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Spring Science Friday Favorites

~Spring Science Activities~

As much as I love the cozy days of winter, I’m kind of ready for a new season.
Ready for all the browns to be replaced with greens, for flowers to bloom, and the breezes to be warm.

Bring on the spring! 

There’s just something about the change of seasons that always energizes me….and err….it seems to have been genetic.
My kids tend to get that same “energy”.

Yep.  Spring Fever !

So, this week’s Friday Favorites are just a few fun Spring Science Activities
to change things up a bit and get the spring fever wiggles out.    🙂

I know I usually post history resources, but Spring just brings out the wanna-be scientist in me!
If you are looking for some AMAZING science units (or even an entire curriculum), check out Kristin Moon Science.  Seriously, her resources are incredible.
Here’s my first Friday favorite from this site-  The Science of Spring


* Dancing with the Daffodils & Other Flower Power Ideas *

Daffodil Disection (& other lovely related ideas) from Mama Scout
*I really love this mama’s reminder that real learning is the goal!
– “I Wondered Lonely As a Cloud”    (poetry worksheet)
Seed Sprouting Activity from Housing A Forest
The Magic School Bus Gets Planted!
Flower Pigment Experiment from Coffee Cups and Crayons
A Nature Study:  A Plant & It’s Flowers   from  DIY Homeschooler  (love this one!)
Seed Science
Flower Unit Study

bean plants from dried bean seeds unit study
Seed success!  If you have never tried making a mini green house with a ziplock bag, a damp paper towel, and a seed, DO IT NOW!  This was such a fun experiment!  We got to see so many concepts happening before our eyes, including condensation and a mini ecosystem as the bag produced the perfect environment for the beans to sprout and grow!

* Butterflies, Birds, and Bugs Activities *

Make a Butterfly Feeder and learn all about butterflies with this Butterfly Unit from Premeditated Leftovers
Butterfly Unit Study  from Year Round Homeschooling
Birds of a Feather from The Scientific Mom
All About Robins   from Kristen Moon Science
Backyard Birds Lapbook
Ants ! from Gift of Curiosity
Free Ant Lapbook  from Homeschool Share


spring science friday favorites








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