Psalm 12 Daily Bread

Daily Bread from the Psalms (Psalm 12)

Daily Bread:  Thoughts and Prayers from the Psalms

~Psalm 12~

Praying through the Psalms-

If you have been praying through the Psalms with me, there have probably been portions or promises that have BURST in your heart as you have read or prayed them.  For me today, it was the declaration that
“the words of the LORD are flawless !”   FLAWLESS !!
What a comfort it is to know that on His words we can STAND solidly with all assurance and confidence.  We can read the words of these Psalms and declare them as our own!

Psalm 12-

Psalm 12 was also a reminder to me about the importance of hiding those flawless words deep in our hearts, so that they flow out when we need them most !  Ouch!  What flows out of my mouth when I am feeling tired or weak or angry?   Are they words that are gentle and pure, that speak health and LIFE?  Or are they words that mirror my feelings, or the culture and time in which I live?
Let’s not just PRAY the Psalms.  Let’s believe them, and SPEAK them !

Try to remember one part of this Psalm.  A verse, or even just a few words.  *Note:  Everyone learns differently.  Some people learn by seeing, some by doing, and some best by hearing.  As you pray through the words of Psalm 12, think about how you remember things best.  Write what verse or words the Lord speaks to you on a sticky note, or in a journal.  Think of a picture that will remind you of His word to you today.  Or listen to the Scripture Songs that I include for each Psalm.  Remember the awe you feel when you realize that the very God of the Universe has stopped to speak to YOU!
(see Psalm 8)

Holy Spirit, bring to our remembrance the words that God has for us today !
As we have been made in the image of the most Creative One, stir that creativity in us to help us find ways to keep the Word in our hearts and minds.

Your words are

Help us !
We are surrounded by
lies and flattery
and deception.

False words,
boastful and proud and vile
are the words most honored among men.

Where are the faithful?
Where are the godly ?
The weak are weary,
they groan from oppression.
They are maligned by the mouths
of the wicked.

LORD, arise now !
Find us faithful.
May our words
be gentle and pure.
May they bring
life and health.

You will protect us
and keep us.
Your promise is sure.

Your words are FLAWLESS !

Read or Listen to Psalm 12.

psalm 12 speak life


I find that memorizing Scripture is so much easier with music.
Here’s Psalm 12 from

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Psalm 12

The Psalms Project
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