Psalm 34 – Daily Bread From the Psalms

Daily Bread:
Thoughts & Prayers from the Psalms

~ Psalm 34 ~


Are you afflicted?  Poor in spirit?  Troubled?
Take heart!  The eyes of the LORD are on you!
Come with me and let’s “taste and see” just how GOOD the Lord is!
This is David’s exhortation to all who would sing this Psalm along with him.
Psalm 34 was written by David when he was in quite a bind.  Saul wanted to kill him, and David was on the run.  He escaped and hid where no one would ever think to look.  What is the least likely place you could think of for David to go?  Yep.  He was hanging with the Philistines.  Remember the whole David and Goliath thing?  Yeah…evidently the Philistines did too.   Crazy, right ?!?!


This Psalm was either written during, or about, the time when David pretended to be insane and hid out in the Philistine camp.  WOW!  One thing we can count on with David though, is that he’s going to be keeping things REAL!  I mean minus the whole insane act 😀
In this Psalm, David is like the ultimate cheerleader, exhorting us ALL to turn to God TOGETHER, in the midst of our impossible situations.  He highlights the times he’s called out to the LORD, and how God has not once failed him, or put him to shame (when he’s trusted in, and taken refuge in Him)!
My soul will BOAST in the LORD;   let the AFFLICTED hear and rejoice.  Glorify the LORD with me;  let us EXALT His name TOGETHER.”  -Psalm 34:2-3

LORD, I shout your praise!
Who will exalt You with me?

I was poor,
I called to You
and You RESCUED me!
I was afraid
and You DELIVERED me!

Are any of you afflicted?
Hear this good news 

let us
You are so GOOD !

We call to you
We seek your face.

You HEAR us
You come close
when we are brokenhearted
You SAVE us
when we are crushed in spirit.

EXALT Him with me !
Let us MAGNIFY His name

I looked everywhere for You
and You answered me
and You delivered me.

You SEE and HEAR us
Your eyes are on all the RIGHTEOUS
and Your ears are attentive
to our cries.

Fellow servants of the LORD
with me

You are so good!

Our souls BOAST in You!
We EXALT You !
And we MAGNIFY Your name

Our refuge is always in You!

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You can read (or listen) to Psalm 34.    HERE

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted Psalm 34

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