Psalm 30 devotional

Psalm 30 – Daily Bread from the Psalms


Daily Bread:  Thoughts & Prayers from the Psalms

~ Psalm 30 ~

Don’t let your heart be silent.
Wait.  It’s true.  I did once write a whole post with the title “Keeping a Quiet Heart“.
It sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not at all.

There’s a difference between ‘silence’ and ‘quiet’.

A quiet heart is a good thing.  It’s praising God even when the walls are crashing down around you, and also when the times are easy and full of blessings!  A quiet heart chooses faith, and discards fear.  A quiet heart talks to God.
A silent heart, however, is not a good thing.  A silent heart forgets God on the mountain tops, and fears God in the valleys.  A silent heart distrusts God.  A silent heart is disgruntled, disappointed, and discouraged.
Put plainly, a silent heart stops talking to the LORD.

Don’t ever stop talking to the Lord.
He’s good.
You can trust Him.
And say with David, “…that my heart may sing to you and not be silent”!


to the LORD,

All you saints of His.
His holy name !

For He has lifted us
out of the depths
and the grave !

He continues in
He is our

For what good
will it do if our
are silenced?


to the LORD
all you saints of His !

For His anger lasts but a moment…
but His favor lasts

Our weeping my last for a night…
but our JOY comes
in the MORNING !

The LORD has turned our
He has clothed us in JOY !

Our hearts will
SING to our God !
We will not be SILENT !
We will give thanks


~Read or Listen to Psalm 30.

Praying Psalm 30

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