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Thanksgiving Car Trip Activities

**5 Thanksgiving Car Trip Activities**
(You will be thankful for !)

“Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go…”

Sounds so nostalgic and cozy, right?  May be if Grandma lives just over the river and only
15 minutes away.   Otherwise, a Thanksgiving car trip with the whole family can be anything but enjoyable.

One is hungry. One is bored. One forgot batteries.
Someone is touching someone else; someone is making faces; and someone is breathing funny. I feel your pain.

BUT I have the answer to your holiday car travel woes!

In this post you will have everything you need to have a picturesque family Thanksgiving car trip to Grandmas !
Whether you have a solo kiddo, a car full of Littles, or a toddler and a teen (and in between), a little preparation will make all the difference.   None of these ideas are very time consuming or expensive to pull together.  You could fix each kid a backpack or crate with their own activities, or just one to keep up front with you for when the “Moooooommmmmmm”s start echoing from the rear.  I can vouch for most of these myself, but I have found some great new ideas to stick in my pocket backpack too !
**My new favorite car game is The Playlist Shuffle Game (see #5 – Sing !)

*One last note !  I promise.  Keep reading!

I’ve included lots of  FREE  options under each of the sections below .  However, just so you know there are some that are linked to Amazon so you can check them out directly.  If you decide to purchase any of these products, I would appreciate it greatly if you could click directly to Amazon from one of my links.  Amazon will pay me a small commission for it, and it will NOT cost you anything additional.  This will help keep the rest of my content completely free !  Thank you for supporting Fields of Daisies in this way.

 1. Play !  Holiday Car Bingo & Folder Games

*Why not put together a simple folder of printable games to get everyone into the holiday spirit ?! You could just make one binder with enough copies and pass them to the back seat when needed, or you could make a simple folder for each kiddo.  Don’t forget the crayons, some pencils, and to toss a few little prizes in your backpack to make the games extra fun!

Car Trip Activities for Kids

*FREE Thanksgiving Car Trip Bingo – Fields of Daisies
–>This will work with all ages since there are both pictures
& words.  Also, just select the draft/black ink option
on your printer if you’d prefer not to print in color !

*Holiday Travel Bingo  from Living Well Mom
TONS of printable car bingo games (and other types too!)  from Mom’s Minivan
*Thanksgiving Mad Libs
(Lots of different ones to print !  LOVE these ideas from Amy’s Wandering)
*Or you can keep it simple, and Amazon prime the traditional Mad Libs books!
–> Thanksgiving Mad Libs <–    or     —> Mad Libs On the Road <—
*Printable Thanksgiving Fun
(Wordsearches, Sudoku, Cryptograms… print out a bunch & stick them in binders !)
*Once again, Amazon makes it easy 🙂
—> Festive Fall Thanksgiving Pack <—
*217 Thanksgiving Coloring Pages     (from The Spruce)
*Car Seat Lap Trays   (Just a neat extra)

*Ideas for some prizes that were just too cute not to share.
Turkey lollipops
Make a Turkey Sticker Book
Cool Turkey Shades
Gobble Socks

2.  Listen!  Holiday Stories (Pod Casts & Audio Books)

A car trip is the PERFECT opportunity to enjoy a book as a family !  There are so many great holiday stories that all ages can enjoy !   I’ve listed some free ones (that you can download) and also some of my favorites for purchase.  Your local library probably has a great collection to check out as well !

* An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving   (by Louisa May Alcott… My favorite !)
+ You may also like to check out “An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving” post for LOTS of super
fun ideas for an old-fashioned family Thanksgiving.
* A Christmas Carol     (by Charles Dickens from Story Nory)
* The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
* Little Women  OR   Little Men
* A Child’s Story   (by Charles Dickens)
* Aunt Susanna’s Thanksgiving Dinner 

*How The Grinch Stole Christmas 
*The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!   (STILL so funny !!)
*Magic Tree House – Thanksgiving on Thursday
*A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time    (Meet Charles Dickens & experience a Victorian Christmas)
*Letters From Father Christmas     (by JRR Tolkien )

3.) Think!  Brain Games

*These games will keep everyone laughing and guessing and the time in the car will fly by! You may like the gadget puzzles (suggested below) as well,  if you have kids with fidgety hands (or 3 kids across the back seat)!

*Thanksgiving Teaser   and  The Thanksgiving Pageant   (from Braingle)
*Mind Challenge Thanksgiving   (from Brains in Bloom)
*Numbers T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G Brainteaser
*Thanksgiving Riddles & Jokes   (from Enchanted Learning)
*I Spy Christmas  
OR I Spy Thanksgiving   and  I Spy a Christmas Tree (for the younger kiddos)
*Puzzle Balls/Brain Teasers
*Brain Quest For the Car
*Tis the Season Christmas Trivia Cards

4.) Talk !

*Ok so maybe this sounds like a no brainer…but sometimes life gets so crazy busy (especially during the holiday season), that we forget this. Or maybe your family is growing up and the kids are older and the conversations don’t just flow on (and on and on and on) like when they were 4 years old !  A car trip is the perfect time to talk.  Tell funny family stories.  Talk about your favorite holiday memories.  Ever have a mummy join you at the Thanksgiving table unexpectedly ?   I did.   You can read about that HERE … oh boy.  We tell that story just about every year to somebody who missed the event. lol
And after all, you do have a captive audience 🙂
Need some ideas ?
*What Are You Thankful For?  (Creative questions for younger kids)
and  Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions (these are funny!) from Minds in Bloom
*12 Fun Conversation Starters for the Thanksgiving Table (or car :D)
*Conversation Starters for Families   (Printable from Beauty and Bedlam)
*Gratitude Conversation Starters
*Our Moments Kids: 100 Thought Provoking Conversation Starters
*Jokes count as talking too, right ?
50 Funny Christmas Jokes   (from Boys Life)
Holiday Kids Jokes   (from Kids Jokes)
25 Christmas Kids Jokes  (printable)
*Laugh Out Loud Christmas Jokes for Kids

5.)  Sing !

*We all have our favorite playlists or stations when we jump in the car. Even my 2 year old grandson has his “requests”… mostly 3 songs on REPEAT every single time we go anywhere.
If you have teens who knows, because they listen with earphones.

But ….this is going to be the best happy Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandmother’s House We Go Family Fun Car Trip Ever, Amen !

So here’s idea #5 for creating those warm family fuzzy memories
(or at least you’ll create a memory of trying this idea at all ) !

*Create a Top Ten Playlist
for the decade in which each of you were born…Get the older kids in on this and let them each pick their top 10.  And don’t forget the Littles !  This means everyone may just have to suck it up and listen to the Paw Patrol Theme Song (but only once!  That’s the beauty of this lol).

*Use your playlist to play some games like the ones below –
Making Music 
Song Game
The Playlist Shuffle Game

*Try the game Spontaneous !         (So much fun !!!)
*Another fun playlist game –> Encore !

*Create a Holiday Favorites Playlist.
This is perfect to get everyone into the holiday spirit.  You can always use this playlist for the same games as the ones listed above or some of the ones below as well!
*Christmas Song Games    (from The Dating Divas)
*Games for Christmas Songs 
*Christmas Carol Match Up   (You can print this to use in the car)
*Name That Christmas Carol Brainteaser

Wishing you and your family a terrific Thanksgiving and happy travels !
car trip games for kids

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