Printable Daily Learning Organizers


Daily Learning Organizers

The Un-checklist, Checklist.
If you’re tired of feeling frustrated by daily planners that point out your failure to get EVERYTHING done every day, help is here!
Chart what DOES get done, instead of what doesn’t.  
There is no shortage of great printable organizers designed for homeschoolers these days.   And truly, this is just one more printable to add to the mix.  SO WHY am I even bothering to post this?  Because this may be the one that works for your family!  Read why below!  There are 2 set of organizers included.  One for you (to use for ALL your kids at once), and one for your student(s). I feel like offering them their own sheet gives them some ownership too !

Because life happens.  Every day. 
Babies get sick.  Big kids have practices. There are appointments.  Laundry mountains eventually must be conquered, and bellies filled.  Best intentions and all, everything just doesn’t get done every day. AND THAT IS OKAY !!
You aren’t alone. Don’t cry in your coffee and yell at your dog like I did (that’s another story)! 
Anyway, don’t let that checklist be the boss of you !  
Check off or jot down what DOES happen…whenever it happens.  You might be surprised how much learning is going on.  Then use these simple organizers to quickly flip through the last couple of weeks to see where the focus needs to be this week.   Ahhh…FREEDOM from the checklist!

Because homeschooling isn’t a sprint…it’s a marathon. 
I have no idea who said that.  But whoever did knew what REAL LIFE was like !
Just relax and enjoy living, loving, and learning together with your family!
Whether you are a “school at home” kind of family, or a super relaxed, life-schooling kind of family, these should work for you.  Worth a try at least !

How to use for families who prefer relaxed/unschooling based learning-
+Print out one or both of the blank organizers
+Fill out the interest/subject areas you’d like to focus on for the week
+Jot quick notes about great discoveries, activities, trips, classes, or projects that took place each day in the appropriate blocks. You could also simply place a checkmark (color coded if you have multiple kiddos) in the blocks.
+File your sheets each week in a binder for evaluations, or any documentation you may need
+Let your student(s) fill out their own organizer in the same way

How to use for families who prefer traditional/curriculum based learning-
+Print out one or both of the blank organizers
+Fill out the subject areas you are covering, then make copies for several weeks ahead
+Check off what gets done each day
+Add in field trips, classes, co-op, etc… attendance in the blocks that correspond
+Keep the list in a prime location so that you can see what areas may need more
   attention as the week progresses
+Let your student(s) fill out their own organizer in the same way 


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