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The Middle Ages- Free History Curriculum Series

Part 5:  History Of The Middle Ages

Welcome back to the final post on Free Ancient World History Plans !
This is the last section of the “Ancients Units”.  In this unit, we will cover all the exciting people and places of this period. Knights, kings and castles, battles, intrigue, the black death, inventors, incredible art and lots more !
For an introduction to this curriculum and how you can adapt it to all your needs, start below with the first post in this series-
 “Free Chronological World History Plan” .

Free Homeschool History Curriculum
You can find the daily plans for each part of the FREE History Curriculum series below:

Section 1:  Ancient Civilizations & the Old Testament
+Ancient Civilizations/OT History Curriculum-  Printable PDF
Books and Resources List
+FREE Ancient Civilizations Printable History Cards
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Civilizations- History Starters

Section 2: Ancient Egypt  (includes Ancient China)
+ Ancient Egypt History Curriculum- Printable PDF 
Books and Resources List
+ 21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt- History Starters
Printable Ancient Egypt History Cards

Section 3:  Ancient Greece
+ Ancient Greece History Curriculum- Printable PDF
Books and Resources List
+21 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Greece- History Starters
+ Printable Ancient Greece History Cards

Section 4:  Ancient Rome
+ Ancient Rome History Curriculum- Printable PDF
Books and Resources List
+Printable Ancient Rome History Cards

Section 5: Middle Ages & the Renaissance
+ The Middle Ages History Curriculum- Printable PDF
Books and Resources List
+ Printable Middle Ages History Cards


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  Free Early American History Curriculum  &  Free Modern American History Curriculum

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