it's all in how you see it

It’s All In How You See It !

My Friday Favorite…

smile medicine cap !smile bagel

Smile Veggies

Sometimes it’s all in how you see things !

I see a bagel, some veggies, and a bottle cap… pretty dang exciting stuff.
What do you see ?  Do you see it now ?
Kinda funny actually.
Wonder how many of these little giggles I’ve missed out on! 

Some days we need a little creativity to
find the humor in life.
Is my bagel really grinning at me ?

Some days we need a little creativity to laugh.
I think that bottle cap just winked at me !
A good belly laugh or at least a chuckle can be right in our faces…… It is often simply all in the way we look at the little things. 

I have a Facebook friend who frequently posts pictures of these
smiles in hidden places from time to time.
She’s had her share of tough things to walk through in life,
but she chooses to look for and see, what is good  (and funny!)
about life!
She knows that these little smiles are reminders from God that she is never alone, and so she continues to look for them and share them as an encouragement to us all !

If you aren’t looking for them,
you might not even notice they’re there.

Hope you will look for and  find a hidden smile just for YOU today!

So, can I have 2 favorites today ?
I mean, it IS Friday after all.

It kind of ties in with creativity….
I really wanted to share it because it is such a great, creative  🙂 idea !!

Have you ever thought of making magnets out of magazine  (Click on link to see more!)  cut outs , or coloring books, or even old books
(gasp!  I know!) ?
You could make them for anything your child is interested in or learning about at the time…AG Dolls, working trucks, kinds of fall leaves or flowers, birds,  ABC’s, or cut outs of words for poetry making.
I think they’d be great on cookie sheets in the car and  on the fridge at home.
The ideas are endless !

Happy Friday y’all !


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