Psalm 29 devotional

Psalm 29 – Daily Bread from the Psalms


Daily Bread:  Thoughts & Prayers from the Psalms

~ Psalm 29 ~

“The LORD blesses His People with peace.”

Have you ever wondered what the Psalms must have sounded like being sung by the voices of His People, our people, so long ago?
A few days ago I came across a song that took these ancient words and brought them to life.  I think it is a perfect prayer we can sing together today.
It is offered (truly an offering) to us by Shelby Hughey (lyrics) and Elijah Ogden (music).
I found it while reading some of the most genuine thoughts on real life in Christ, by Sarah Sandel.   I highly recommend her blog (HERE) .  You’ll find her writing to be brave and true and inspiring.   Thank you Sarah, Shelby, and Elijah for letting me share !

Oh, Your voice like thunder cracks,
And oh, Your voice, like heavy rain beating on my back.
With a word the hills start shaking and the fire splits in two.
What is this? How is it the voice that thunder speaks to you

Rest my dear one, to My love run,
Lay these burdens down.
Surely you were made for more than this.
Pretty pictures, trophies centered
On your highest shelf come crashing down,
Come crashing down.

Hear His praises dancing from the songbird’s tree,
See the glory of His name in every sinner’s bended knee.
Oh praise Him, praise Him all you with your every breath;
Every moment, all your might, lift Him high — oh lift Him high!

You’re sitting on Your throne, here I stand so far below –
Still in mercy, oh, You make Your child strong.
(Still in mercy, oh, Your mercy makes me strong)
You tell the oceans, “Come this far,”;
The rivers’ bends in care You carved –
Yet, Your peace like rivers in me, rivers deep and long…

 by Shelby Hughey  and Elijah Ogden

~Read or Listen to Psalm 29.

praying Psalm 29

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