Psalm 4 Devotional

Daily Bread from the Psalms (Psalm 4)

Daily Bread:  Thoughts and Prayers from Psalm 4

If you’ve ever wondered whether God hears you when you pray,
Psalm 4 will encourage your heart to keep sitting at His feet and
talking with Your Father.  He hears YOU!

Pray Psalm 4 with me~

We remember the way You have delivered
Your people in the past,
and the way You have shown them great mercy.
Our only righteousness rests in you.
Find us as sons and daughters after Your own heart,
be  MERCIFUL  to us,
just as You were to David,
and  HEAR our prayers…
Distress is rising and we’re calling out to You!

Though the world rebels against You,
You have set apart the godly for Yourself
You hear when we call to You
You fill our heart with greater joy
You make us dwell in safety

Search my own heart and be silent
when chaos prevails
Offer You sacrifices that are right
Tame my anger and not sin against You
Trust in You
and gladness will fill my heart
I will lie down and sleep in peace

You are good
Let the light of Your face shine upon us !
Let the JOY of Your unfailing love fill us
until Truth pushes out the distress we are in.

We thank you for Your loving kindness…
that we may be called Your beloved.
That you do indeed hear our cries, and hold us close to your heart.
Though the world may be pressing us from every side,
we can always rest in you and be glad!

Psalm 4 light of God

You can read (or listen) to Psalm 4  HERE  .



Praying Psalm 5  is next !

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