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     Friday, Pie Day !
*6 Fun Ideas for a FALL SCHOOL Day*

Fall Fever.

That’s a real thing you know.
Symptoms include:
-the urge to consume inordinate amounts of pumpkin flavored foods and beverages
Seriously have you been to the grocery store lately?
Pumpkin spice oreos ?!
Just no.
Pumpkin spice GUM ?!?
Yep.  It’s a thing, for real.  Not even kidding.

-the need to watch football
-the need to wear our cozy clothes
Sigh…it’s still hot here, but I’m ready for the first day it dips below 80* !
 —–>   FALL IN THE SOUTH  <——   This is ME.  Every single year.
-the need to step on every leaf just to see if it crunches
-binge watching the Hallmark Channel
-and for me, the urge to BAKE !

Anybody in your house suffering from fall fever this week ?

You aren’t alone!
Here are 6 super fun ideas to relieve those symptoms of fall fever.
Friday, pie day.    { Homeschooling benefit # 3,383,938! }
Light that Autumn Leaves candle, sip that pumpkin spice beverage, and try some of the ideas below!

Of course pie IS very educational… it covers science, and art, and history if you’re creative, and definitely math!   And math is very important you know
If we have a whole pie, and I eat 3 pieces… well, you get the idea. 😀

So, grab some aprons and gather everyone in the kitchen.
Get that  pie school done !
Chop some apples, measure some flour, stir some pumpkin, sprinkle some cinnamon, and bake some pies!!
PS…If you’re not feeling pie,
there’s some other quick and easy ideas at the bottom of this page too.
“Friday, Pie Day and Some Other Stuff Too” just didn’t sound like a great title for this post.    

And while you’re at it, why not invite some friends and family over to share in all the fally pie goodness ?!
Maybe bake some individual sized pies or make some of the other easy  fall treats below, and go on a sharing mission…it’s a great excuse to meet one of your neighbors, surprise the mail person, or just treat someone to a little kindness !

**I’ve included a few ideas in each section to round out the day if you need it to feel like more “school” was accomplished 🙂   Also, you will find a list of my favorite fall books that compliment each of the Fall School ideas below !  **

Gather Together,
Give Thanks,
Eat Pie !

best pumpkin pie recipe baking with kids


*Favorite Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This is a delicious pumpkin pie recipe.  Sweet and cinnamony… that’s a word, right?
I always add a dot of butter right in the middle before baking.  Not sure why, but my grandma always did that, so I do too.   🙂   I also like to use any extra pie crust to make cut outs for the top of the pie (see photo above).  Just take an egg yolk and a few drops of food coloring & paint it on the cutouts before baking for pretty fall colors.
See?!  Color mixing!  I told you it was an educational activity ?!?!
(The pie pictured at the top  is this pie recipe)

Add some of these other fun pumpkin activities
from The Homeschool Scientist  & voila !  Pie School !

*More Pumpkin Activities-

-Copy Work-
+ Design your own recipe card and copy the pumpkin pie recipe
+ The Pumpkin  by John Greenleaf Whittier
-Science & Math-
+Try the Ultimate Pumpkin Math Ideas  from Math Geek Mama
or even more  here  —>   Pumpkin Math Ideas
+ 15 STEM Pumpkin Projects  from Lemon Lime Adventures 
OR  try these 20 STEAM Activities   from  Wunder-Mom
+ Physics of Punkin’ Chunkin’
+  History of the Pumpkin
+  History of Pumpkin Pie
 The ORIGINAL Pumpkin Pie
+9 Pumpkin Art Projects  from Deep Space Sparkle

* Favorite Apple Pie Recipe

This is a great, no-fail recipe.  No soupy insides!   Slices perfectly!
The only changes I make to this recipe is to reduce the amount of sugar a bit, and use a mix of both Granny Smith & Gala (or some other type of red apple).  This is a very plain pie recipe, but don’t be worried…it’s so good !
I made this one on Monday.

Need more to call it a full day of school?

Try a mini Johnny Appleseed Unit !  

–> FREE Johnny Appleseed Notebooking Pages

Apple Pie






Maybe you’ve made it all the way to Friday this week, and you’re totally not feeling the whole mess of the pie day thing ??

Here are a few quick and easy fall favorites to make together & share~

* Baked Apple “Chips”

Sprinkle with some cinnamon & nutmeg if you’d like.

* Hand-Dipped Fall Pretzel Sticks

From Mess For Less… such a cute, quick, and easy snack to make.  Perfect for sharing!!

* Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Great way to extend the pumpkin learning fun!
Pumpkin Math Activities Here We Come —->
Carve a pumpkin, guess how many seeds, bake it into a pie, try some of the fun activities HERE , roast the seeds, and call it a good day !

* Pumpkin Pancakes

These “pancakes” are good enough to be dessert.  I have been making these special pancakes for my kids at the beginning of fall  since they were babies.  It is definitely not my usual pancake recipe, but they are a yummy treat and a fun tradition in our family.  You could make individual pancakes out of them, or giant family style pancakes like I do.   I usually cook them in cast iron skillet, but have made them in a pumpkin shaped cake pan as well.   One more reason to love the fall !
Pumpkin everything!   Enjoy!

Pumpkin Pancakes














*If you decide to purchase any of the extra books listed below, I would appreciate it greatly if you could click directly from my links.  Amazon will pay me a small commission for it, and it will NOT cost you anything additional.  This will help keep the rest of my content completely free !   THANKS FRIENDS !!

**Favorite Books for Fall School-

*“How Many Seeds In a Pumpkin ?”
*“The Pumpkin Book”
*“Nancy Drew: The Pumpkin Patch Puzzle”
*“The Great Pumpkin Ride”
(I haven’t read any in this series, but it looked fun!)
*“It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”   DVD

*“Who Was Johnny Appleseed?”
*“How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World”
*“The Apple Pie Tree”
*“How Do Apples Grow?”

this Friday?

Leave a comment & share your Friday FALL Favorite !!





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