How to Keep a Quiet Heart in a Loud World !

Keeping a Quiet Heart

~ Keeping a Quiet Heart ~

Why is it so hard to keep a quiet heart?
Or is that just something I struggle with?

I watch my youngest pull out of the driveway every single morning.
I pray and fight the swelling urge to worry.
I deny my mind the right to consider the rush of fearful thoughts that want to come bursting in.
It’s been a year since her accident.

I will keep a quiet heart.

It’s hard work!
Yet harder still is the labor of worry.
Believe me, I know !
I don’t recommend that occupation at all.  🙂

Do any of you worry?
My friend wakes up in the middle of the night filled with incredible anxiety over her ability to homeschool her children.  Another friend is overcome with thoughts of failures in her finances.  And another with her marriage.  Whether  it’s fretting over health, or wayward children, or an uncertain future,  or even over all the holiday plans, worry is exhausting !  Phew!

How do we keep a quiet heart ?
I can’t tell you what will work for you, but this has been my journey in a nutshell.

Things I’ve learned :

Worry is just another word for FEAR.
Fear is an ugly thing.
It will destroy anything it can get ahold of…
relationships, health, happiness, peace, LIFE !
We tend to feel most fearful when we cannot
CONTROL things.

What works?
Prayer works.
Breathing works.
Take a deep breath (or 5).
Sometimes, I think I have held my breath all day.
Recognize when fear is creeping in.
You aren’t in control, but that’s OK.
God is good.
He is in control.
Nothing surprises Him.

Choose faith over fear.

There isn’t a right way to do it.
Just DO it !
And then do it again.
And breathe.

The mind and the heart are connected.
If your heart is beating wildly with worry,
chances are your mind is full of loud clutter too!
I choose a short Scripture to pray when my mind won’t allow me to focus.
Almost like a type of fasting, I pray this verse every single time
I begin to feel overwhelmed.
Words to focus my heart & mind on truth.
These are not some “magic words”  that obligate God to answer us.
They are
Simply… truth.

I write these words & place them all over my house
until I can pray each part from memory…slowly with contemplation.

Here is one of my favorites to regain my focus & let the worry flood out-

“The Lord is near.
         Do not be anxious about anything,
         but in every situation,
         by prayer and petition,
         with thanksgiving,
         present your requests to God.
         And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,
         will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

You have to CHOOSE peace.
While you most definitely CANNOT
control other people, or circumstances,
you CAN control yourself.
You can intentionally ACT and not REACT.
Choose peace over fear.

Keep a quiet heart.

It IS a choice.
Sometimes worry becomes a habit.
It takes discipline to break a bad habit.
I know when you’re tired and stressed out,
this will take all the energy you’ve got.
It will be worth it!

When life is REALLY throwing all it’s hard balls at once;
and it’s so very hard to concentrate on anything else…
the rest of that verse tells us what we can fill our mind
with in place of all the worry.

“Finally, brothers and sisters,
whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable
—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—
think about such things.

Make a list.
Something true.  Something noble.
Something right.  Something pure.
Something lovely.  Something admirable.
Something excellent.  Something praiseworthy.
Then think about those things.
You may have to make several lists a day.
FILL your mind with these things
Your heart will follow!

God really does love you.
He is near.
God really is GOOD.
You really can trust Him.


I am praying for you today  !
May the perfect love of Christ cast out all the fear in your hearts today.
May He watch over your comings and goings (and those of your families).
May He keep you in perfect peace.

Philippians 4:9



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