Unique Gift Ideas for Kids

Ultimate Gift Ideas List for Creative Kids

Ultimate List of Gift Ideas
for Creative Kids

In case you haven’t noticed I’m all about keeping the holidays simple and meaningful.  One thing that can cause a lot stress however, is finding really great gifts for kids.
Starting in about October, every commercial on television, and every store bombards us ALL with non-stop advertisements for the latest plastic toys that our children can’t live without.  They aren’t all junky…just so many of them !
It’s toy overload ! Makes the kiddos crazy and the mamas too!

My friend and I were just talking about this today. One of her favorite gifts
as a child was a box all packed with colored construction paper, markers, crayons, and other crafting things. All these years later, THAT is the gift she remembers.  Nothing fancy. And no batteries lol

So, I’m making my own Ultimate Gift Ideas List for Creative Kids.

**BONUS ! 
You can sit in your pjs, with a cup of coffee,
browse, and shop away.
No noisy advertisements. No lines.
Getting it done and keeping it simple !!

And…I promise this is NOT just another
Christmas gift guide with some randomly thrown together ideas!

These are real gift ideas for your creative and curious children!

Unique Gift Ideas for Creative Kids
I have carefully and thoughtfully put together not just lists,
but groupings of related products for easy shopping for you,
and fun, quality, educational toys for your creative kids.

Maybe you’ll find some creative gift ideas from several of the lists, OR  you 
could choose one whole list,  put the items into a themed backpack,
 insulated lunch bag,  tin, or other container,  and make them into the ULTIMATE gift basket.

To give you an example, under the  “Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Building & Inventing”, you will find motivational stories of kid inventors, several hands-on activity books (for different reading levels), a few choices for Invention Kits, and also some related QUALITY toys to let your little inventors and budding builders spend the next month working away !
And be sure to check out the sweets & treats I tried to find to compliment each creative kids interest gift list !   The bug lollipops are my favorite…or maybe the gummy rainforest frogs.  lol

YUM ! 


I’ve tried to include themes of interest for both girls and boys of many ages (even a few ideas for the babies & teens in the bunch)!
If you do not see a list of gift ideas for your child, please leave me a comment and I’ll update this post to include it !
I absolutely LOVE hearing from you guys!

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids

*This is quite obvious, but for full disclosure, the gift ideas below are linked directly to products on Amazon. As an Amazon affiliate, I will receive a small commission on any sales made by clicking through these links. Thank you guys for supporting my work in this way !

*Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love
Nature /Insects/ Animals*

*The Ultimate Nature Nut Basket
Annual passes to a nearby state/national park
*National Parks  (Listed by State- from the National Park Service)
*State Parks

Fun With Nature – A Take Along Guide
Because of an Acorn   (younger)
Backpack Explorer- On the Trail
– Guided Nature Journal (younger)  Nature Journal  (older kids)
Ranger Rick Kids Magazine Subscription   or   Ranger Rick Jr.
My Side of the Mountain  and the Companion Pocket Guide to ‘My Side of the Mountain’
Hatchet  and Brian’s Winter
Summer of the Woods
Birding Binoculars for Kids
Kids Pod Swing Hammock 
The Kids Outdoor Adventure Book  (446 Activities To Do In Nature)
Survivor Kid
The Boys Book of Adventure  and  The Girls Book of Adventure
Disney’s My Side of the Mountain   (DVD)
Planet Earth DVD Gift Set
Nature’s Bandits Fruit Snacks
Mountain House Freeze Dried Dinner  (Just for fun !)
Kids on the Trail Food Basket
Gone Camping Socks
*It’s a tradition in our family to get themed PJ’s for Christmas.  😀
Adventure Pjs  (boys design)  and  In the Woods Pjs    (girls design)


*The Ultimate Bug Basket

Little Kids First Big Book of Bugs   (younger)
The Ultimate Bugopedia
– Caterpillars, Bugs, and Butterflies Take-Along Guide
Pocket Genius Bug Guide
How to Draw Insects  and  Entomology Notebook/Sketch Book
or  Bug Log for Kids
James and the Giant Peach
Cricket in Times Square
Backyard Critter Exploration Case
Quick Catch/Release Bug Magnifier
Lifelike Plastic Insect Set
DK Ultimate Glow in the Dark Bugs! Sticker Book
Bug Lab
Bug-opoly Board Game
Insect Lollipops    (yummmmm)
Bug Bites Cookies
Dover Insects Coloring Book  and  Pre-Sharpened Colored Pencil Set
It’s a Bug’s Life  (DVD)
Insect T-Shirt
Insects Novelty Socks
*Last but not least… a pair of Bug PJ’s.  These are SO CUTE !!  I LOVE THEM!!
Bug PJ’s  (from big kids to baby sizes)


*The Ultimate Animal Aficionado Basket
– Annual passes to a local/nearby Zoo
(Here’s a list of zoos, state by state)
Homemade “gift certificate” for volunteering or trips to a local animal rescue

DK Animals- A Visual Encyclopedia
125 True Stories of Amazing Animals
Little Kids First Big Book of Animals
Zoobooks Magazine Subscription
Because of Winn Dixie
Just So Stories
James Herriot’s Treasury For Children
25 Piece Animals Set
Dog Science Unleashed  (22 Activities to try!)
Tracks, Scats, and Signs- Take Along Guide  and  Big Tracks, Little Tracks  (younger)
Tracking Expedition Kit
Animal Tracks   (Game)
Draw 50 Animals-  Step By Step
Zoo Animals,  Forest Animals,  Wild Animals, and  Sea Animals Dover Coloring Books
The Jungle Book  (DVD)
– The Blue Planet –  Seas of Life 
Gummy Rainforest Frogs 
Old Time Animal Lollipops
Shortbread Animal Cookies   (These are so good !!)
Animal Novelty Socks
Animal Print  PJ’s  (Girls & Boys)  or   HERE 


*Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Building/Invention*

*Passes/Tickets to Science Museum    (Science Museums List, State by State)
-Mistakes That Worked: 40 Familiar Inventions
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Iggy Peck, Architect   and   Iggy Peck’s Big Project for Amazing Architect
Rosie Revere, Engineer   and  Rosie Revere’s Big Project Book for Bold Engineers
The Toothpaste Millionaire
If I Built a Car  (younger)
-My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook
The Kids Invention Book
The Kid Who Invented the Popsicle
Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions You Can Build Yourself
DaVinci’s DIY Invention Kit
Fun Facts About Every Day Inventions    (Dover Coloring Book- I LOVE this one !!)
ZOOB Inventors Builderz Kit
Science Wiz Inventions Kit 
Genius Lego Inventions with Blocks You Already Have
Klutz Lego Gadget Kit
Mindware KEVA Contraptions Bundle Set
Gingerbread Build It Yourself Village
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Lego Novelty Socks
Genius Boys Pjs   and  Dream Big   (Girls PJs)


*Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Arts/Crafts*

-Annual Passes to nearby Art Museum   (State by State List HERE )
-Gift Certificate for Art Lessons
or  a local Crafting Class   (Michaels Crafting Classes/Events  offers them frequently )
Child’s Introduction to Art: World’s Greatest Paintings and Sculptures
Colorful Dreamer
The Noisy Paint Box
From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
The Amazing Collection of Joey Cornell
Drawing:  Art For Kids
Paint Lab for Kids
Oragami Activities  (Asian Arts & Crafts for Creative Kids) *This is a really unique series!
Discovering Great Artists  (Hands-On Art)    *This is one of my all time favorite art books!
Discovering Great American Artists  (Hands-On Art)   *Same author
Yarn Tree Kit
Fleece No Sew Quilt- Creative Crafting
Wooden Art Set
(This is really a quality set…I love they have included “take along” smaller versions of some of the tools as well ! )
Premium Sketch Pad  and  Graphic Drawing Pencils in Metal Tin
Artist Blending Stumps  and  Kneaded Erasers
Oil Pastels
Watercolor Pencils in Tin Case  (with brushes)
Wooden Desk Top Easel
600 Piece Mega Craft Supply Kit
High Quality Vivid Construction Paper
Famous Paintings Novelty Socks
Artist Suckers
2 Piece Tie Dye Pajama Sets  (boys & girls)


*Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Growing Things*

Square Foot Gardening For Kids
Up In the Garden, Down In the Dirt   (younger)
Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots –  Activities to Do In the Garden
The Secret Garden
A Big Garden
Our Community Garden   and   Rainbow Stew   (younger)
Kid’s Gardening Tool Set
DIY Kids Gardening Box
Design Your Own Butterfly Garden  (I really like the simple ideas in this one!)
Plant a Fairy Garden
Hydroponics Kit
Sprout and Grow Window
Indoor Herb Garden Kit
Veggies Novelty Socks
13 Organic Seed Packets    (Great Starter Pack!)
Morning Glory Seed Packets   (These grow quickly with vivid results!!)
Chia Heart Grow Kit
Daisies & Ladybugs Lollipops
Gummy Flowers   (they have a smaller bag too, but it isn’t Prime)
Gummy Peppers  , Gummy Butterflies
*Apple Blossom PJs   (girls)  and  Tree Print PJs   (boys)


*Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Puzzles*

What You Do With a Problem
What You Do Matters:  Boxed Set
Your Fantastic Elastic Brain
Great Book of Whodunnit Puzzles  and  Challenging Whodunnit Puzzles
Secret Agent Activities Book
Brain Games For Clever Kids
The Brainiest Insaniest Ultimate Puzzle Book
The Cube   (Remember Rubick’s Cube?)
Wooden Tetris Puzzle
7 Piece Brainteaser Set
Medieval Castle 3D Puzzle
Doll House/Palace 3D Puzzle 
Frederick the Literate Puzzle  (aka cute cat)  *750 pieces
Tiny Bubbles Puzzle  *300 pieces
Animal Buddies Puzzle   *300 pieces
Jigsaw Puzzle Storage Case
Kanoodle Extreme
Puzzle Piece Lollipops
Candy Puzzle Pieces  (Build & Eat)
Brain Novelty Socks
*Spies PJs   (boys)  and  Dream Big!  (girls)


*Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Cooking*

Better Homes & Gardens Junior Cook Book
Baking Class  (With 50 Fun Recipes)
Chop Chop Magazine Subscription
How To Eat Fried Worms
Chocolate Fever  and   The Chocolate Touch
Kids Cook Around the World
Kitchen Science
Edible Science :Experiments You Can Eat
TruChef  Cut Resistant Gloves
Real Chef’s Knife Set for Kids
Curious Chef- Measure & Prep Kit
Kids Chef Hat and Apron
21 Piece Baking Set
Our Family Recipes  (I made one of these for each of my children last Christmas!)
Ratatouille  DVD
Chopped Junior Series
Food Novelty Socks
Gourmet World Seasonings Set
Infused Sea Salt Sampler
Ultimate Cake Decorating Kit for Beginners
Wilton’s Cake Decorating Book:  Step By Step Guide
Wilton Icing Colors
Gourmet Chocolates
Gourmet Macaroons
*Girls Cupcake PJs  and  Pizza PJs   (boys )


*Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Sports*

Rising Above   and  Rising Above:  Inspiring Women In Sports
Tim Tebow: Shaken  (Young Readers Version)
No Summit Out of Sight
Two Minute Drill  (Comeback Kids Series- there are lots of different sports represented!)
The Final Game
The Moccasin Goalie
Maniac Magee
Kid’s Book of Hockey  and   Soccer Smarts for Kids
The Football Fanbook  and  The Baseball Fanbook
(skills, strategies, rules of the game, and more)
Year In Sports 2018
Weird But True Sports
The Top 10 of Everything In Sports    (Sports Illustrated)
Sports Illustrated for Kids Magazine Subscription
Franklin Sport Air Soft Glove and Baseball
Wilson Football with Pump and Tee
Deluxe Folding Hockey Goal Set     (My poor garage 🙁 This is a nice net !)
Mini Frisbee Golf Set
Rubber Horseshoe Set
Popup Foldable Soccer Goal
Soccer Socks,
Soul Surfer   (DVD)
The Blindside  (DVD)  (*note: PG-13)
Angels In the Outfield  &  Angels in the Infield  (DVD)
Little Giants  (DVD)
The Big Green  (DVD)
Like Mike  (DVD)
The Mighty Ducks  (3 DVD Set)


*Gift Ideas for Bright Babies & Toddlers*

*I tried to include some books and other ideas for younger kids in the gift ideas above, and as a Grandma of 3 beautiful boys under 3 years old, I definitely didn’t want to leave out all the littles out of those lists!
Here are some more of my favorite books and toys especially for the babies & toddlers on your list!

Fuzzy Bee and Friends
Taggie Hedgehog  and Hello Hedgehog
Baby Activity Gym Mat
Baby Einstein Musical Take Along Toy
My Family & Friends Photo Book for Babies
Babies & Doggies Book  and   Doggie
Global Baby Faces   and   Musical Globe With Lights
Solar System Board Book  and Rocket Ship Play Tent
Soft Fruit Set  and  Soft Veggie Set
Wooden Fruit Cutting Set  and  Food Fun Set
My First Cars & Trucks Duplo Set
Smart Wheels Vehicles
Laugh and Learn Tea Set  and  Bunnies For Tea
Laugh and Learn Purse
Baby Doll  and  Magic Bottle Feeding Set
Magnetic Bath Boats,   Crayola Bath Drops ,  and  Hooded Shark Towel


So there you have it !
I hope you’ve found some great gift ideas to get you started on finding the perfect presents for your favorite creative kids !
Be sure to PIN this post for Birthdays too !

Unique Gift Ideas for Creative Kids
Amazing gift ideas list for kids any time of the year !


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