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Making Memories

Making Memories

What is your happiest childhood memory?

Stop and think hard.
Close your eyes and remember.
Think of the all the little details.
It will make you smile.
Even today.

Ever think of how your own children might answer this question someday?

Every day, we have the opportunity to create memories with the people we love.
It doesn’t have to involve expensive vacations or extravagant gifts…just some thought
and some time and lots of love.
Get creative !

I have two (update: THREE😱)  kids in their 20’s.
Every year they ask if we can still carve pumpkins.
It’s a tradition.
They bring their friends…we laugh…throw pumpkin guts…make a huge, sticky mess…
toast pumpkin seeds…eat snacks…and watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”.

I don’t know about how life changing or meaningful any of that may be,
but every year,  I take a deep breath,
and let the crazy mess begin,
and know we’re making another memory.

Need some easy memory making ideas to get started?
Not all of them are messy, so fear not!   😀

+Get Going!
Take a walk as a family!  Ok so this sounds like nothing special.  But memories are made when you set aside the time to do even the most ordinary things… TOGETHER!   Pick a cool, brisk morning, or an early fall evening.  Take the time to notice all the little things… the changing colors of the leaves, crawling critters, and acorns and their little caps.
If this is too laid back for your crew, or if you have older kids, it would be fun to make the walk into a scavenger hunt!
Or you could try this Neighborhood Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt!

+Get Crafty!

Continue your fall walk fun by collecting some of the pretty leaves, acorns, etc along the way, and coming back home to  craft some pretty autumn decorations together !
Think you and your crew just aren’t the crafty type?  Then think outside the box!
-Have a family pumpkin carving contest!
Easy and CREATIVE Pumpkin Carving Ideas

+Get Cooking!

STOP!  Don’t throw those pumpkin guts out!  Save the seeds and toast them up.
Sweet, Savory, or Spicy Roasted Pumpkin Seed Recipes

Not a fan of pumpkin seeds?
One of our family’s favorite fall traditions is eating special pumpkin pancakes for dinner on Halloween, watching silly scary movies (I’m a big baby), and camping out in the living room floor.  You can find the recipe for the pancakes (seriously, they’re the most amazing pancakes I’ve ever eaten) in my “Friday, Pie Day” post below.
Friday, Pie Day
Poppin’ Fall Popcorn Ideas

+Get Campy!
-Want to kick the “Get cooking” idea up a notch?  Have some campfire fun!
Try one of these campfire cooking recipes together!

-Have a backyard campout  (even if it’s just till midnight)!
*Look up and notice the fall stars!  Print out a star chart and see how many constellations you can find.
*Tell some spooky campfire stories!
*Read a scary book together.
Here are a few ideas for scary-ish kids books that your whole family could enjoy.
These links will take you to Amazon… if you buy one, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you!
*The Secret of the Desert Stone  and The Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey 
   *The Legend of Annie Murphy
   *The Berenstain Bears In the Dark  (so cute for the Littles)
  *A Series of Unfortunate Events

-Have a movie night and invite the neighbors!
You can read about how to pull off a super simple movie night (geared for the summer, but just think FALL!) in this post.
Here are a few fall themed movie ideas (also Amazon affiliate links)- REMEMBER to always preview books and movies to be sure they are appropriate for YOUR family!
*It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
*Hotel Transylvania
*The House With A Clock In the Walls
*The Haunted Mansion

+Still need more ideas?  
10 Things Children Will Always Remember from The 36th Avenue
100 Fun Family Traditions To Start
40 Ways to Make Memories With Your Kids

ENJOY living, loving, and learning together this fall- get going and MAKE MEMORIES!!

Making Memories :)
Making Memories 🙂



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