The History of Thanksgiving Notebook


The History of Thanksgiving Printable Pack

87 Printable Pages of living, loving, and learning !
Homeschooling through the holidays can be a challenge, but not when you make the holiday the lesson!  Pair the FREE History of Thanksgiving Unit and this Thanksgiving History Printable Pack and ENJOY the holidays with your family!  You will find TONS of activities, crossword puzzles, recipe cards, ideas for spreading kindness, and lots more to make this Thanksgiving not only educational, but MEMORABLE!  


Do you know the history of Thanksgiving ?

Did you guess that the first Thanksgiving happened in 1621?  Did a picture of a group of Wampanoag Indians gathered together with some of the Pilgrim settlers from Plymouth for a feast giving thanks for the fall harvest pop into your head?  If it did, you aren’t wrong…
But was that really the FIRST Thanksgiving?

I absolutely LOVE when a subject I’m teaching reaches into lots of other areas of learning.  Maybe that is why I enjoy history so much.  When I write curriculum to share, I always try to include the art and music, food and fashion, science and invention, people and places, and even the mathematics and industry of the time.  History really does encompass every part of life!  Including the HOLIDAYS!

Last year I wrote a short post called Homeschooling Through the Holidays.  Click over to read it now, or save it for later.  It is especially aimed at those of you who are using the American Girl History Units, but it gives you an idea at how FREEING it is to ENJOY the holidays as a family, and still feel like you are continuing on with “school”.   I also included some pointers there for keeping it simple and stress free!

This year, I wanted to share the History of Thanksgiving.
It is designed to go along with Fields of Daisies’ free history units, but you definitely could use this all by itself as a miniThanksgiving Unit too.  If you are using one of the FREE History Curriculum Units or the American Girl Units , just scroll down to the section of history you are studying right now, and enjoy some or all of the ideas.

I hope you will enjoy using this guide as you homeschool through the holidays!
My prayer is that it will allow your family to spend time doing the activities that bring life and joy into your home, all while feeling relaxed and confident that everyone is still learning!

Add in this History of Thanksgiving Printable Pack… Homeschool through the holidays and  ENJOY it!



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