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Book List for Ancient World History (Part 1)

Ancient World History Book List – Part 1
(Ancient Civilizations and the Old Testament)

I can’t think of a better way to bring history alive and make it meaningful & memorable, than with great books !   Curled up reading about the adventures of a child living in the shadow of the ancient pyramids or cooking up an ancient recipe for an afternoon snack for “History Class” has to be one of the best parts of homeschooling !

If you’ve been following along with my Free Ancient World History Curriculum  posts, you may like to check out these book lists for each section.  These books are NOT required for these studies… they’re just my favorite resources (most I’ve personally used).  You will find the few required books for the curriculum included on each plan (start HERE).
I hope I will have saved you some time too, listing them all in one place.  🙂
–>  This post contains affiliate links.  There will NOT be any additional charge to you if you click to Amazon through these links, but I will make a small commission if you do!  So thanks ahead for supporting my work !  🙂

Section 1:  Ancient Civilizations & the Old Testament   &  Book List
Section 2: Ancient Egypt  (includes Ancient China)    &  Book List
Section 3:  Ancient Greece   &   Book List
Section 4:  Ancient Rome   &  Book List

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* Ancient Civilizations Board
* Ancient Egypt Board
* Ancient Greece Board
* Ancient Rome Board

*Literature :
*In the Beginning
*The Truth Chronicles (Vol. 6 – The Ark)
(I haven’t read this series personally, but they sound really interesting, and
have great reviews! You may like to check out Volumes 1-5 as well…all would
fit in with this time in history!)
*Priceless Jewel at the Well
*Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
*The Hittite Warrior

*Gilgamesh the Hero
*Gilgamesh Trilogy
*The Golden Goblet

*Resource/Informational Books:

*Journey Through the Bible   (Surprised a bit, but my kids loved this book !)
*DK Mesopotamia
*Great Civilizations

*Food at the Time of the Bible: From Adam’s Apple to the Last Supper
*Science in Ancient Mesopotamia

*Activity Guides:
*Ancient Israelites and Their Neighbors
*Archeology for Kids , Uncovering the Mysteries of Our Past
*Draw & Write Through History (Creation through Jonah)
*Family Guide to Biblical Holidays

*Old Testament Days- Kid’s Activity Guide

Hope this list is helpful ! 
I’d love to know what YOU are using too !
Leave a comment.  
Book List for Ancient World History Part 1

World History Plan (Teach all ages at once !)
Homeschool World History Plan

A Chronological Study

(Teach all ages at once !)

Are you planning to study World History this year ?
Do you want to be able to use the same curriculum for ALL your kids?
Don’t know where to start ?

If you are writing your own curriculum or units, the task can be a bit overwhelming.
There are just so many topics to “cover”, and if you’re like me, they’re all so
interesting (and important!), it’s hard to narrow it all down and decide what to include !


I thought it might be fun and helpful to share our Chronological World History Outline (The Ancients through the Middle Ages).   My goal when I wrote this out was to see how all of the events and civilizations studied have fit into God’s sovereign plan to extend His Kingdom and purpose.  We therefore started in the book of Genesis and went through the history of “The Middle Ages”.  It was amazing as we studied through these major points to see how all the stories from the Bible that often seem disjointed, fit together with the history most of us learned in school !

Initially, it might seem like a lot of work to put together a year’s worth of history study at once, but the goal is to go through this same general outline 3 times by the end of high school, just with more attention to detail and in greater depth….AND you can use the same outline for ALL ages at one time!  Just tailor the reading materials and objectives a bit and VOILA !  Being able to teach ALL your kids at once is definitely worth the time !  It is quite easy to also incorporate corresponding  literature, science, art, geography, etc if you use this outline as a spine.   It actually made planning out all the other subject areas a piece of cake !  I will be posting details of how I did that and what resources I used.


As we studied, we each kept a 3-ring binder-  our ‘all in one place’  time line.
We filled it with notes, coloring pages, drawings, print outs, etc… each page with a date on the bottom (or at least stuck in the appropriate “period” of history).  😀   In planning out our year, I also included biographies of important leaders, great artists, musicians, authors, scientists, etc. as applicable, and added them into the binder as well.
Scroll all the way to the bottom for some pictures from one of my children’s binder.

Under each heading, I included my objectives for each “section”.   Everyone will have different expectations for their kiddos, but I hope it is helpful at least to get the creativity flowing  !

You can find Daily Lessons for the first part of this series
here –>  Ancient Civilizations/Old Testament
Chronological World History Curriculum Free

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