Psalm 14 devotional

Daily Bread from the Psalms (Psalm 14)

Daily Bread from the Psalms

-Psalm 14-

What would it be like to walk through all the ups and downs of life without God?  Do you remember a time when you tried?  If you’ve been a believer for awhile, you will understand how different your life is since you met Jesus.  Hopeful.  Peaceful.  Joyful.  
And none of which depend on your circumstances.

Maybe you’ve found yourself reading this post today, and wondering about the existence of God at all.  Come and meet Him.  He’s more real than anything you’ve experienced before.
He loves you.  He cares.  He moves.  
If you don’t know Him, my heart reaches out to you today.  Lift up your heart to His, and receive an unending well of love and salvation!
Your life will never be the same!

Break our hearts
with compassion
for those who say
“There is no God.”

They do not call on you.
They are overwhelmed
and filled with dread.

As you LOOK down on the earth
from your heaven,
Are there any who UNDERSTAND ?
Are there any who SEEK you ?

Have ALL turned aside ?

But for
There is no one who does
We ALL have gone after
our own way.

Be PRESENT among us !
We who have clothed ourselves
in YOUR righteousness,

You have brought to us
and to ALL THOSE
who say, “There is no God.”

~Read or Listen to Psalm 14.  

Psalm 14:5 Image


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