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old fashioned thanksgiving unit study

~An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving~

      Thanksgiving Unit Study

Stories to read aloud together, recipes, games to play, crafts, history, family devotional ideas, and lots more fun!

*Thanksgiving Reading:

* “An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving”  by Louisa May Alcott
(google reader, book format)
Read/print it out  here
Listen to “An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving” Audiobook (free)

*Watch the Hallmark movie version of “An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving” online
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Why do leaves change colors ?~Fall Leaves Activities for All Ages~

Fall leaves make me want to create something!

They’re some of the most beautiful artworks in nature.  Nearly every color can be found.  Even here in central Texas, our leaves have begun to be painted in warm yellows and oranges.   While doing some reading for this post, I realized that there were lots of great ideas for activities to learn about leaves for the Littles crew, but not as many for the older crowd.

Hopefully, you and your family will enjoy this mini fall leaves “unit”.  Really, this is just a list of activities and reading, and would be a great days activity for a Friday afternoon (or Tuesday or any day when the crisp fall weather causes us to all want to be outdoors)…or on a busy week (like Thanksgiving)…or just any day (because YAY you homeschool and can do that!!).

*If you’d like to listen to some lovely, quiet music while you scroll through these ideas, Autumn by George Winston is one of my all time favorites!
Or if you’d like a classic, Linus & Lucy: The Music of Vince Guaraldi  by George Winston is nice.

*Why Do Leaves Change Colors Anyway?*

*You can start with this section or skip right to the activities –
I learned a ton about what makes leaves change colors and the types of trees
with the most vivid colored leaves.

-Before you begin, it might be fun to ask your kids why/how they think leaves change colors.
You could write down their initial answers and then review them after the day.
Depending on the ages of your children this can be quite entertaining.

– You may also like to take a quick walk before this lesson to collect some leaves to have on
hand for visuals.

– Why Do Leaves Change Colors–  a short video by kids, for kids
Chromatography- Why Leaves Change Colors  –YouTube  
Why Leaves Change Colors–  short video explanation from DNews
3 Simple Science Experiements: Why Do Leaves Change Colors?  from Playdough to Plato

Why Do Leaves Change Colors–  a simple science experiment from How Wee Learn

*Fall Leaves Activities for the Littles*

Montessori-Inspired Autumn Leaf Unit  from Living Montessori Now
8 Leaf Activities from Teaching Mama
Fall Song, How Many Leaves ?       (Counting & Colors Song)
– Leaves by David Ezra Stein audio picture book on YouTube
   (very nice reading with original music composition)
– Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf  by Lois Ehlert – audio picture book
– Lots of Leaf Activities and Printables from Enchanted Learning
Leaf Lacing for Toddlers  from I Can Teach My Child
My favorite fall finds for the Littles on my Pinterest board “Littles- Fall Fun”

*Fall Leaves Activities for Everyone*

Falling Leaves Unit Study from DIY Homeschooler
– Autumn Leaves Poetry
– Some great fall leaves ideas from  The Homeschool Scientist
– Fall Leaves Ideas for all ages!
– TONS of Fall Leaf Crafty Ideas from 123 Homeschool For Me
Collection of Fall Leaf Coloring Pages–  nice, detailed drawings
  also  HERE
Leaf Identification Cards  (free printables!)  from Wildflower Ramblings

– Leaf Identification App
+ Picture This Plant Identification App

– Some fun snack ideas that aren’t just for preschoolers  🙂
+ Fall Leaves Salad (or sandwiches)
+ Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Leaves
+ Colorful Fall Trees

*Leaves Book List !

So I’m a homeschooler.  I can’t resist a books list.  😀
Just a few of my favorite books and kits.  The links below are Amazon affiliate links.  This means that if you purchase any of the items below by clicking below, I will get a small commission at NO extra cost to you at all.   This helps me keep my blog running !  Thanks!

*Why Do Leaves Change Colors ?
*Leaf Man
*Look What I Did With a Leaf !
*Because of an Acorn
*Trees, Leaves, and Bark  (Take Along Guide)
*Leaf Collecting Kit* Fall Leaves Journal/Notebooking 
*Hello Autumn Coloring Book  (older kids and adults)
*George Winston “Autumn”
Fall Leaves Cookie Cutter Set

And for those of us who don’t get many fall leaves…
*Fall Leaves Foam Cut Outs
*Fall Leaves Stickers

Texas FallFun Fall Activities









** Election Day is coming up!  **

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.
We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.
It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. ”
Ronald Reagan

It’s almost election day!
Excited about it, or not this year, it’s a great way to teach our children some very important lessons.
Why not take a break from the routine and make a quick brush up on the election process?
Maybe even take them along when you go to vote!  
YES!  You can do that !  Read more HERE .
Here are a few online freebie resources for a quick study.
I am always amazed at how many really wonderful (and free) ideas there are out there!
Wishing you all a fun week of living, loving, and learning together! 

* Especially For the Littles

And anybody else who likes fun coloring pages, simple explanations,
and The Berenstain Bears!!   🙂

*In All You Do… Breed- Love has LOTS of really cute preschool-early elementary election day printables (activities, coloring pages, handwriting pages, etc…) all freebies of course.    If you have not visited this blog before, you should.  One of my new favorites !

The Big Election … The Berenstain Bears  (Full Episode)

Duck For President  (YouTube)

* For Everybody 

Homeschool Deals Election Day Freebies  (LOTS of links for reading, printables, activities, and even crafts!)…My favorite ‘favorite’ today!!       🙂

Elections Printable Lapbook from Homeschool Share (very nice!)

*Election Unit Study from Busy Teachers Cafe

The United States and Our Government …  Printable book

Congress for KidsAll About Elections

*School House Rock 3 Branches of Government

*School House Rock Electoral College




spiders wallpaper

Eeeeeeeeek !!!  Spiders !!!

Field’s of Daisies Friday Favorites….Spider Fun.
It’s a stretch y’all.

So for anyone who knows me, it will come as no surprise when I say

spiders are NOT my favorite.
Not on Fridays, not on Mondays, not on any day !!!

Why is it all spiders can’t be cute, little, eency weeny spiders that spend their time climbing up a water spout outside?
Or be as friendly and kind as Charlotte?
Or as poetic as Dickinson’s spiders?

But alas, much to my chagrin (and confusion),
So… This Friday’s Favorite is a smorgasbord of my errr… some free spider favs online.

*Spider Favs For the Little Guys
– Montessori Inspired Spider Activities & Printables from Living Montessori Now  (PreK-1) 
‘The Very Busy Spider’  book study from Starts at Eight
   (‘The Very Busy Spider‘ read aloud on YouTube)

Spider Unit Study from Teaching Heart

*Spider Favs For Older Kids
Spiders from Enchanted Learning
Mr. Mahoney’s Spiders Page (TONS of links for every age & type of learner!!)
Spider Unit from The Mommy Writer
Smithsonian Unit: Under the Spell of …Spiders!
Arachne the Spinner‘  a Greek Myth and some related printables .


* Spider Videos for Everyone (errr…except me)
– Wild Kratt’s Secrets of the Spider’s Web
(this one is really good…minus all the spiders )

The Magic School Bus Spins a Web
NatGeo Super Spider Documentary
from All Things Animal
(Short video all about spiders for younger kids…I like the happy music playing in the background!)

– Spider Facts from Mocomag Kids Magazine
(This is my speed-  all animated !! )

spider funThe Spider as an Artist

Has never been employed —
Though his surpassing Merit
Is freely certified

By every Broom and Bridget
Throughout a Christian Land —
Neglected Son of Genius
I take thee by the Hand —

Emily Dickinson