American Girl Units for Summer

Summer School Fun

American Girl Units for Summer

Can Summer School Be FUN ?!?!?

YES !!!

Keep everyone’s minds active and excited about learning… but at the same time enjoying the lazy, hazy days of SUMMER when the living should be EASY! 

Think everyone curled up listening to these GREAT books…. or packing a picnic to take to your favorite big tree  (or park, or beach, or wherever you love to hang out in the summer!) and spending the afternoon reading together!
THEN continue the fun with all kinds of hands-on projects based on these stories.   Recipes, dioramas, crafts, science experiments and LOTS of totally FUN ideas !

All planned out for you too!   SEE I told you this was good !   🙂
Try these  FREE  American Girl Units.

And don’t worry-   your BOYS will love these too !

There are PLENTY of suggested books and activities for them…  like how to make your own bow and arrow or build your own mini log cabin, or play games like the Nez Perce children.

There are ideas for your WHOLE FAMILY ( even the Littles !)

* Kaya’s World:  Native America  1764

Native America Activities for Kids  native america unit study printables

* Felicity’s World:  Colonial America  1774

Colonial America History Unit Study   American Girl Felicity printables

* Josefina’s World:  Southwestern Frontier America  1824

American Girl Unit Study  American History Printables

* Kirsten’s World:  Pioneer America 1854

Pioneer Activities for Kids   American History Printables

* Addy’s World:  Civil War America  1864

The Civil War for Kids

*Samantha’s World: Turn of the Century America   1904

american girl unit study

*I also have saved the best of the best FREE ideas to go along with these units as well.   You can find them on my Pinterest HERE

American Girl Unit Studies


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