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Christmas School

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****Christmas School****

Hello Friends!
It’s been awhile…

Is it already November?

The warmth and joy of the holidays are just beginning to stir in our home.
The Christmas music is playing, the candles are flickering, the first baking has begun.  

I’m sipping some hot, spicy tea and making lists.  
This week is one of my favorite weeks of the year.  Does that sound odd?
The week before Thanksgiving is kind of the calm before the storm.  
It’s a lovely week to me.   There’s still time to sit and reflect, and make preparations for all the sweet memories yet to be made in the swirl of the next month. 

Christmas School.

When my children were small, this was a time I also spent planning what we called Christmas school.   With just a bit of organization, this became their favorite kind of “school”… I was happy and much less stressed about getting it “all” done…. and best of all, “Christmas school” gave us some of the very best memories of our lives.

A Very Homeschooling Thanksgiving

Like the year we were studying Ancient Egypt just before Thanksgiving.
It was my very first time hosting Thanksgiving at my home.  I had three littles, including a newborn, and a collection of  in-laws and outlaws, and neighbors and friends….and I had pulled it off.

We were all happily eating and chatting and I, mostly zoning out from thankfulness that the turkey was edible, and from sheer exhaustion, was happily oblivious of how long my 4 year old had “excused”  himself from the table.
Just as the thought of it crossed my mind I heard moaning coming from the nearby “powder room”.   But the thought popped in too late.

I’m blaming the tryptophan.

Before I could move,  he came bursting into the dining room stark naked and wrapped up from head to toe with who knows how many rolls of toilet paper.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…….I’m a mummmmmmmmy !!!!

Thirty people.  Dead silence.
Shocked grandparents didn’t know what to make of the display.
Then a few grabbed their cameras, thank goodness, and this memory lives on and is retold every single year, much to my now 22 year old’s son’s chagrin.

We are homeschoolers.
School has a way of integrating into EVERY part of our lives !!

ANYWHO,  onto a much safer theme of Ancient History (sans MUMMIES!)  and onto Christmas school, haha.

If baking is on your list that needs to be done, why not be learning what Swedish immigrants were baking up in their holiday kitchens, buy some cardamon and bake on….if ornaments are to be made, why not find out what ornaments in Colonial Williamsburg looked like, and try making your own… and if you need a creative way to focus your families hearts and minds on Christ, how about opening your home and gathering your friends together for a Las Posadas celebration ?


And just think of the great family memories that your kiddos might make.  lol

There’s tons of great units, lesson plans, activities, and other ideas out there to use if you don’t have the inclination to plan it all out right now.  I’m including a few ideas here to get you started:

homeschooling holidays
*Christmas School Idea #1-Historical Christmas with American Girl Units

If you’ve been working your way through the  American Girl History Units  on this site, now would bee a very natural and FUN way to incorporate CHRISTMAS SCHOOL!  You will be able to continue learning, but also get your baking, crafting, and homemade gifts made at the same time!
All of the ideas included are related to the corresponding time period of each doll…think homemade ornaments, old recipes, historical Christmas traditions, games, music, etc… and all are free!

To see the Christmas School suggestions for how to CELEBRATE and LEARN with the Historical American Girls click -> An American Girl Christmas :  Homeschooling Through the Holidays  !

*You may also like to check out my American Girl Christmas Boards on Pinterest-

*Felicity’s Christmas-  An American Girl Colonial Christmas

*Josefina’s Christmas-  An American Girl  Southwestern Christmas

*Kirsten’s Christmas-  An American Girl Pioneer Christmas

*Addy’s Christmas-  An American Girl Civil War Christmas

*Samantha’s Christmas- An American Girl Turn of the Century Christmas

Also, be sure to look at the CHRISTMAS BOOKS section of this post
Great Books for American History.

great books for unit studies

*Christmas School Idea #2- ‘The Name of Jesus’: Family Christmas School

If you are hoping to find a peace-filled holiday this year with a deep focus on Jesus, you may like to try this unit I put together.  It is complete and ready to go, making it one less thing to add to YOUR list!  Or simply enjoy the free devotional and use it to create your own unit!  🙂

->First, grab your FREE ‘The Name of Jesus’ Devotional  
(This is just for you!  I think you’ll be amazed at how powerful it is when you set aside one Name of Jesus each day just to dwell on, and let it’s fullness soak into your soul!  This devotional goes hand in hand with the Kid’s Companion Unit.)

print out THIS super fun ‘Name of Jesus’ Kid’s Companion Christmas Unit Study!
80 pages- DAILY ideas for each day’s Name of Jesus:  Object lessons, coloring pages, science experiments, reading suggestions, a Christmas Carol, a themed recipe, and ideas for homemade ornaments all to reinforce each Name.

, go check out the ‘Name of Jesus’ Printable Power Pack
96 pages of printables that were created to go along specifically with this unit!
EVERYTHING is done for you!  Just PRINT & GO!

Christmas School Bundle Name of Jesus

*And if you are looking for the ULTIMATE Christmas Book List (that includes lots of Christian Children’s Christmas Books), I’ve created a list that goes along specifically with the ‘Name of Jesus’ Family Christmas School!

Christmas Book List Names of Jesus

*Christmas School Idea #3- Try Several Christmas Literature Mini-Units

There are an abundance of Christmas Mini-Unit Studies out there!  A quick Google search and you can find tons of great unit studies- ‘Christmas Around the World’, ‘The Symbols of Christmas’, ‘Christmas Cookies’, ‘Christmas Carols’, etc…   Mini-Units can be a great way to take a break from your normal school routine without committing to trying Christmas School for a longer time.  They are also helpful if you have a very big age difference between kiddos (or just a very big difference between interests 😀 ).   Here’s a free Christmas School Mini-Unit I wrote, to get you started-

*Charles Dickens- ‘A Christmas Carol’  Unit Study

free christmas unit study

christmas activities for families


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