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American Girl Unit Studies

~American Girl Unit Studies ~

Here we go!
Need a fun and fresh way to study American history?
Or, just a break from the daily grind?
Do you love the idea of doing unit studies with your family, but find the cost to purchase one, or the time it takes to put a unit together overwhelming?
I hope these units will save you some time, give you some inspiration, help your family learn a ton, and make some super fun memories !!

Did I mention that these units are completely FREE ?!   
No risk.  If you don’t like them, you haven’t lost a thing.  🙂
Other than the six books listed below (available at most local libraries & of course for purchase), all other ideas & activities can be found completely for free! I also have included a list of additional resources you may like to purchase including the historical fiction series of American Girl Books, but these are not needed for the unit.

The units are organized by subject area and broken up into daily lessons that correlate with the reading.
This is just my idea of organized. 🙂
Each unit is designed to last between 3-6 weeks, but of course, you may choose to skip some activities to shorten it up, or add lots of your own to study the topic more in depth. These units could serve as a fun mini study, or a complete year long history plan.

The sky is the limit for exploring and discovering American History together!
Here are the American Girl Unit Studies I’ve written so far:

Native America– “Welcome to Kaya’s World 1764”
Colonial America– “Welcome to Felicity’s World 1774”
Frontier America– “Welcome to Josefina’s World 1824”
Pioneer America– “Welcome to Kirsten’s World 1854”
Civil War America– “Welcome to Addy’s World 1864”
Turn of the Century America– “Welcome to Samantha’s World 1904”
The Great Depression–  “Welcome to Kit’s World 1934”


**Also, you may want to check out the other FREE Ancient History Curriculum and FREE American History Curriculum series!  I’ve added a ton of fun hands-on projects, related MOVIE ideas, crafts, recipes, and more… the American History series would be PERFECT to use along with the American Girl Units, or for your older kiddos!

->The Early American History Great Books List  has some really wonderful additions that go right along with these American Girl Unit Studies as well.  You’ll find suggestions for historical fiction, activity guides, craft books, cook books, games, movies, and lots more!

american flag red star american history great books for kids list

Happy living, learning, and loving TOGETHER!
Wishing you all the freeing joys of a good high swing on a lovely spring day!


Native America Unit Study American Girl Kaya

American History Books for Colonial America Unit Study

American History Books for Frontier Unit Study

Pioneer Unit Study

American Girl Addy Unit Study FREE

american girl free unit study

Great Depression American Girl Kit Unit Study


revolutionary war soldiers native american christopher columbus free early american history curriculum


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