5:16
*Romans 12:3-8

*Ideas to Think About & Discuss-

*What does the word “talents” mean in the story?

*What do we mean when we say someone has “talent” ?

*Why do you think this parable is included in the Bible ?

did you learn from this story?

are some of your talents?

you ever “buried” any of your talents and not used them?

can you use some of the talents you have to glorify and honor God ?

is this parable a story about loving OTHERS ?

*Activities for the Parable Talents–

*Hands-On Activities for the Parable of the Talents Lesson
*Pay It Forward- Parable of the Talents Youth Challenge from Seedbed
*God Given Talents Object Lesson


*“Let It Start With Me” (from No Other Name)
*“Follow You” (by Leeland)
*“We All Have Gifts to Share”

*Coloring & Activity Pages-

*Parable of the Talents Activity Sheets (Free Printables)
*Calvary Bible Curriculum (Scripture, Activities, Coloring Pages, and more!)

*LOTS of coloring pages are found in the *Activities* section this week.

Frog in Pond

*Science Ideas:

*Week 1: Electricity !
*Week 2: Fitness
*Week 3:  Ornithology

*Week 1: Electricity !

Electricity played a very large role in the time of history we have been learning about…  and the era we call the industrial revolution.  People moved away from their country lives to work in the factories of growing cities.   We have learned about the amazing advances in technology of that time and also the sad truth of it’s cost to many of people.  Without doubt however, these strides of “progress” would have been impossible without the invention of  electricity and the means to bring it to the masses.

* Read-

*The Science of Electricity
*Electricity for Kids
*All about Benjamin Franklin
*5 Surprising Facts about Benjamin Franklin
*Thomas Edison
*Nikola Tesla and Electricity


*Magic School Bus Gets Charged !   (about 23 minutes)
*Elec-tricity !     (Schoolhouse Rocks!  about 3 minutes)
* What is electricity ?    (YouTube – about 2 minutes)
*Disney’s Ben & Me    (animated movie about Ben Franklin & inventions)
Benjamin Franklin   (NEST Video-  about 23 minutes)
*Thomas Edison    (NEST Video-  about 22 minutes)
*Who Really Invented the Light Bulb ?    (about 2 minutes)
*Nikola Tesla
**Many of the experiments below include a video as well.  You may just like to watch some & take lab notes or make drawings, even if you don’t plan on trying them yourself.

* Discovering & Doing-

*Electricity Experiments   (from Steve Spangler Science–  LOVE this site !!
**Note- most of these require some extra materials…plan ahead if you’re going
to try some of these! )
*8 Fun Ways to  Learn About Electricity   (from )
*PBS Kids Electricity Activities
*Electrical Circuits    (interactive online game)
*Static Electricity Experiment  and   2 Easy Static Electricity Experiments
*Jumping Goop Experiment   (from FrugalFun4Boys – this site always has great ideas!)
*Types of Electricity       (an experiment)

*Sortify Current Electricity    (Interactive Game from BrainPOP- scroll to bottom for teaching ideas)
*TONS of Electricity Games and Interactive Sites for learning

* Electricity Coloring Pages-

*Benjamin Franklin Coloring Page
*Thomas Edison Coloring Page
*Nikola Tesla Coloring Page 
*Forms of Energy   (from Classroom Doodles)
*Electricity Coloring Book   (from the Dept. of Energy)


american girl samantha unit study week 3

*Week 2: Fitness

*Perhaps with the move that many made from country life to city life, there came a new an intense interest in health and fitness.  President Roosevelt himself was a picture of what exercise and good attention to health could do for a person.  As we studied this week, calisthenics became all the rage and people gathered in new gymnasiums and at parks.
Women started exercise classes and became more active.  This was a big change from people’s ideas of the past.

* Reading-

*What is Fitness ?
*Fit Kids
*Why Exercise ?
*What if I Don’t Like Sports ?


*Physical & Health Literacy   and   Part 2  (for older kids)
*Magic School Bus Works Out !   (full episode about 23 minutes)
*Physical Activity and Kids- Let’s Move It !  

* Discovering & Doing-

*Brain Breaks !   (STOP and play this fun game right now !  from Your Therapy Source)
*Yoga Lessons for Kids  (These are so neat!  Step by step moves for stories & themes to teach
yoga poses to kids ! )
*Have fun and just move !   Try learning:
– The Sid Shuffle
Forget You
Can’t Stop the Feeling
*8 Fun Breathing Exercises with Free Printable   (great way to take a break !)
*Printable Exercise Goals Chart   OR  try these   Printable Exercise Logs
* Interactive Health & Fitness Game
* Jump Rope Rhymes  

* Fitness Coloring Pages-

*Swimming Coloring Pages
*Exercise Coloring Pages
*Yoga Kids Coloring Pages        (These go along with the lessons listed above)
*Soccer   (Color by number)
*Child Sledding
*Child Swinging



*Week 3: Ornithology

*This week we read about John James Audubon.  We we learned that Audubon was a naturalist and an artist.  We learned that he was very interested in animals and particularly in birds.  John was an ornithologist . That word is a mouthful !  This week we will study

* Reading-

*What is ornithology ?

*Facts about Birds   (Simple facts with nice pictures)
*All About Birds    (from Enchanted Learning –  Printables, Facts, etc…)
*Audubon Bird Guide   (pictures AND the bird call for each one !!  LOVE THIS !!)


*You Can Be a Citizen Scientist !    (about 5 minutes)
*An Ornithologist Speaks from Yosemite 
*What is Migration ?    (about 8 minutes)
*Play Bird Song Hero    (Learn bird songs and how birds make them )
*Amazing Bird Videos    (Lots of good choices)

* Discovering & Doing-

*Homeschoolers Guide to Project Feeder Watch   (FREE printable packet)
*Best Bird Watching Apps for Kids  (and everyone else !)
*Ornithology Games for Kids     (Online Interactive Games)
*Lots of Fun Bird Activities from RSPB
*Build a Bird   (Interactive)
*Be a Part of the Great Backyard Bird Count !
*BirdSleuth Explorers Guide     (FREE Download from Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
*Science through Local Birds  (LOTS of free printable lessons !!  )
*All About Feathers    (Interactive, Reading, and Videos)

* Coloring Pages-

*This is the only site you will need for ornithology/bird coloring pages!
The author also includes fantastic tutorials on how to draw many different types of birds !
Christine Elder
(SO many amazing printable bird coloring pages, labeling pages, and
how-to pages ! )

 I Want to See the World

*Geography ideas-

*Week 1:  Washington D.C.  (The White House)
*Week 2: Arizona  (The Grand Canyon)
*Week 3: California  (The Redwood Forests)


*Week 1:  Washington D.C.   (The “White” House)


*What is the White House?
*The White House for Kids
*29 White House Facts For Kids
*President Theodore Roosevelt Remodels the White House
(Lots and lots of very nice photos !)

*Washington D.C.
*The District of Columbia

+Watch This!

*White House History & Fun Facts
*The White House     (Little Golden Book Read Aloud- great for your Littles!)
*What is INSIDE the White House?

*A Kid Visits Washington DC

+Mapping & Printables-

*Washington DC map and printables
*Read about and color the flag of Washington DC
*National Parks Service Washington DC- Junior Ranger Printables
(Scroll to page 12 to begin the mapping activities)

+Hands On-

*DK FindOut!  The White House
*Virtual Field Trip to the White House
*Tour the Inside of the White House   and   HERE
*Play the “Win the White House Game”
*Make a Paper White House  or  try this Foldable White House
*Decorate the Oval Office  (or use these images for your diorama…see directions below)


+Coloring Pages-

*Easy Steps- Draw the White House
*White House Coloring Page
*Printable Washington DC, White House Booklet
*Washington DC Coloring Page


Start a diorama. You may like to create several, one for each week’s theme, or just add on each week to make one larger diorama.  I have included lots of links to coloring pages & paper dolls in the lessons that would be good to use.
You can find LOTS of fun pieces to use to make a diorama of the Oval Office-  HERE !

american girl samantha unit study week 3

*Week 2:  Arizona (The Grand Canyon)


*Facts about the Grand Canyon State
*Arizona   (State Symbols, Sites, and Famous Friends)
*All About Arizona   from  Enchanted Learning
*Arizona Fast Facts    (many are linked to more information-  nice photos too!)
*A-Z Arizona

*Tori Tortoise Turns 100    (full illustrated PDF story about Arizona !!)

*John Muir & The National Park
*State Parks of Arizona    (Click each one for information and photos)
*Fun Facts About the Grand Canyon You Probably Didn’t Know
*Learn About the Grand Canyon

+Watch This !

*Arizona   (about 2 minutes)
*The Grand Canyon and How It Was Made
*Best of the Grand Canyon    (National Geographic- 3 min)   OR   —>   HERE   (about 4 min)
*Really good series of video tours of the Grand Canyon from the National Park Service
*The Grand Canyon lesson plans  (Featuring the gang from Sesame Street- from the NPS)

+ Mapping & Printables-

*State Notebooking Pages    (from  Notebooking Nook)
*Maps, Worksheets, Coloring Pages, and more    (from Enchanted Learning)
*The Grand Canyon PDF   (from the National Parks Service)
*48 Printables all about Arizona   (Math, Science, Grammar, and Coloring Pages too!)

+Hands On-

*Arizona Recipes
Interactive Tour of Arizona Wildlife 
*Arizona Interactive Games Online
*Grand Canyon Paint By Number    (free printable)
*Arizona Crafts for Kids Projects    (from  3 Boys and a Dog)
*Over the Canyon Edge Craft

+Coloring Pages-

*State of Arizona Coloring Page
*5 Arizona Coloring Pages
*10 State of Arizona Coloring Pages
*Grand Canyon Coloring Page



*Week 3: California (The Redwood Forests)


*California   (from Enchanted Learning)
*More California Facts
*All About California
*Geography of California Fast Facts
*State Symbols of California
*Redwood National Park 
*Wildlife at the Redwoods Park

+Mapping & Printables-

*California Printables
*Printable California Word Search
*State Notebooking Pages
*Redwood Distance Learning   (3 lessons- Printables, Lesson, & Videos- NPS)
*California Redwood Ed   (lessons and printables in PDF)
*Redwood Activities and Printables 

+Watch This !

*Intro to California     (about 2 minutes)
*Geography of California   (about 1 minute)
*California Rap    (about 3 minutes)
*Video Tour of Redwoods National Park  (about 12 mins…This is the video shown at the Park)   OR   THIS VIDEO
*The World’s Tallest Tree 
*Redwood National Park Videos

+Hands On-

*California Interactive Games
*Download of Junior Ranger Guide for Redwoods National Park
*Redwood Ed-Ventures
*8 California Craft Ideas   (from 3 Boys and a Dog)
*California Poppy Craft
*Try some California Inspired Recipes

+Coloring Pages-

*State of California Coloring Page
*California Coloring Pages
*State of California Coloring Pages
*California Symbols Coloring Pages
*Redwood Coloring Pages
*National Park- Redwood Coloring Page

*Add to & finish up your diorama (It might be fun this week to add some of the major landmarks or landforms that  we have studied this week to your diorama….)


*ART- Albert Bierstadt  (Landscapes)

* Reading-

*Biography of Albert Bierstadt    (from Garden of Praise-  Includes all kinds of                 printables, quizzes, etc…)
*Bierstadt in a Week   and   Landscape Artists Lesson Plan
*Printable Biography

* Discovering & Doing-

*Slideshow of Bierstadt Paintings
*Works of Bierstadt   (From the Smithsonian with descriptions and backstories !)
*YouTube Video of Bierstadt’s Life and Work (about 6 minutes)
*The Hudson River School Art Activity
*Bierstadt Wordsearch
*Meet the Artist Printable

*How to Paint the Grand Canyon- Art Lesson    (from Deep Space Sparkle)
*Desert Landscapes Art Lesson     (from Cassie Stephens)
*Landscape Resist Painting
*How to Draw a Landscape    (also directions to turn this into a beautiful translucent piece)
*Kids Art-  How to Paint a Watercolor Landscape
*Landscape Drawing Lesson for Kids  (with Video)


*Albert Bierstadt Coloring Page
*Landscape Coloring Page ,  Landscapes 2

– Making Art Fun – a show what you know kind of printable
– Some more artist study ideas to use !
– Worksheet on How to Analyze a Artwork

*Misc. Recipes, Crafts, Activities, and other Fun Stuff

Remember these unit studies are designed so that your family can enjoy them for FREE anywhere there is internet access ! There are so many wonderful books that you could add to these studies, please by all means use as many as you have access to.  :)

Check out my favorite books for each of the unit studies HERE  or you can check my Pinterest “EXTRAS” for Samantha Unit  HERE.   IF you are using this unit during the holidays, I also have Christmas Ideas for each American Girl Unit on Pinterest as well.  You can find the Samantha’s Christmas Ideas Board —>   HERE

If you decide to purchase any of these extra books, I would appreciate it greatly if you could click directly from my links.  Amazon will pay me a small commission for it, and it will NOT cost you anything additional.  THANKS FRIENDS !!


*I hope you have enjoyed the
Turn of the Century- American Girl Samantha Unit Study !
NEXT in the series is…
—> Kit and America’s Great Depression Unit Study <—

*Other FREE American Girl History Units from Fields of Daisies~

*FREE Native America Unit Study-  AG Kaya
+Kaya Printable Power Pack  (Free!)
Native America (Kaya) Unit Study- PDF Version
+Kaya Native America Pinterest Board

*FREE Colonial America Unit Study – AG Felicity
+Felicity Printable Power Pack
+Colonial America  (Felicity) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+Felicity- Colonial America Pinterest Board
+Colonial America (Felicity) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE Southwest Frontier America Unit Study – AG Josefina
+Josefina Printable Power Pack
+Southwest Frontier  (Josefina) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+Josefina- Frontier America Pinterest Board
+Southwestern Frontier (Josefina) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE Pioneer America Unit Study – AG Kirsten
+Kirsten Printable Power Pack
+Pioneer America (Kirsten) Unit Study- PDF Version
+Kirsten-  Pioneer America Pinterest Board
+Pioneer America (Kirsten) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE Civil War America Unit Study – AG Addy
+Addy Printable Power Pack
+Civil War (Addy) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+Addy- Civil War America Pinterest Board
+Civil War (Addy) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE 1900 Turn of the Century America Unit Study – AG Samantha
+Samantha Printable Power Pack   (My FAVORITE yet!!!)
+Turn of the Century (Samantha) Unit Study-  PDF Version
+Samantha-  Turn of the Century Pinterest Board
+Turn of the Century (Samantha) Christmas Pinterest Board

*FREE Great Depression Unit Study- AG Kit
+Great Depression (Kit) Unit Study- PDF Version



girl christmas holiday homeschooling
*American Girl Christmas School-  Homeschooling Through the Holidays

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