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‘A Christmas Carol’ Mini Unit

Charles Dickens 
‘A Christmas Carol’- Mini Unit Study

If you’ve never tried a unit study before,
this busy time of year might be a good time to give it a try !
Here are some simple ideas for stress free and FUN holiday homeschooling !
More time for baking cookies, going to plays, homemade presents, and hopefully,
even a bit of quiet time to soak in the awe of the advent !
Add in some math and you’re good to go !

  Charles Dickens Unit Study

*Reading Suggestions-

*Note: There are lots of ways to complete the reading for this unit. You can read these selections online (all free), check out books from the library, print off most of the short stories below, or purchase them from the links at the bottom of this page. ENJOY !

*Week 1:  ‘A Christmas Carol’*

A Christmas Carol”  (Gutenburg Version)
“A Christmas Carol”  (Easy to Read Version…Larger Print)
This piece is divided into 5 staves, perfect for one week’s daily reading.

Listen to one of these audio versions
 iTunes Version
  YouTube Version  (Audio with Text)

Watch the 1971 animated version  Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
George C. Scott full version  A Christmas Carol
(There are many good animated and full versions to be found)

*Vocabulary & Other Grammar Activities

* A Humbug’s Grammar   (Simple grammar lessons based on A Christmas Carol)
– plenty of grammar work for this entire unit !
* A Christmas Carol Vocabulary
* A Christmas Carol  Script–   Try gathering some friends and acting out this play version !
* Discussion Questions, Fun Activities, and more
*A Christmas Carol Unit   (from DIY Homeschooler- includes nice notebooking pages!)
* A Christmas Carol Lesson
Reading Comprehension Questions from Easy Fun School
*Ideas for ‘A Christmas Carol’Projects
* A Christmas Carol Crossword Puzzle

*Week 2:  Charles Dickens*

*Meet Charles Dickens at Bleak House   (BBC Interactive !)
* Biography of Charles Dickens  OR  Everything Dickens  (interactive)
Watch the brief BBC Biography, The Life of Charles Dickens on YouTube
or the full length A&E Biography  (very interesting, but probably best for older students)

* ” Christmas With Charles Dickens“, a short memoir by Dickens’ daughter, Mamie Dickens

* “A Christmas Tree” , a short story by Dickens
(Also, you can listen to a well done  audio version on the same page!
This might be helpful, as some of the victorian language is likely
unfamiliar and a bit difficult. )

* Collection of Short Stories by Dickens to enjoy reading online

* ‘The Ivy Green‘ a poem by Dickens

*  Samantha:  An American Girl Holiday
(Just for fun-  though this movie is not set in England, the time period and the themes
of the industrial revolution and child labor are the same)

Christmas Quiet Time


*Christmas Quiet Time  (Weeks 1 & 2)

*’The Name of Jesus’ Family Christmas

*5 Beautiful Books for a Simple Advent

* Good Christian Men Rejoice
(This is meant as a unit study, but is easily made into a lovely family devotional )

* Christmas Carols & Hymns Unit  from DIY Homeschooler

* Weekly Advent Family Devotions
(Good for all ages, including the littles )

* Victorian Carols & Hymns to enjoy !


Victorian Christmas Unit

* History- Victorian England and the Industrial Revolution

*Week 1:  Victorian England*

* Queen Victoria and the Victorians
* Life for a child in Victorian London
* BBC’s Victorian England   (Lots of reading and even a few games)
* Walk Through a Victorian House  (an interactive game about Victorian life)
The 1900 House    (interactive tour of Victorian house & family life)
* Victorian England for Children–   (Lots of links to free games & activities)
Victorian England   (Interactive games and activities)

*Week 2: The Industrial Revolution*

*Turn of the Century (American Girl Samantha) Unit Study
There are TONS of links for activities and interactive learning about the
Industrial Revolution  (and ideas for most all study subjects)
* The Industrial Revolution Begins
* The Industrial Revolution and the Victorians
* Victoria England Child Factory Workers   (lots of links)
* ‘Oliver Twist ‘
(while this isn’t the Dicken’s classic for sure, it is a good representation
for younger children)
– There are also many good  full length versions of the classic ‘Oliver Twist‘ on YouTube
This is pretty intense material for younger children.  Please use discretion !

Free Christmas Unit Study

* Science- Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

*Week 1: The Victorians*

*DK Inventions of the Victorians – Interactive
* Inventions of the Victorians
* Stephenson’s Rocket
* The Railways
(some more about George Stephenson)
The Blast Furnace
* The Spinning Mill

*Week 2: The Industrial Revolution*

* The Beam Engine
The Winding Gear
* The Paddle Steamship
*  Inventions !!!  Overview of the many, many inventions !

A Dickens Christmas Unit Study

* A Victorian Christmas-  Hands-On Learning Fun!

* The Victorians and Christmas As We Know It

* Food, Games, Decorations, and Homemade Gifts

* An Old Fashioned Victorian Christmas
(Includes TONS of links…be sure to look on the left bar for Victorian Kids Christmas !! )

* Make your own Victorian Christmas Ornaments

* Plan a Party!
(Plan your own Victorian Christmas party…or luncheon, or dinner 🙂  )

*Check out my Pinterest Page —>  HERE for TONS of hands-on learning activity ideas all
in one place !

* Christmas Notebooking/Lapbooking

*This unit is especially good to “notebook”.
However you and your kiddos like to show what you’ve been learning about,
the sky is the limit for creativity with this fun unit !

* Here are a few ideas for note booking pages that go along with each area of study:
– Cover
– Biography of Charles Dickens
– Works by Charles Dickens
– Favorite Quotes by Charles Dickens
– ‘A Christmas Carol’ page
+ Characters
+ Favorite Scene from each Stave
+ Symbolism
+ Copy Work from favorite excerpts
+Vocabulary  (see week 1)
– Victorian Era
– Industrial Revolution Inventions
– A Victorian Christmas
– My Favorite Christmas Traditions

* Printables:
* Charles Dickens Notebooking Page from Homeschool Helper
Free printable coloring pages from A Christmas Carol
Author Notebooking Page from Notebooking Nook
Scientist Notebooking Page from Notebooking Fairy

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.
I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future.
The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me.
I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!”

― Charles Dickens, 
A Christmas Carol

*Great Extras for ‘A 
Christmas Carol’ Unit Study !

*While none of these resources are required, they would definitely add to the fun!  It is likely that you can find many of them at your local library, or even on your own bookshelf.  If not, the following titles are linked directly to Amazon.  If you are going to purchase anything, I’d love you to do it through these links  (at NO extra cost to you!!).  As an Amazon affiliate, I get a small commission on sales made through my site.  Thanks for supporting me 🙂

*’A Christmas Carol’

*Charles Dickens:  A Christmas Carol  (for young readers)
*A Christmas Carol   (Classic version)
*A Christmas Carol Special Edition  (Discussion ?’s and Christian Insights)
*Dicken’s A Christmas Carol   (Family Radio Theater CD)
*A Christmas Carol Coloring Book
*Disney’s A Christmas Carol  (DVD)
*A Christmas Carol    (Prime Video/DVD – George C. Scott version …kinda scary !)

* Charles Dickens

*Who Was Charles Dickens ?
*A Boy Called Dickens
*Rags & Riches:  Kids in the Times of Dickens  (Magic Treehouse Companion)
*A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time   (Magic Treehouse)
*Charles Dickens: England’s Most Captivating Storyteller  (Historical Notebooks)
( I love these hands-on books !  Perfect for middle school ages !)

*Christmas Math and Science 

*STEAM Kids Christmas Science
*Merry Christmas Math 

*Victorian Days 

*Press-Out Victorian Christmas Book

*Victorian Days  (Learning History with Projects, Games, Activities, & Recipes)
*The Victorian Christmas   (Traditions, Recipes, and lots of other fun ideas)
*The Industrial Revolution for Kids   (21 Activities Series)

*Christmas Devotionals 

*Christmas Carols for a Kid’s Heart   (Book, CD, printed music for piano/guitar !)

*Christ in Christmas   (A Family Activity Book)

*If you enjoyed this Christmas Unit Study,
try another !   Just click on the photos below and ENJOY homeschooling through the holidays !

Holiday Homeschooling Homeschooling Through the Holidays   


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