Fun fall activities for families

Fun Fall Family Activities

All that is FALL is my Friday Favorite today!

The cooler weather, breezy and brisk;
the beautiful colors,  reds and rusts;
cozy sweaters, hot spiced ciders, and roaring bonfires, oh my!
It just makes me want to get outside.
The change of seasons seems to bring some kind of refreshment to the soul.

This Friday’s favorites are all things fall…

And just in case you’re a fall fanatic like myself, but are feeling kinda down about the long, lingering, sweltering summer weather, I think you can enjoy these ideas most anywhere in the country.  I’m right there with you…it’s still HOT here in Texas.   Alas, I lit my pumpkin candle & sipped my pumpkin spice coffee while writing this post.   It is raining (BIG change), and  it’s 85* today.  That is a change from 105* at least.  I’ll take it!
It’s fall, y’all !    🙂

-> A note to the curious.
If you’re wondering what “Friday Favorites” are, or how it all started for our family, you can read about how it all started, and check out another Friday Favorites post all about SPIDERS!!!


Friday Favorites- Fun Family Fall Family Activities

*Go On a Nature Walk-

Perfect way for everyone to take a break and breathe in the fall ! No prep needed!
Just walk.  And see.  And enjoy.
If you must, here are some fun ideas to add in. 

*100 Things to Do Before, During, or After a Nature Walk  from  Jimmie’s Collage
* Leaves Activities
(great activity before or after a fall nature walk- notice the leaves!)


*Go On a Fall Scavenger Hunt-

Fall Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt (for all ages!) 
Digital Camera Fall Scavenger Hunt (free printable) 
Fall Family Scavenger Hunt 
– SERIOUSLY amazing Family Scavenger Hunt
*Hiking Trail Scavenger Hunt

**Didn’t find a scavenger hunt that was just right?
Here is the ULTIMATE LIST of scavenger hunts for any occasion !  Or for no occasion other than kids of all ages seem to LOVE scavenger hunts.  :


* Notice Nature Together-

– Simple Nature Journaling from The Homeschool Scientist
–  Inspiration Everywhere
(uses magazine cutouts of birds & other wildlife sightings…love this idea!)
Assorted Fall “Nature Walk” Coloring Pages
Nature Walk Coloring and Drawing Page


*Get Crafty-

* Nature Walk Ideas:  Simple Play
from Nurture Store  (all freebie ideas)
* Leaf Rubbings
(with a great tip on how-to for any littles in your family too!)
Pinecone Spiders  
Fall Walk Wind Chimes

*Get Cooking-

-> Make a snack and turn your nature walk into a picnic, or have a slice of pie during your cozy read aloud!

*Nothing says fall like this Kids Kitchen Apple Pie Recipe
*15  Autumn Recipes To Cook With Your Kids
*Pumpkin Slice and Bake Cookies
*Another FRIDAY FAVORITE-  Friday, Pie Day!

*Get Coloring-

I highly suggest this activity if you luck out with a rainy and chilly afternoon (I’m dreaming of this!).
Choose a cozy spot.  Collect everything for coloring- gel pens, colored pencils, crayons, markers, whatever your kiddos and you like.  Turn on a great audiobook, or some nice music and EVERYONE color!
You’ll be amazed at how relaxing this can be  (until somebody scribbles on the wall, or breaks the last red crayon at least) 😀

Fall Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages For All Ages
(my product- inexpensive, but not free…unless you snagged it in September’s email!)
Sugar and Spice Coloring Page
Fall Doodle Art Coloring Pages
Autumn Coloring Pages

*Get Reading-

Nothing is cozier than lighting a candle and curling up with your kiddos for a good read aloud!
Here is a list of a few of my favorite fall read alouds.  Hunt them down in your own collection, find them at your library, or click on the link to find them on Amazon.  If you do that, I receive a small commission for each purchase, at no extra cost to you.  Thanks!

-Any of the Little House on the Prairie books-  Farmer Boy is especially good for the fall!
An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving
(This is one of my ALL time favorites!  For lots of ideas to use with this book, check out the post I wrote for
An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving“)
Charlotte’s Web
James And the Giant Peach
Why Do Leaves Change Colors?
Nancy Drew- The Pumpkin Patch Puzzle
Ninjas Don’t Bake Pumpkin Pies
The Friendship Garden
-If you have older kids read an excerpt from Walden 
or try this version for younger listeners-  ‘If You Spent a Day with Thoreau at Walden Pond
Pippi Longstocking



Understanding in Nature Einstein Quote

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